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“I kill innocents because they never said ‘no’…”

July 5, 2022

Going to lay down a few facts not exactly related to EE, but that are important to write.

Veganism is for non-human animals. Just animals, trillions of whom are violently killed YEARLY. Animals are the victims of human supremacy, humans are not the victims of human supremacy. There are thousands of groups, organizations, and movements for humans that EXCLUDE non-human animals, so people wanting to include humans in the ONE movement for animals confuse me:

Advocating for animal liberation, is animal liberation FROM HUMANS.

I’m vegan for animals. Who is vegan for humans?

Most vegans I know also advocate on behalf of humans, note keyword of “direct”, such as “active” below, although veganism has tangential benefits to humans (environment, health), since the focus is animals, these benefits are not required:

Vegans can directly limit human suffering (actively participate in human-focused causes, goals, movements).

Vegans can also NOT directly limit human suffering (not actively participate in human-focused causes, goals, movements).

Vegans canNOT, however, NOT directly limit animal suffering (as vegans, we consume pbd – plant based diets – and reject products tested on animals, entertainment using animals, clothing including animals, etc., and if you do not do these, you’re not vegan).

In other words, ANIMALS ARE THE FOCUS OF VEGANISM. Not humans.

I came across a person who verbally assaulted a vegan, a vegan who’s vegan for the animals, and I wonder, are these same people vocally outspoken against, for example, Amnesty because Amnesty doesn’t include animals in its outreach? Because consistency is important: if veganism includes humans, then humans must include veganism. In a brief conversation I recently had, a vegan advocating against environmental racism said FOR THAT REASON that they don’t support groups that exclude animals, yet being vegan is not fundamental to opposing environmental racism. In other words, if you’re opposed to human oppression as a vegan, you can’t be opposed to human oppression because veganism is not a core philosophy to opposing human oppression if you embrace the same belief this person does.

I’m baffled that people want to include humans in the ONE movement that seeks to liberate animals FROM humans.

We can talk forever about the many ways animal exploitation negatively affects humans, but humans won’t be vegan to cure their problems, and humans are at fault for those problems, and as has been historically and currently proven: if humans won’t stop animal exploitation FOR THE ANIMALS, they will always resume it FOR THE HUMANS.

As to EE’s video above, at some point humans have to decide to be the intellectual giants they claim to be or continue being the absolutely foolish, greedy, violent killers they are. If we were not talking about the mass, incalculable suffering, and violent death required to violate and kill trillions of animals yearly, this would be parody. It’s embarrassing that humans devolve into comatose comedians when asked to apply ethics to the ones who deserve it the most. SL

Source Earthling Ed, YouTube

In today’s debate I end up in a heated discussion with a UC Berkeley student who defiantly tells me that he won’t give up eating chicken. The debate takes a series of strange and unusual turns and is filled with some very interesting arguments. How do you think it went?

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Kindness and compassion too much to ask? are we as a species up to the task?

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. July 5, 2022 12:33 pm

    Kindness and compassion too much to ask? are we as a species up to the task?

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