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June 27, 2011

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Editor’s Note: Those who embrace an abolition ideology, including me, may be reluctant to support a campaign that focuses on the discontinuation of only one factor, the vicious transport, of the slaughter process, and it does not save the lives of animals, animals who, regardless of environment, will still be killed.  However, rejecting the mass globalization of ALL animal exploitation by following a vegan lifestyle automatically saves hundreds of animals each year; being vegan accepts that ALL exploitation is wrong and isn’t based on deriving self-serving exoneration via support of welfarist endeavors.  It is therefore this understanding, via banning the live transport of animals, that brings awareness and evolution of thought to protect animals unconditionally, rather than only make the process less intolerable to people and why OC is sharing this important campaign.  SR

IMMEDIATE: Please click on and sign Ban Australia’s Live Export Industry (From the link, please select “Submit” to be directed to the automated letter you can sign and send; it is not necessary to view video to sign.)

BACKGROUND: From Animals Australia, RSPCA

About live animal export

Every year millions of Australian animals are exported live for slaughter. Cattle, sheep and goats are sent all through the Middle East and South East Asia — to countries where animal welfare laws do not protect them. Tens of thousands of animals don’t survive the sea journey and those (who) do, disembark into countries where they are transported, handled and then slaughtered in appalling ways. Most animals slaughtered overseas have their throats cut while they are fully conscious, leading to an incredibly painful and prolonged death.

Over the past seven years Animals Australia has conducted investigations in the Middle East into the treatment of exported Australian animals. The evidence from these investigations across seven different countries has consistently revealed the willingness of Australia’s live export industry, and consecutive Federal Governments, to export live animals to the Middle East regardless of how cruelly they will be treated. Only last November, Animals Australia investigators once again documented horrendous abuse of Australian sheep in Kuwait. The footage, which aired on ABC1’s 7.30 Report,outraged Australians, yet once again the Federal government maintained its support of this cruel trade.

Ban Live Export TV Ad

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Indonesia has been the main destination for Australian cattle with 4.6 million exported to this country over the past decade. Animal protection groups had hoped that the treatment of cattle in Indonesia would be better than that of sheep in the Middle East because of the greater level of Australian industry involvement. What we have discovered however, is that we couldn’t have been more wrong. Evidence gathered in Indonesia reveals that the involvement of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and LiveCorp in Indonesia has actually contributed to and facilitated brutal treatment of Australian cattle.

The evidence gathered against Australia’s live trade during the recent Indonesian investigation and in the Middle East in the eight years prior is damning. No amount of profit, no amount of excuses can justify Australia’s continued involvement in live animal export — the associated cruelty inflicted on animals — and the message that we are sending to other nations as to what is acceptable treatment of animals.

When Australia’s live trade was exposed as supplying cattle to Egypt in the full knowledge that it was routine practice for cattle to have their leg tendons slashed to disable them prior to slaughter — the Federal Government should have ended the trade then and there. This further evidence of Australian interests knowingly supplying animals to even worse abuse in Indonesia demands that the Federal Government acts now.

In an historic union — Australia’s two peak animal welfare bodies RSPCA Australia and Animals Australia have joined forces to demand the Gillard Government announce an end date for live animal export. If you care about animals then and help us end this cruel trade once and for all.



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  1. Sabine Sauer permalink
    June 28, 2011 2:01 pm

    animals should be happy like humans!


    July 4, 2011 11:38 am



  3. July 18, 2011 5:47 pm

    It took me one second because I wasn’t able to click before. I feel outraged, and ashamed. Proud to be Vegan, nobody must suffer for me
    Thank you very much Stacey, shared


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