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Millions of Babies Are Being Stolen From Their Mothers. Does It Only Matter When They Look Like Us?

August 12, 2019

Please watch, not “physically” graphic: Watch this baby fight to get back to his mother. Source Kinder World, YouTube

Source Free From Harm
By Ashley Capps

“It would be funny,” writes Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, “if it weren’t so sad – to continually witness how desperately we try to paint a happy picture of what is inherently violent and utterly unnecessary.

Exploit females’ reproductive systems and breed them at our will, but look! They’re happy! Take away their babies, but look! They’re happy! Take the milk of the females and kill them when they’re no longer “profitable,” but look! They’re happy!

The nutrients we need are plant-based; we get calcium from cows’ milk because they eat calcium-rich greens. We can stop going through the “middle cow” and go directly to the source ourselves: calcium-rich greens.

And we skip the saturated fat, dietary cholesterol, animal protein, and lactose, which we’re not supposed to be consuming into adulthood anyway! We’re supposed to be weaned – just like the calves get weaned – and move onto solid foods. We don’t drink our own human milk into adulthood, and we – just like every other animal on the planet – have NO physiological need for human OR non-human milk once we’re weaned.

When we stop trying to go backwards and actually move forwards, we’ll stop seeing desperate attempts to make the ugly palatable. I look forward to that day.”

Dairy Farming is Based On The Destruction of Motherhood

Profitable dairy production depends on a constant cycle of forcibly impregnating cows to keep them at peak lactation, then stealing the calves for whom the milk is intended, typically within the first few hours of birth. Many dairy farmers like to say that mother cows don’t care if their calves are taken, but off the record, workers report that cows cry and search desperately for their stolen babies. Researchers who have studied cow-calf relationships in semi-wild herds and in domestic cattle observe the same pattern: the strongest and most lasting social bonds among cows are between mothers and their offspring, and these relationships persist long after the calves have matured.

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a mother is a heart that beats a soul that lasts a life that cares a silent comfort only she can give.
a mother is not defined by blood but by the nurturing blanket that is she.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. August 12, 2019 6:25 am

    a mother is a heart that beats a soul that lasts a life that cares a silent comfort only she can give. a mother is not defined by blood but by the nurturing blanket that is she.

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