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Urge Nevada Company to Halt Alleged Bird Poisoning

February 15, 2013
Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons


Concerned Las Vegas citizens have alerted PETA to media reports indicating that the Regent at Town Center, a residential community managed by Excellence Community Management, plans to use the notorious bird poison Avitrol to kill unwanted birds on its property! Products like Avitrol are often falsely touted as harmless “flock-dispersing agents” when, in fact, they are extraordinarily cruel poisons, attacking and impairing the nervous system and causing disorientation, erratic flight, tremors, convulsions, and, finally, an agonizing death. And lethal measures, in addition to upsetting residents who find birds in their death throes, actually backfire because, when birds are killed, the resultant spike in the food supply causes survivors and newcomers to breed at accelerated rates! PETA has asked Excellence Community Management to scrap poisoning initiatives in favor of humane bird-control methods that keep birds away permanently but apparently to no avail. Your voice is needed!

Please contact Excellence Community Management and its parent company, FirstService Residential Management, and urge them to stick with tried and true bird-control methods that everyone can live with, including the birds. And please, share this alert widely!


Email block: ;


Lynn Blaylock
Community Manager
Excellence Community Management LLC

Gene Gomberg
FirstService Residential Management


Dear Community Manager Blaylock and CEO Gomberg,

It has come to my attention that Regent at Town Center, a residential community managed by Excellence Community Management, plans to use the notorious bird poison Avitrol to kill unwanted birds on its property. Please allow me this opportunity to elaborate my protest. First, these animals are targeted to be killed as a response to private and public objections over their presence, and the use of the poison Avitrol has been chosen as the preferred method of death. This poison is not rapid; in fact, it causes a drawn-out and painful condition that can last for days. Many birds will attempt escape and fly only to be stricken mid-flight to fall to the ground dying upon impact.

Second, this poison can also affect other non-target wild and non-wild animals, including those who maintain an endangered definition, and cats and dogs.

Third, killing the birds artificially increases food supplies to the remaining birds, the consequence of which is increased reproduction and an ensuing greater bird population. In fact, studies have demonstrated that the continual cycle of seasonal culls is responsible for a rebound, or larger populations, in subsequent years.

As such, I respectfully request that you work with particular groups and citizens to develop alternative, humane solutions to killing these animals. These creatures are sentient and deserve our compassion and respect, not our brutality and violence.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent appeal.


you want to kill us,
and how does that go,
we die very slowly
and suffer so.
and the bottom line
is all that terrible pain,
is not just our loss,
but there is nothing
you gain.

your winged fellow residents
on OUR planet!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    February 16, 2013 5:21 am

    you want to kill us,
    and how does that go,
    we die very slowly
    and suffer so.
    and the bottom line
    is all that terrible pain,
    is not just our loss,
    but there is nothing
    you gain.

    your winged fellow residents
    on OUR planet!


  2. February 16, 2013 2:32 pm

    haunting poem Karen that should get them thinking for sure!
    Thanks Stacey for alerting me to this i sent emails and shared in several places


  3. Lynn Blaylock permalink
    February 20, 2013 5:10 pm

    This story was reported without all of the facts. We are not using Avitrol at The Regent at Town Centre. I am not killing pigeons. Excellence Community Management is not poisoning pigeons. Thank you


    • April 24, 2013 7:48 pm

      After months of being lied to by our management company,, we finally learned the truth,, Avitrol was used in our community!,, We were lied to by the same people we hired and elected to represent and protect us.. Shame on Excellence Property Management, Regent Town Center Board,, and Lynn Blaylock< Liar<<…. See the official NDOA report here:


  4. February 20, 2013 9:25 pm

    10 FACTS about the REGENT TOWN CENTER story..

    Fact 1: Pest Control Company attends HOA meeting with AVITROL proposal
    Fact 2: Residents research AVITROL and voice opposition to Lynn and member of HOA board. Being reassured notification to residents will occur
    Fact 3: Lynn Blaylock tells Jason Smith the pest control company is starting on 2/4/13, Lynn also states community will be notified
    Fact 4: Corn Kernels were thrown on top of carports through out the community 2/4-2/8/13
    Fact 5: On Friday 2/8/13, multiple Progressive Pest Control trucks are seen at community all day
    Fact 6: On Friday 2/8/13, multiple birds are spotted dead on streets and on back yards of neighboring communities
    Fact 7: On Tuesday 2/12/13, Channel 13 News reports at Regent Town Center, Corn Kernels are removed from patio covers and placed in red containers on patios
    Fact 8: Peta, Humane Society, and other organizations plead for Regent HOA/ Mgr. Lynn Blaylock to reconsider using Avitrol
    Fact 9: On 2/20/13, Lynn BLaylock writes Peta and says “Avitrol will not be used at this point.”
    Fact 10: Corn kernels are still on patio covers as of 2/20/13.. (18days of pre-baiting??)

    Thanks to ALL the supporters, Regent Town Center has “RECONSIDERED” at “THIS POINT.” .. as least they “say.” .. Not a good track record of honesty and trust with them.

    Regardless of current agendas, REGENT TOWN CENTER Intended on using AVITROL… Or does the HOA just like to feed birds from shiny red dispensers? Either way, after we’re done with our agenda,, Management Companies like Excellence Management will have no choice but to give prior notification to the members of the community… Also, pest control companies will be required to give notice within a 5 mi radius.

    How’s that for FACTS?? …


  5. February 20, 2013 9:42 pm

    Lynn herself told reporters the AVITROL had not been mixed in with the bait YET,, as of 2/11/13. If the birds in the other communities died of other causes or from other communities using Avitrol, that could be understood. However, the ORIGINAL INTENTION was to poison the urban wildlife in our community… Just because somebody changes their mind or reconsiders their agenda,, does not justify the original intention… <<< help by signing our Petition for Avicide Restriction!


  6. February 20, 2013 10:25 pm

    Here’s some visual aids of the FACTS at REGENT TOWN CENTER:–las-vegas-nv.html

    2/20/13.. still got the red trays up.. “because at REGENT TOWN CENTER,, we are taking a NEW approach to pigeon control. We FEED our pigeons to DEATH with only the finest organic corns,, FREE of any added preservatives or poison ?? .. We believe,, the more food we have available for the pigeons,, they faster they will go away. We also believe, that someday a trash troll will come to our community to gather all the trash in front of residents units so we dont need to bother with complaints about unsanitary living conditions..”


  7. February 21, 2013 10:35 am

    and finally,,, trapping the pigeons vs using Avitrol is still considered “killing pigeons.” Regardless of how the pest control company might describe the trapped pigeons relocation experiences, I seriously doubt the pigeons are going to be relocated to nice big pigeon farm in the country where they will have hundreds of acres to live out the rest of their lives in bliss. So our community manager might not be ‘personally” be killing pigeons, however indirectly through personal decision making and influence to our HOA,, still held accountable…in my book.

    OvoControl has been offered countless times as a Humane solution…And ’m sorry if I sound a little harsh to others. However I’m a little upset that the solution to our neighborhood’s unsanitary conditions that attract the birds, have not been remedies prior to hiring an extermination company. Last count, there were 24 units with multiple bags of garbage on their from doorsteps and all our dumpsters are missing lids. Instead of being creative, interacting and communication with residents,, our Community Manager says there’s “nothing they can do”… instead,, they kill all the birds that come for food (easier than contacting residents and asking them to please take their garbage to the dumpsters in a timely manner). Would it not make logical sense to keep the community clean, so the birds are not attracted to the area?? We do not have a roosting problem,, we have a bad community management problem … If this community were an apartment complex, incompetence could be understood, however this is condominium community where REAL people are realizing REAL financial losses from home depreciation. Nobody wants to buy a condo in an undesirable community. When Real Estate agents are showing homes to possible buyers, they’re not concerned about a few pigeons, they only see the 72 lock boxes on handrails and the 24 units with trash on their doorsteps…. this type of management style is costing owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in LOST appreciation… Its time for EXCELLENCE MANAGEMENT to clean up the garbage and manage our community properly or pack up!

    See for yourself:

    1. to handle or direct with a degree of skill
    a. to make and keep compliant
    b. to treat with care
    c. to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction
    2. to work upon or try to alter for a purpose
    3. to succeed in accomplishing

    Ex: The company is badly “managed.”


  8. March 4, 2013 1:39 pm

    Fact 11: Corn kernels are still on patio covers as of 3/02/13.. still pre-baiting??


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