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Show me your “humane slaughter” footage …

December 14, 2022

Source Jo Frederik, Jo Frederik’s Art

Pro-slaughter advocates always get morally outraged when vegans show factual slaughter images/videos/audios but never provide THEIR footage, while simutaneously boasting about redtractorrspcaassuredhumanefarmingassociationcertifiedhumanehighestofhighestwelfare … who all are “opposed” to “animal abuse” while literally promoting killing animals.

In what dimension is violently killing NOT abusive? The deli? Your kitchen?

If you need an organization to substantiate that violent killing is “humane”, then it’s not humane, it’s a label on a literally dead being who did not volunteer to die.  My plant-based food requires zero disingenuous “viciously-but-humanely-killed” stickers.

I gotta say, though, even I am sometimes shocked at the level of blind conformity people desperately embrace to validate violence against animals, such as the UK’s  HuMAnE SLaUGhTeR AsSoCIaTIoN’s selection of “gifts” and “christmas cards” depicting alive animals. Really? I mean, jfc, this is deranged and nothing short of vomitous, pure bile-inspiring, oxymoronic, hypocritical garbage. 

For sure, what in the AF are “Bags for Life”? … Bags for Life. … BAGS FOR LIFE. These “gift selections” from a pro-slaughter entity that proudly supports violently killing animals, including calves and piglets, literally have pictures of alive animals on them, such as a calf and a piglet. B A G S F O R L I F E

Perhaps it’s because a bag has a longer lifespan than the life of an animal. Much, much, much longer, and the bag is worth even more, it’s literally considered a “gift” whereas an animal’s life is considered “violently-humanely-disposable”.

Since the only reason the HuMAnE SLaUGhTeR AsSoCIaTIoN exists in the first place is to promote DEATH, rather than an image capturing the (exploitative, violent, brief) “life” of an animal on your BAGS FOR LIFE, why don’t you demonstrate the “humane” actions you all so desperately and belligerently boast about, instead favoring the EXACT OPPOSITE?

Was it a misprint for BEGS FOR LIFE?

Because, come on, if humans are so proud of inventing methods of violence that require the suffering and unwilling deaths of animals, and then have the absolute audacity to call it “humane”, why not be proud enough to share images of THAT?  Why not depict the actual reality of the suffering animals are forced to endure, animals who die in bloody, terrifying, painful, unethical, and horrific manners?

Too graphic? Too real? Too hellish?

But not too graphic, too real, or too hellish to actually NOT cause, NOT support, NOT pay for?

Typical human discord, typical human privilege, typical human passivity.

Here’s a question: what form of slaughter is more humane than NOT slaughtering animals?

Humans don’t kill animals because they honestly believe that NOT killing animals is INhumane or UNethical.

As I always say, it’s disturbing and actually dehumanizing that humans rely on defining others’ suffering in terms that brings humans comfort causing it instead of the ones forced to suffer. Humans spend literally gobs of time, energy, and resources to attempt to validate violently killing animals with their clubsorganizationschaptersbooksvideosmanualsregulationslawsmethodslabelsdefinitionspicturesblahblahblahblah. And really, why do you praise clubsorganizationschaptersbooksvideosmanualsregulationslawsmethodslabelsdefinitionspicturesblahblahblahblah that REQUIRE violent suffering???

Truth’s a bitch, isn’t it.  

And since it’s that time of the year again, I have to ask: why do people buy fake Christmas trees because killing a live tree is psychopathic but killing animals is … NOT … !? SL

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Humane slaughter is the most moronic of oxymorons

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. December 14, 2022 12:20 pm

    Humane slaughter is the most moronic of oxymorons

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  2. Linda permalink
    December 14, 2022 12:26 pm

    A life is a life whatever body its in ! Some people are more selfish and think more of themselves and think they are above other life!! No we are equal we are not above nature !

    Liked by 1 person

    • December 14, 2022 12:40 pm

      Agree, thank you, Linda, “animals are with us, not for us” and humans ARE animals. (But to the unhinged carnists out there, you don’t have to compare or equate to NOT HARM any.)

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  1. Show Me Your Humane Slaughter Footage. – World Animals Voice

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