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Ok but, where’s the lie???

June 20, 2022

Source Romesh Ranganathan , YouTube

I cannot tell you how many people claim that “mean/disrespectful/militant” vegans are why they aren’t vegan. First, since you don’t know every vegan, just assume there are many who are “super nice”, so if you won’t be vegan FOR THE ANIMALS, be vegan for the nice vegans. And why do you demand other people be nice so you’ll not abuse others? It’s disingenuous rhetoric, like, who do you normally blame for your inability to be a decent human when “convenient vegan scapegoats” aren’t around?

(And, let’s be honest – not that you’re capable, lol – if you use social media to lie to, deceive, and manipulate a vegan, your position is not based on care, concern, or respect, it’s based on perpetuating suffering and abuse in manners that makes you feel comfortable causing suffering and abuse. –insertshruggingemoji–)

Second, forcibly impregnating animals, separating them from their infants, mutilating babies, macerating babies, killing babies, stabbing animals, cutting animals’ throats, disemboweling and burning/scalding animals alive, is what is “militant/violent/aggressive”. Even the “quickest” killing is inherently cruel and requires animal suffering, you cannot separate yourself from that fact just because your species benefits from euphemizing that fact. Vegan words describing how YOU physically exploit animals isn’t “militant” but what you ACTUALLY DO TO ANIMALS, is. If you don’t like what vegans say, stop causing it.

Third, people who threaten to abuse animals more because vegans exist, are disturbing; you think you’re being righteous with your feigned indignation and bluster, but you’re either so full of self-doubt and a crisis of conscience that you overcompensate with threats of animal abuse to maintain “superior species legitimacy” and perceived entitlement, or, you actually are psychopathic and rely on the rah-rah social status quo of others who also are challenged by decency to validate your disgusting threats of violence in addition to the violence you already support.

But here’s the thing: if you honestly think forcibly using, violating, and killing animals is “humane”, then what is MORE humane than NOT forcibly using, violating, and killing animals? You don’t kill and eat animals because you honestly believe that NOT killing and eating animals is inhumane.

It’s just basic logic and decency: for all the dog and/or cat lovers out there, what is better for dogs and cats? A nonvegan existence where cats and dogs are killed and eaten globally? Or a vegan world where dogs and cats are NOT killed and consumed? Did you ever stop to consider that maybe people feel comfortable eating dogs because you feel comfortable eating pigs??? It’s all part of the same violent, vicious cycle that you perpetuate regardless of YOUR chosen victim species or OTHERS’ chosen victim species.

One more point: my twitter account is on a permanent restriction, my main profile and all the media I share come with required warnings due to “sensitive/mature content”; I share videos, pictures, and USDA data, ie., data that comes from the actual anag industry and the actual USDA. I also share anag data from other countries. As such, it’s both violently hypocritical AND revealing of nonvegans to partially censor and wholly restrict MY content, all of which YOU, the anag industry and the anag industry cheerleaders, relentlessly defend as “humane”….. I mean, if it’s so “humane”, why do you report me for sharing it and why does it get permanently restricted? It’s almost as if – shocker – it’s NOT humane.

You actually substantiate my point: if you can’t even watch animal exploitation or read about it, even in the form of records or spreadsheets, imagine the animals having to ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE IT IN THE FORM OF VIOLATION AND VIOLENT DEATH.

So yeah, vegans ARE better than you. If that bothers you, be vegan. For the animals. SL

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Treat all others as you wish to be treated or you are no more than an expletive, deleted

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. June 20, 2022 8:19 am

    Treat all others as you wish to be treated or you are no more than an expletive, deleted

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