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Animal Equality records the killing of minks in one of the biggest fur farms in Spain

April 1, 2011

2005 DAF Third Prize, Natalia Lazarashuili | Tbilisi State Academy of Arts: Tbilisi

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From Animal Equality

Activists from the Animal Equality Investigation Team have recorded for the first time in Spain the killing of minks. The images were taken in one of the largest mink farms in Spain, Eurozeltifur, which is located in Carral (Galicia) on March 24. Using HD cameras and hidden cameras, the activists documented the end that awaits over 300,000 minks in the fur industry. Over 50 million individuals are killed each year for the clothing industry — all in the name of fashion.

animalEQUALITY films the killing of minks | short version

Vodpod videos no longer available.


animalEQUALITY films the killing of minks | long version

Vodpod videos no longer available.


This video also includes images taken last December at the farm of Santa Maria de la Cabeza in Madrid. We show the bodies of asphyxiated newborn animals piled on the floor. Some of the animals found in this farm had all four limbs severed as a result of cannibalism, an indicator of the extreme suffering they had endured throughout their lives in the cages.

Most of the mink on fur farms are killed between November and December, except for the animals that are kept for breeding stock for the following year. These animals are killed in March and frozen for their pelts until the winter. They are gassed to death.

Animal Equality has documented how minks are forced out of their cages by farmers and thrown violently into the gassing box. Seventy minks are crammed inside. Once inside, they can remain alive for over fifteen minutes, making desperate attempts to escape.

The death of these animals by inhalation of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide is painful. Animals can suffer from seizures for more than 12 seconds, and then collapse. Carbon dioxide is irritating and, as with carbon monoxide, causes edema and bleeding in the lungs. This occurs whilst the animals are still conscious.

The Animal Equality Investigation Team has managed to contact an ex-employee of one of these fur farms. In his testimony he states that many times, minks inside the gas chambers stay on top of other animals and do not die outright. Some remain unconscious but alive whilst they are skinned.

This abominable death is the end for animals who have suffered a life full of pain, stress and deprivation. The entire process has been documented by Animal Equality, during a two-year investigation which has been carried out in almost all the mink farms in Spain (accessible

Animal Equality calls for a ban on fur farms in Spain and an end to the exploitation of animals for clothing. Respect for the interests of animals requires that we stop using them for clothing, food, entertainment, research or any other purpose.

Despite the fact that minks and other animals do not belong to the human species, each of these individuals is sentient – able to feel emotions and sensations such as pain or pleasure – and has interests that can no longer be ignored. Founded in 2006, Animal Equality has revealed harrowing images never before seen in Spain or around the world and carried out pioneering work on numerous areas of animal exploitation. Animal Equality exists to give a voice to non-human animals; and to demand that they receive the respect they deserve.

A photo gallery of the investigation can be found by clicking Flickr HERE.

Animal Equality has published a detailed report, accompanied by appropriate scientific references, on the suffering of minks killed in gas chambers (mouse over middle for “fullscreen version” or over bottom for other menu options):

Death Inside Gas Chambers | From animalEQUALITY issuu

Media Contact:

Laura Gough | Animal Equality Spokesperson
Phone: 07538 431754


Additional Resources:

Fur | Skin

Fur-Free Retailers | Vegan Retailers

Consumers for a Fur-Free Society

PETA’s International Resources

Fur belongs on whom it was born
Not by the vain and frivolous,

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    April 2, 2011 11:04 am



  2. Emily Kurzin permalink
    April 2, 2011 12:21 pm

    All in the name of human vanity. And yet we claim to be far more civilized than animals. What a joke.


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