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Three alerts: please help dogs, marmosets, horses

May 10, 2012

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Please click on and sign the following:

1. Help Stop the Mass Dog Killings in Ukraine!

2. Ask Harvard to End Deadly Marmoset Experiment

3. Stand Up for America’s Horses

1. Background | Source PETA

The 2012 European Football Championship is just about to start, and the host countries, Poland and Ukraine, have been busily preparing for a surge of sports tourism. In Ukraine, that means shocking efforts to reduce the number of homeless animals across the country in an attempt to hide the country’s neglected and abandoned dogs from tourists.

Animals are poisoned, shot, and, in some cases, even burned alive. Authorities in Lysychansk, Mariupol, and other Ukrainian cities use a cremation truck, which has even advertised on national television. The animals are caught and then shot or anesthetized and thrown directly into the cremation truck!

Even the Union of European Football Associations, which PETA Germany contacted in 2009, sharply criticized the cruel practices of Ukrainian authorities and offered financial support to animal protection advocates to neuter animals. Ukrainian authorities have reacted to the efforts of animal rights advocates with repressive measures: They have put pressure on animal activists to stop the international protest!

What You Can Do

Please help the animals in Ukraine and support our protest against the mass killing of homeless dogs. Sign the petition to ask the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States to speak out against the cruel killings and push for humane animal birth control!

2. Background | Source PCRM

Harvard Medical School has a history of neglecting, harming, and even killing animals in its laboratories, and the situation just keeps getting worse. Last October, a marmoset escaped from his cage, was captured, and died during an imaging procedure at Harvard’s New England Primate Research Center (NEPRC). PCRM has uncovered disturbing new details about this incident, and we need your help to ask NEPRC interim director Mark Barnes, J.D., LL.M., to immediately end the cruel and unnecessary experiment that killed this marmoset.

From correspondence received through the Freedom of Information Act, PCRM learned that in this experiment, marmosets are forced into restraint tubes barely larger than their bodies. Then, they are placed in an EchoMRI machine while fully awake. It appears that the marmoset who died during the experiment was so panicked that he suffered lethal injury during capture, restraint and placement in the tube, or the imaging procedure.

Not only is this experiment extremely cruel, it is also completely unnecessary. Marmosets are being used to study the human aging process—something that is being effectively and ethically investigated in humans through population studies and clinical trials.

PCRM has asked federal authorities to investigate this experiment for waste, fraud, and abuse, but the marmosets still at risk at NEPRC need help this instant. The protocol has been suspended, but it must be terminated to save the remaining marmosets. Please e-mail Mr. Barnes  today to ask him to end this deadly experiment and retire the marmosets who are still alive to sanctuary.

Thank you for your support on this urgent matter.

3. Background | Source ALDF

Please help stop the abuse and slaughter of horses for human consumption!

For the past six years, a provision added to the recurring Agricultural Appropriations bills has prohibited any federal funds from being used to inspect horses prior to slaughter. Without such inspections, it is illegal for horse meat to be later sold for human consumption in the U.S. and slaughterhouses closed. Instead, the industry has been shipping more than 100,000 American horses each year for slaughter in Canada and Mexico.

This year, the House of Representatives voted to again include the provision banning funds for inspections. However, in November, three members of a conference committee assigned to work out differences between the House and Senate versions of the legislation (Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) removed the ban from the final conference report. The report was subsequently passed by both the Senate and the House and signed into law.

Horse slaughter for human consumption can now re-start in the U.S. and your help is needed more than ever to end this horrific practice once and for all.

Please contact your legislators in Congress by completing the form HERE and ask them to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 (S. 1176/HR 2966). This legislation – which already has 25 Senate and 100 House co-sponsors – will permanently end the slaughter of horses for human consumption, and the domestic and international transport of live horses or horseflesh for human consumption.

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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    May 10, 2012 11:59 pm

    All it takes
    Is a few little clicks,
    To help rid
    The world of
    The twisted
    And morally



  1. Three alerts: please help dogs, marmosets, horses « Our Compass | Stop Horse Abuse

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