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Animal Warrior, Vegan Warrior: Hip Hop artist fuels compassion and direct action

June 1, 2013

The beat burns. The vortex swirling, reverberating, unpredictable, and free. Weightless, head spinning, I travel with the piercing, pounding, poetry as it pulses through my bloodstream. I let go of everything around me, travel to another plane of existence. I succumb to pure emotion…mind, body, soul…

I like the way you make me feel.

“I always believed that Hip Hop was a revolutionary movement against injustice and abuse,” says Croatian Hip Hop artist, IFEEL. “It’s only natural that now it speaks up for abused and neglected animals.”

“I constantly remind myself why I do it. The faces and stories of abused animals keep me energized and motivated. That is why I visit animal sanctuaries and watch gruesome videos that are really hard to watch. It fuels my passion to do what I do.”

I do it for the calf in box 44

He can only stand up and fall on the floor

I do it for the dog skinned alive for fur

Rabbit in a bag – scared – waitin’ to be served

Little pigs whose cries will never be heard

The album ANIMAL IN ME was unleashed in November 2012. When IFEEL decided to rap from the abused animals’ point of view, he knew that his music would reach a limited audience. “But,” IFEEL says, “I believe in the importance of the message in my music and cannot imagine rapping about anything else.”

“My weapon is music and I use my music to expose animal abuse.” The music video, Ja sam Rea (I am Rea) was filmed at a local dog sanctuary, Udruga Pobjede. “I recorded that song and shot the video to spark a dog revolution in Croatia, which we did.”

IFEEL actively collaborates with a local animal rights organization in Zagreb, Animal Friends Croatia, to inspire compassion towards animals. “In addition to demonstrations against animal abuse, I enjoy participating in projects where we get the message out in a new and unpredictable way,” IFEEL says. “We need to shake things up with new ideas and fresh, positive energy.”

I wanna see the stars shine

I wanna feel the sunshine

I wanna taste the air and the breeze and the grass

And the trees

And whatever else I may see

On June 1, 2013, IFEEL will begin a four-city tour in Winterthur, Wien, Klagenfurt, and Zagreb as part of Veganmania. “While in those cities, I will also be visiting local animal sanctuaries where I will meet the animals and volunteers,” IFEEL says. “I hope to inspire more people to visit animal sanctuaries and help out.”

Good morning sunshine

Open your eyes and smile

No more pain

No more lies

No more fear

No more cries

No more tears in the crowded cage

No more evil drunken rage

When asked to participate in the Anti-Fur Society Animal Rights Conference, IFEEL knew he had to do something special for the Generals, who war against greed and ignorance. “We went deep into the woods and shot a special video message for all the activists at the conference.”

Also in the video performance, IFEEL included an acapella version of his song, Thank You, “a thank you message from the animals to all people who help them and fight for their dignity.”

“Getting the message out through music and videos is my direct activism,” IFEEL adds. “It’s what I love and what I know I do well.”

And in the words of IFEEL…My love for you will never end

IFEEL exclusive music video performance will be presented at the 2013 Anti-Fur Society Animal Rights Conference Reception on Friday, May 31 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Click here for the FREE album download: ANIMAL IN ME

IFEEL music supports the work of animal rights activists and is open to creative collaborations on projects that spark compassion towards animals and vibe with the energy of his music. Press contact:

words knit a quilt
sometimes frayed,
but strong words
of compassion
can take the
pain away.
put back together
what was torn,
until all animals
are safe from man
as is their right
from the moment
they are born!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    June 1, 2013 12:40 pm

    words knit a quilt
    sometimes frayed,
    but strong words
    of compassion
    can take the
    pain away.
    put back together
    what was torn,
    until all animals
    are safe from man
    as is their right
    from the moment
    they are born!


  2. Zephr permalink
    June 2, 2013 9:30 am

    Reblogged this on Loki’s Gift.


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