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Urgent PETA alerts, please take action

March 15, 2013

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

1. Please click HERE to speak out against cruel live export
2. Please click HERE to save monkeys from being shipped by Air France
3. Please click HERE to halt prairie dog massacre
4. Please click HERE to urge feds to cut funding for cruel experiments at UCSF
5. Please click HERE to urge the North Face to ditch down

1. Background

After 19 years, Ireland has just resumed its live-export trade with Libya – a decision that condemns thousands of animals to immense suffering and represents a major step backwards for Irish agriculture.

On the night of 19 February, almost 3,000 cows were loaded onto the Al Mahmoud Express and dispatched on a long and terrifying voyage to Libya, where they faced a cruel and painful death. After enduring 10 days of misery aboard the severely crowded ship, the animals were killed in North African slaughterhouses, which often handle animals with a barbarity that would be illegal in the European Union.

Cows are intelligent animals with diverse personalities. They can remember faces, and they mourn the loss of their friends and loved ones. There is no way that the Irish government can guarantee that even minimum welfare standards are met once the animals leave Irish soil. Undercover investigators in the Middle East have documented that abattoir workers literally dragged cows and sheep to their deaths, slashed the tendons on their legs, poked or stabbed them in the eyes and killed them with blunt knives without stunning them first.

Sadly, this is likely to be the first of many live-animal trades between Ireland and Libya – unless we take action now to prevent any more animals from experiencing a similarly horrific fate. Please ask the Irish Agriculture Minister to put a stop to any further live-export shipments.

2. Background

Air France is one of the largest traffickers of primates in the world. The airline claims to be “making the sky the best place on Earth” – so why does it continue to ship terrified monkeys to laboratories to face imprisonment and torture?

Almost every other major airline in the world has shown compassion by refusing to transport monkeys for animal testing – including United, Aer Lingus, Air China, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, Delta, Lufthansa and Qantas. Air France even cancelled an individual shipment of primates after a public outcry by PETA and its supporters. Now we must convince the airline to end this barbarism once and for all.

Many of the monkeys Air France flies to laboratories have been snatched from the wild and ripped away from their families. Crammed into tiny wooden crates in the cargo holds of passenger flights, they endure a dark and terrifying journey. After landing, the animals are transported to facilities such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories and Covance in the US, where they face horrors such as mutilation, poisoning, food deprivation, infection with painful diseases and psychological torment.

Please ask Air France to stop giving primates a one-way ticket to experimentation and death. Tell officials that you won’t be flying with the airline until it ends this cruel practice!

3. Background

The city of Clovis, New Mexico, plans to cruelly poison ground squirrels who live in and around Ned Houk Park in an attempt to prevent the animals from moving into neighboring properties. The indiscriminate poison Rozol will be used—it causes convulsions, vomiting, internal bleeding, gradual cardiac collapse, and a variety of other reactions that result in immense suffering and a slow, agonizing death. Death can take days. Poisons also pose definitive risks to nontarget companion animals and wildlife who come into contact with the bait or tainted carcasses. The poison is scheduled to be set this week, and your voice is needed!

Using the form HERE, please politely urge city officials to scrap this cruel and dangerous plan. If ground squirrel control is insisted upon, officials should advise residents about the many humane, effective methods available to keep unwanted prairie dogs away. Please forward this message widely!

4. Background

The University of California-San Francisco (UCSF)—which receives half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer funds for research—has a long history of abusing mice, monkeys, and other animals imprisoned in its laboratories and violating federal animal welfare laws and guidelines. New documents obtained by PETA reveal that these miserable conditions continue to plague the more than 1 million animals in UCSF’s laboratories.

Government reports and internal UCSF records document more than 100 violations of federal animal welfare laws and guidelines in just the past few years. Among the dozens of violations:

Experimenters didn’t provide pain relief to mice and rats who had their skulls, backs, and abdomens cut into.
Experimenters placed live newborn mice inside a freezer meant for dead animals.
Experimenters cut out both of a rabbit’s eyes in an unapproved surgery.
Experimenters cut the toes off of mice without pain relief, and mice died from dehydration because staff failed to notice that they didn’t have any water.

A rhesus monkey named Peanut was subjected to multiple invasive brain surgeries and was deliberately deprived of food so that he would perform tasks while locked in a restraint chair. Peanut lost 25 percent of his body weight, but it was only after he was killed that experimenters realized that Peanut’s jaw didn’t open properly and that he probably hadn’t been able to chew food.

A monkey named Squinty suffered with chronic dermatitis for more than a year. Red rashes and open lesions covered his body, and one medical report noted that the condition was so severe that there was “[n]o normal skin to provide a comparison.”

Another monkey named Petra was subjected to invasive brain experiments and suffered chronic and painful complications, including a terrible bacterial infection in the wound where her head had been cut open. Experimenters continued to torment Petra for nearly two years despite her deteriorating health. She rapidly began to lose weight, circled endlessly in her cage, and ripped out her own hair.

UCSF’s history of violating federal animal welfare laws and guidelines dates back more than 15 years and includes a $92,500 fine that the university was forced to pay in 2005 for dozens of violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) policies require facilities receiving taxpayer money to abide by animal welfare laws and guidelines as a condition of their receiving grants, but last year, UCSF received more than $500 million in taxpayer money—half of which was likely spent on experiments involving animals—even though it continues to regularly violate these provisions.

Please join PETA and call on NIH to cut taxpayer funding for experiments on animals at UCSF.

5. Background

The North Face stuffs its jackets and sleeping bags with feathers from birds who are force-fed for the cruel production of foie gras. Force-feeding is a painful process in which birds have tubes rammed down their throats and their stomachs pumped so full of corn mush that their livers swell to as much as 10 times their normal size. Foie gras producers boost their profits by selling the feathers from these force-fed birds.

Other birds used for down are often pinned down as hurried workers yank fistfuls of feathers from the birds’ sensitive bodies while they are still alive, often plucking them so violently that they rip open the birds’ delicate skin, and then sew up the gaping wounds using a needle and thread and no painkillers.

The vast majority of birds used for down spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions on factory farms. When they are sent to slaughter, their throats are slit—often while fully conscious—and many are scalded to death in defeathering tanks. All down comes from birds who suffer and die violently and painfully.

being kind is not too much to ask,
in fact, it is the most wonderful
of tasks.
so spread the words and deeds of
heartbeats of love are
forever in fashion!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    March 16, 2013 3:56 am

    being kind is not too much to ask,
    in fact, it is the most wonderful
    of tasks.
    so spread the words and deeds of
    heartbeats of love are
    forever in fashion!!/photo.php?fbid=278777298819986&set=a.177406225623761.39268.104800036217714&type=3&theater


  2. March 16, 2013 1:37 pm

    sent email about praiarie dogs and sine alll the petitions i shared all these actions in several places thanks so very much Stacey for alerting me to these very upsetting disturbing issues and Karen fantastic poem ❤



  1. BREAKING ANIMAL NEWS: Feds Confirm Cruelty at University of Wisconsin-Madison | Sunset Daily

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