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A CALL TO FEMINISTS: Dairy and the Subjugation of Women

September 14, 2015

fem violence

Source Animal Action of Greater Reading

The thing about dairy is…

I want to talk about what a “rape rack” is again. Some of you may notice I throw the rape word around a lot when I’m talking about animal abuse. Please know that this is very intentional and not a word I take OR use lightly. Its really important to know that “rape rack” is the industry word for the device used to artificially inseminate female cows so that they become pregnant and can eventually produce milk for human consumption. GROSS. And the fact that the industry doesn’t even attempt to hide that it is in fact RAPE is beyond disgusting and disrespectful to these beautiful mamas.

When a human mother has a baby, she will continue to produce milk as long as a child is drinking from her breast. Female cows however, can only produce milk for up to one year. So the raping process happens year after year until she is about three or four years old. Once she stops producing “optimum” milk, she is sent to slaughter. Women PLEASE, imagine being born a prisoner, abused daily, raped annually, impregnated, having each of your children stolen from you year after year until you are so weak and sick that they send you to be slaughtered and your body ends up in hotdogs and hamburgers and cat food.

Nothing could be more disrespectful to a mother. She’s done nothing wrong, and then you eat her? Really? Does that sound alright with you? In my prior non vegan life i loved cheese, milk, cream…you name it. If it was dairy I really genuinely enjoyed it. Then I found out where its coming from, who its coming from and the horrors behind the dairy industry. It stopped me dead in my tracks and the more I researched the more I knew that this just wasn’t right.

People have argued that feminism and veganism do not have to go hand in hand. My response is this: They NEED to go hand in hand and that is the only point here. Things change, we evolve and grow and learn from our mistakes and we’re usually proven wrong about a lot of things and evolve to a higher, more compassionate lifestyle. The “concrete information” you all seem to stand by is being proven scientifically, medically and morally wrong. Those foundational and ignorant thoughts and ideas are crumbling more and more everyday. Laws being passed to ban wild animals from the circus, fucking sea world getting shut down, dairy sales are down, West Hollywood passed a ban against the selling of fur, the UK, Australia and Croatia have banned fur farming completely, there’s more vegan options than ever before. Stop fighting it and and open your eyes, hearts and minds. Make no mistake their blood is on your hands and maybe you don’t see it but we see it clearly. Do better, be better. Evolve.

As women we need to stand and fight for all of our female sisters. Not just humans. It is hypocritical to call yourself a feminist if you are still ingesting dairy. Whether its cheese, yogurt, milk etc., their rape, abuse and murder is what your dollar is supporting. The line between humans and non-humans is arbitrary. Rape does not apply to humans only. Know that. Get it in your head. Rape is happening on these farms and it should make you very uncomfortable.

I’ll wrap this up with a quote from muh grrrl, the Vegan Feminist. “Challenge the category of the human just like feminists challenged sex and gender. This is all constructed to keep some group in power and it’s disturbing to realize we have the power in this case and we are the ones with privilege. Openly saying rape rack when I talk about cows is one of the most vegan feminist acts I can participate in; I look across an arbitrary boundary and I refuse the suffering of my sisters. Even if they are not your sisters, know that they were violated. Refuse to let anyone think anything less.”

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objectification nation…
this concept an abomination.
for all species and genders have identities
and rights.
for this we will always

Karen Lyons Kalmenson


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  1. Diane permalink
    September 14, 2015 5:47 am

    Thank you for this article, you have no idea how much I agree with you,. I do not eat anything with a face, its not mine to eat, anyone who does this has no heart and no brains, and is therefore inhuman, so lets rid the world of them!!!!!!!!

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  2. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    September 14, 2015 8:44 am

    objectification nation…
    this concept an abomination.
    for all species and genders have identities
    and rights.
    for this we will always

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  3. September 14, 2015 8:52 am

    Perfect. Thank you, hon, I love it.

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    • karenlyonskalmenson permalink
      September 14, 2015 8:55 am

      thank you stacey. sadly too many homo crapiens have the need to feel superior to and subjugate, others..

      really SUCKS!

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  4. September 14, 2015 4:04 pm

    To disagree with this is to, ipso facto, believe one or both of the following: there is nothing inherently wrong with rape and/or animals are lesser beings, here to serve humans, and should not be accorded rights or respect. Each is repugnant.

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  5. M Brenhan permalink
    September 15, 2015 12:47 am

    The rape rack is also used extensively on turkeys.


  6. October 5, 2015 6:48 am

    So true!!So awful!So many people just seem to think dairy is okay and just don’t get how it comes about,don’t think about it.It’s a shock to stand back and see the reality but you must and I will keep trying to wake people up to the truth,even when they don’t want to know!! It’s too easy to look away.


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