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Hey, Taco Bell, you’re already halfway there …

January 27, 2011

PHOTO | National Geographic: Meat Smoothie, video still image

From The Pitch
By Charles Ferruzza

Taco Bell: Animal-rights group wants you to go totally meatless

This morning, Nathan Runkle, the founder and executive director of the Chicago-based Mercy for Animals organization sent a letter to Greg Creed, president of Taco Bell, requesting that the fast-food chain go completely meatless.

Taco Bell has been in the eye of an intense media storm for nearly a week since a class-action lawsuit was filed in California claiming that the Tex-Mex chain, owned by Louisville-based Yum! Brands, was serving a beef product that didn’t really have much beef in it.

“Why shouldn’t they go completely meat-free,” says Mercy for Animals spokesman Matt Rice. “They’re already halfway there.”

Rice says Creed hasn’t yet responded to Runkle’s request, which includes this plaintive plea:

“Taco Bell customers would lose their appetites if they saw how cows raised for beef are inflicted with third-degree burns (hot iron branding), have their testicles ripped from their scrotums and have their horns burned out of their skulls — all without painkillers. Undercover investigations have revealed sick and injured animals routinely entering the human food supply …”

“Your readers can go to our website to see the cruelty that cows suffer, routinely, on the way to the slaughterhouse,” says Rice, the campaign coordinator for the New York office of Mercy for Animals (there are other satellite offices in Dallas and Columbus, Ohio).

“We’re hopeful for a positive response,” says Rice. “Since Taco Bell is, allegedly, selling an essentially meatless product, why not go 100 percent meatless?”

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yo would quiero taco bell
if there was no longer
a meat smell
taco bell, you can do it
you are already
half way to it!!!!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    January 27, 2011 5:20 pm

    yo would quiero taco bell
    if there was no longer
    a meat smell
    taco bell, you can do it
    you are already
    half way to it!!!!


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