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Ban Jumps Racing: One petition, one sample letter

August 15, 2011

Image | Liss Ralston (

Please sign Petition Letter and send letter opposing jumps racing.  You may use the Sample Letter, but please modify and shorten, thank you.


7 weeks after Racing Victoria announced that 2010 would be the last jumps racing season in Victoria, they have bowed to pressure from the jumps racing lobby and announced that if 3 key performance indicators can be achieved in 2010, jumps racing will continue in 2011.

In essence, if the fall and death rate can be reduced to what RVL considers an acceptable level, jumps racing will continue in 2011.

The appalling decision demonstrates that RVL has no regard for horses and is only concerned with public perception. Even Hugh Wirth, President of the RSPCA has vowed to make the banning of jumps racing their highest priority this year. “It’s war, make no mistake about that.’ Said Mr Wirth. ‘This is a disgraceful decision from a spineless and week-kneed board and we will not stop until jumps racing is banned once and for all”.

The Key Performance Indicators are:

1. A reduction in the fall rate from 5% to 3% of starters.
2. A reduction in the on-track death rate by half to 0.65% of starters.
3. Increased racehorse participation: 80% of races must not have less than 8 horses in a single race

While these targets are achievable, they have only been met twice in the last 10 years. With so much at risk, it is possible that the jockeys will be extremely cautious and trainers reluctant to race suspect horses.

Despite this we believe the falls and deaths will unfortunately continue.

CPR will be attending all trials and jumps races and will be conducting several demonstration throughout the year.


For those horse owners, trainers or riders who are considering sending their horses to the knackery, please click here so that we can assist in re-homing your horse. If you can also provide a home for ex-racehorses please also visit the page.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Help Us To Ban Jumps Racing



Please note: this email address has recently been invalidated. At times, the addressees will invalidate an email if they prefer to not receive emails again. Feel free to shorten the letter and use Mr. Napthine’s Website Contact Form.


Dear Honourable Napthine,

I am writing today with grave concerns regarding horse jumps racing, a particular form of entertainment Australians embrace but which inflicts considerable suffering and death upon horses. I am certain you are fully versed and directly acquainted with the interminable abuses and exploitive manners to which these horses are subjected for something as trivial as entertainment and selfish as banking. My intent is not to patronize you with endless statistics and graphic descriptions of the diversified forms of injuries that undoubtedly cause these horses substantial pain, prolonged agony, and in many cases death. In fact, I am confident you are well aware of the collateral damage caused by your business, hidden under generic tarps, concealed behind human walls, and disguised as financial losses, concern misinterpreted as loss of life rather than loss of dollars. Indeed, while I am aware of unscrupulous bureaucratic rules and practices, my goal, rather, is to achieve a better understanding of your motives for supporting jumps racing, whether they include financial, personal, or other incentives.

Please allow me to elaborate. No amount of words can adequately illustrate the dangerous conditions to which the horses are subjected, but footage has repeatedly established multiple injuries, many crippling, some lethal, and all incompatible with any established humane policy. Additionally, although visual documentation can reinforce the physical injuries animals suffer, it lacks the ability to convey the terror felt by these sentient beings, forced to endure unquestionably fearful conditions in frenzied and exploitative states. As a witness to these events, I find it irrefutable that any person who deliberately endorses jumps racing certainly lacks a sense of empathy for, or a fundamental respect of, horses. Possessing indisputable evidence regarding the detrimental and deadly impact jumps racing has on horses you must concede to your absence of regard for them: surely any person who holds an emotional, compassionate bond with a horse would never allow participation in such a dangerous, potentially lethal sport. Any other conclusion is illogical, especially when one considers the nonessential nature of jumps racing and the absolute lack of benefit it provides to horses.

It is important to acknowledge that all animals, like humans, are sentient, capable of fear, love, pain, and suffering; humans have the obligation and the capacity for empathy, and we must utilize our gifts to protect them, not apathetically condemn them to pain and death by exploiting them for entertainment or other endeavors. By supporting jumps racing, you are desensitizing society to animal abuse, relaying the inaccurate and dangerous message that animal abuse is not only tolerated, but it is also sanctioned. When we become immune to animal suffering, acceptance of human suffering is also realized. I therefore ask you respectfully to please reconsider your participation in an inherently cruel event and cease all plans capitalizing on the abuse and death of horses. Please instead practice compassion and respect by engaging in activities that do not support the abuse of our animal friends.

Thank you for your time regarding this urgent issue.



horse racing
the sport of kings
people sit safely
watching from the wings
as horses break legs,
fall and collide
gravely injuring themselves
and those who ride
no more jumps racing
ignore that lobby
those sorry suckas
need another hobby

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

6 Comments leave one →
  1. August 15, 2011 1:36 pm

    horse racing
    the sport of kings
    people sit safely
    watching from the wings
    as horses break legs,
    fall and collide
    gravely injuring themselves
    and those who ride
    no more jumps racing
    ignore that lobby
    those sorry suckas
    need another hobby


  2. August 15, 2011 4:29 pm

    I’m a professional pet sitter.


  3. August 16, 2011 1:31 pm

    Done! Thank you very much Stacey, I won’t ever be able to write letters like yours, so thank you a lot for helping !! Sharing of course xox
    It’s a very sad day for Italian horses today, Palio di Siena 😦 What a troglodyte world


  4. Jamie Sumner Mazloum permalink
    August 16, 2011 3:37 pm



  5. August 19, 2011 2:54 pm

    the email provided isnt correct, please let me know what email to send the letter to, thank you -dostana


    • August 20, 2011 1:10 pm

      HI, Dostana ~

      That is the email that was provided with the alert and which worked for me, so it must have been recently invalidated, which they do at times to stop the influx of mail. Please sign the petition so your message is received nonetheless, thank you so much, it’s greatly appreciated.


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