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Help Get This Ocean Book, The Age of Protection, Into Schools & Libraries!

May 21, 2013

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By OceanArtist Bob Timmons

I am an artist who has been building a book of my “Awareness” Paintings the past 6 years. I feel very deeply about the information that I have compiled regarding the ocean and the voice of the animals in each chapter of the book. I created this book to further share their voice I visually painted to allow more individuals to hear the ocean voice and make well informed choices in their lives. These choices can create a better life for the animals, their community, and the earth.

I am an advocate for improving the educational system to allow us as individuals to evolve with the changes that are occurring around the world. Today is the time for “PROTECTION” of what is still alive on this planet.

“EDUCATE to ACTIVATE” is the objective, so why not donate books to the school system and public libraries. If they are on the shelves then they can be shared immensely!

There are at least 60 art photos shared in the book including the individual paintings that have a strong story to expose in each chapter. The chapters speak about an animal and their background, then how this story was painted as a visual voice, finishing with the positive impacts that have happened the past 6 years that have impacted this species life.

This book not only educates with awareness of what is happening in the ocean and its inhabitants, but it also INSPIRES people that change does occur with perseverance when you can look back over a set amount of time.

Sharing this campaign via the Facebook, Twitter, Email links helps this campaign get noticed on Indiegogo and can push it further into the eye of more compassionate and inspire more individuals!

Schools are teaching the children so let’s help give them more tools, the world depends on them to “PROTECT”. I want this book to be in every school around the world!

From the Book:

To paint the stories of the ocean is to research these very issues, and in turn, be affected by them. Bob began questioning his diet of fish, chicken, eggs and milk. He felt hypocritical – on one hand, painting the stories of suffering animals and then, without introspection, eating them.

Since 2008, after completing his second awareness painting on the killings of whales, he chose to become vegetarian. And, about six months later, he became a vegan, learning how to remove all animal products, clothing, and entertainment from his life.

“My art brought me to a vegan lifestyle,” Bob acknowledges, giving due credit to his artwork for developing a more respectful relationship with all living things. “On a daily basis I learned more about the darkness, and what it took to bring in light via one’s actions,” Bob continues.

And in these moments, he came to view activists as informed individuals fighting for positive change; in turn, helping others to make informed decisions and break away from the chains of ignorance.

Changes came quickly as Bob started to dedicate his time to direct and positive action. In the summer of 2008 he became Director of International Campaigns at the Animal Rights Kollective (ARK II). Although he didn’t feel qualified, ARK II Directors believed in his dedication and supported him in ways he didn’t even think possible. For over 25 years, ARK II had been in Toronto and alongside his fellow activists, Bob began to lead marches, engage in public speaking, organize fundraisers and act as a media spokesperson.

During the same year, Bob met the founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society at TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival.

In 2009, destiny and willpower walked hand-in-hand, with Bob attending one of Rob Stewart’s fundraisers. Rob was the director of Sharkwater – the movie that changed Bob’s life.

Towards the end of the year, Bob helped organize a large fundraiser for Sea Shepherd, meeting Paul Watson for the second time.

By 2010 he left ARK II and became an independent activist for a few months. Shortly after, he was asked to be a Board Member for Oceanic Defense from California. Although short-lived, Bob moved on to found his own organization – “Ocean Activists United – International Grassroots Action” (OAU). His mandate: That every action is global action and must be given proper focus in order that positive change be made …


“My sister and I are big Sea Shepherd supporters, and Bob Timmons has created a great reflection of SSCS in this book with their campaigns that contain interesting and factual, detailed, information, with his incredible hands-on research of positive actions for the ocean. My sis and I give our “green tea party” thumbs up for this book!”

~Shane and Sia Barbi, The Barbi Twins

“The effects of climate change, deforestation, species extinction and deoxygenation of the world’s ocean, to name a few 21st century threats, are not insular. What affects one species inevitably alters the path of another. We are all connected in this biosphere and all live on one planet. With marine animals assaulted, as they have never been before, with an end result – mass species decimation – the time is NOW to wake up and acknowledge that our fate is inexorably linked to those creatures that lack a voice on the world’s stage. Bob Timmons has recreated these threats in the form of visual art, a language understood via the world, and in a way that communicates this harm humans have done. With raw and often emotional text, this is a must-read for anyone who is passionate about survival, not just of the fittest, but also of the web of life, as a whole.”

~Cara Sands, Friends of the Dolphins


Ocean Artist Bob Timmons

Ocean Artist Bob Timmons

A seal pup at the minimum age requirement to be slaughtered, according to Canadian Law, is three weeks old. These babies, alone and defenseless while awaiting the return of their mothers from the deep depths of the icy-filled ocean, suddenly experience a loud bang. The pup feels a blasting hot piercing in the side and starts to move and cry for her mother. She struggles to escape the excruciating pain that has attacked her side when another loud bang occurs, and the baby seal pup feels a very hot poker-like feeling that practically immobilizes her. A fisherman has shot her from his ship. The pup still tries to escape to the water where she has last seen her mother disappear into a hole when she next hears the unfamiliar sound of footsteps crunching the icy snow… getting louder, closer, and louder still. The pup is terrified, crying loudly, screeching with pain and desperately wanting her mother to protect her from this unknown disturbance in the infancy of her new life. The footsteps get louder and are practically upon her as an object is pounded on her head and her body starts to shake and convulse, all the while the moans of pain and cries for her mother are heard throughout the once-quiet and no longer safe atmosphere of her home.

Then the object is pounded through her face; her intense fear is only matched by her agonizing pain: she has been hooked through her tender skin and is being dragged by the face toward the fisherman’s ship. The fisherman, who is hurrying to slaughter as many seal pups as time allows, decides to quickly finish his repertoire of death: the seal, still moaning and shaking, desperately crying out for her mother, terrified and dying, feels more slices and cuts into her body as she lays in shock, conscious, while her skin is torn off in sheets. The fisherman finishes his work and leaves the seal pup’s body on the ice as he quickly returns to his ship and leaves. The pup, excruciating pain and coursing spasms wracking her still conscious body, slowly dies, her flesh bare steaming with heat while exposed to the harsh cold of the eastern Canadian weather…


The objective of this campaign is to get this book into schools and libraries for FREE! I will donate a paperback book, while quantities last, to schools of all levels and public libraries globally. The more books we can make, the better the outreach will be for this campaign.

On completion of this campaign we hope to have enough funds raised to buy soft paper back books. From there we will take:

50% will be distributed to schools/libraries around the world

The remaining 50% of the books will be sold having 25% of the profits going to a charity like “Sea Shepherd”, “The Dolphin Project”, “Refuge RR for Horses”, on a quarterly basis.

Below are the quotes I have received from a local Toronto Book Binding Business:

$1365 for 50 copies,
$2388 for 100 copies,
$3408 for 150 copies
plus applicable taxes

I set my goal for $4000 due to this fundraising platform and will take 9% if I do not reach my goal and paypal and bank fees will take an additional 3% from the goal. Their will be taxes on the book, too, when I put in the order. So let’s make this happen for the children to have the knowledge for change “Educate to Activate”!

The more money raised means more books and more information shared in the schools and libraries. Leaving even more money to go to charities as well from the remaining 75% of paper back books.


Ways to support this campaign are to first choose one of the perks!

$25 – First perk is a “PRE-ORDER” of the EBook that is being launched on WORLD OCEAN DAY – JUNE 8th, 2013!

$50 – Second perk is for the Ebook ONE WEEK EARLY before its RELEASE!

$100 – Third Perk is for anyone that feels this is a great opportunity to get Ocean Awareness into the schools and libraries and will receive an EARLY EBOOK Copy along with Six 8.5″x11″ of all of the Chapters showcased Art Pieces!

$150 – Adding a personal gift of a signed paperback book of the project with an early release of the Ebook. The paperback delivery will take some time to be delivered. This includes delivery as well.

$250 – Fourth Perk this Warrior will receive a Signed Paperback of the book and an Early Release of the Ebook ONE WEEK Before the OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH on WORLD OCEAN DAY – June 8th PLUS an EARTH WARRIOR Signed Certificate PLUS an 8.5″x11″ print of EACH Art Piece of the 6 Chapters making that 6 signed prints in Total.

Last but Not LEAST! Anyone can SHARE this campaign by using the above Indiegogo links for “Twitter“, “Facebook“, and “Email” so this campaign can receive the “INDIEGOGO GOGOFACTOR!!”

what you teach,
is what how they
will grow.
kindness, compassion
and caring,
is what they should

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    May 22, 2013 3:50 am

    what you teach,
    is what how they
    will grow.
    kindness, compassion
    and caring,
    is what they should


  2. May 22, 2013 4:51 pm

    I think its wonderful! We have to both reach and teach our young children all about flora and fauna both maire life and wildlife to getthem interested so they can protect and conserve too


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