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URGENT: Frederick, Colorado, Mandates Eradication of Prairie Dogs

March 5, 2012



The city of Frederick, Colorado, passed an alarming ordinance requiring that private property owners remove prairie dogs from their land. This ordinance takes effect on March 5, and property owners who fail to comply within 30 days of an official notice could face $1,000 fines! Under the threat of short deadlines and stiff fines, some fearful property owners will no doubt resort to cruel measures in a desperate attempt to obey the law. Even worse, the city reportedly intends to spearhead the eradication effort by poisoning two large prairie dog colonies this week. Your voice is urgently needed today!

Please politely urge Frederick officials to take immediate steps to overturn this cruel ordinance. Remind them that effective, long-term wildlife control programs focus on habitat modification, exclusion, and repellents.

And please forward this message widely!


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The Honorable Eric Doering
Mayor of Frederick

Board of Trustees
City of Frederick

Gary Barbour
Chief of Police
City of Frederick


Dear Honorable Doering, Chief Barbour, and Board of Trustees:

Frederick, Colorado, is requiring the eradication of prairie dog colonies by property owners, and I am respectfully requesting that non-lethal options be mandated.  Although these culls are inherently cruel based on the premise alone, it is important to recognize they are based on erroneous information.

Please allow me to illustrate a few of these concerns. First, ecologically, populations will fluctuate according to conditions and naturally-occurring food sources; it is the interference of humans that causes imbalance. To blame and slaughter the prairie dogs for human encroachment is both irresponsible and unjustified.

Second, killing colonies artificially increases food supplies to the remaining animals, the consequence of which is increased reproduction and an ensuing greater population. In fact, studies have demonstrated that the continual cycle of seasonal culls is responsible for a rebound, or larger populations, in subsequent years.

Third, this type of mass killing using such a brutal type of slaughter in such a central and visible location would certainly adversely affect both visitation and tourism.  I would be unwilling to consider it, or nearby, as a potential vacation destination if this prairie dog cull continues.

Please instead examine alternative, non-lethal, effective, long-term wildlife control programs that focus on habitat modification, exclusion, and repellents, which, according to established protocols when using these methods, have all proven successful in curtailing populations.

I know your time is limited and I want to thank you each for your attention to this urgent matter.


ladies and gentlemen
please think it through
what did prairie dogs
every do to you
their colonies deserve to live
this is their world, too!!!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. March 6, 2012 3:36 am

    ladies and gentlemen
    please think it through
    what did prairie dogs
    every do to you
    their colonies deserve to live
    this is their world, too!!!


  2. LINDA BADHAM permalink
    March 6, 2012 2:28 pm



  3. March 6, 2012 3:29 pm

    Since the decision has been made to kill the Prairie Dogs, kill them in a humane and clean way. We don’t need poisons left out on the ground for non-targeted species to eat, or birds of prey eating prairie dogs that have died from the chemicals. The Rodenator needs to be used!!! The Rodenator kills the prairie dogs instantly by concussion and it totally clean. Propane and oxygen are pumped into the prairie dog tunnels and then the gas mix is ignited. The explosion kills the animals instantly. Since the decision has been made to control them, isn’t it a good idea to do it in a humane and clean way? Check this Rodenator out at; you will see what a great tool it is. I think PETA even endorses the use of it.


  4. Jane doe permalink
    March 12, 2012 9:44 pm

    I wish you luck. I was brought up on charges in the town next to them because I refused to kill an them. I was forced into not only killing them but contaminating my property with poison on the threat of jail. I also had my house and vehicles vandalized and they killed my cat. Firestone who enacted the same law first now has Frederick copying them.
    The idiot that posted the Rodenator Ad showed up on my door step wanting to burn them to death right in the middle of gas wells, tanks and lines. Company showed real common sense. I should of let him do it, he would have blown the whole place to you know where. The poison they are using has killed children in Salt Lake, Texas and the Dakotas when they used it on Prairie Dog holes by homes. Cost me a ton in attorney bills and the Prairie Dog Coalition hung me out to dry so now there is a presidence.


    • March 13, 2012 12:05 pm

      OMG, I am so sorry for all that has happened. I wish you better days.


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