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But why do you kill infants so you can breastfeed from another species?

May 22, 2023
Source Viva!

Do remember, the three cows in the solar system who are “allowed” to graze, die (page 6, USDA 2022 slaughter report, dairy cows). Before that, they are repeatedly violated. They are mutilated and confined. Their infants are forcibly removed to die (page 6, USDA slaughter report, calves) or are also forced into the same dystopian existence of being continuously violated and then killed when their ravaged and brutalized bodies, worn out from forced and repeated pregnancies, produce less milk. Which means less money for the humans who exploit them so horrifically.

Oh, and it’s important to also remember that there is some humane/green-washing going around where people who defend CAFOs (factory farms) claim that extreme confinement allows “better management” of animals for animal welfare and that CAFOs are good for the environment, needing less land for large numbers of extremely confined animals. Both of these points are absolute nonsense from people who profit from animal suffering, you can surely agree how cruel ANY sized operation is for animals, and as for the environment? CAFOs are a hot stew of disease and toxicity, not to mention, of violent suffering of animals. I’m not, however, linking some enraged anag grade-school essay in response to Cory Booker-inspired-anti-CAFO-legislation that is hoping that people enjoy their tortured animal flesh more than science and common sense and basic decency. People who exploit animals are desperate, with the ubiquity of the internet and social media, the death industry’s lies, deceptions, animal abuse, and “humane/green washing” are being exposed and destroyed.

Because, not exploiting animals is always BETTER FOR ANIMALS than exploiting them. It’s really that simple.

So, again, why do you drink the milk, as an aging human, of another species, forcing that species to endure pain, suffering, sadness, misery, and violent death?

Click HERE for human breastmilk banks. Or is that too expensive? Or too “ewygrossgetthatawayfromme!!!!!!!”. It’s literally your own species.

Click HERE too see a human breastmilk business modeled after a dairy farm.


Source Viva!

Viva! is exposing the barbaric practice of zero grazing — life imprisonment for dairy cows. These cows are being sentenced to a life behind bars in factory farms, and this latest investigation reveals how the dairy giant Müller is part of driving this change.

The cows at the investigated Müller farms are never allowed to graze outside. Their whole lives are spent inside huge industrial sheds.

After a nine-month pregnancy, mothers have their newborn wrenched from them, their maternal bond severed, and all so humans can drink their milk. Death is commonplace. Mother cows are killed when their milk production drops. Many male newborn calves are slaughtered — others are reared for cheap beef.

Cows are paying the ultimate price just so people can eat yoghurt and other dairy products. This is the abhorrent reality of British dairy. Read on to find out what we have discovered and how you can get involved in our campaign to save cows.

The answer to zero grazing is not “better dairy” – all dairy commodifies cows and causes catastrophic suffering. There is no bonding for dairy mothers; cows are artificially inseminated every year and their calves are taken from them shortly after birth. Many male calves are slaughtered, female calves are usually isolated in hutches for two months or more. Painful infections such as laminitis and mastitis are rife – no matter the dairy farming system.

The move to zero grazing has added yet another cruelty on top of all this – a concrete and cast-iron prison from which there is no escape. Müller Corner should be Müller Cornered – because for the cows who are used to produce it, there is no escape!

The only answer is to ditch dairy entirely.

It’s time to go vegan.  

220902-Lea Manor-FG6A0169
Source Viva! Flickr

I chose to highlight a few below that resemble puppy mills. Because, you know, most people in the USA (and other countries) LOVELOVELOVE doggies and puppies (as do I, which is why I minimize harm against all animals by being vegan: all animal exploitation is related and fuels animal exploitation of “worthy” animals).

If these were dogs, there would be intergalactic war and violence from the nonvegan brigade until congress and god both demanded such forced hell cease to exist.

Look at these defenseless, vulnerable creatures and be vegan. Not a vegetarian. Not a reducetarian. Not a flexitarian. Not a howevertheaf people euphemize animal exploitation. You don’t need a label that means, “I’m an omnivorous pro-slaughter animal harmer.” Because animals don’t just “die a little”. And this is no time for nonvegans to be on some self-absorbed “journey” to enlightenment and kindness. Animals are suffering NOW. Just be a decent human. Be vegan. Now.


Source Viva! Flickr

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Humans are a disconnect
Who treat themselves and others
With disrespect

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. May 22, 2023 4:32 am

    Humans are a disconnect
    Who treat themselves and others
    With disrespect

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    • May 22, 2023 6:25 am

      So true and what is even more violently ironic with regards to nonhuman animals, is people go out of their way to encourage “disrespect” and motivate others to do so also, when nobody is being forced to NOT harm animals. Thank you so much, hon, perfect as always. ❤


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