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PA Pigeon Shoots: Pest Control?!? Do they imprison, starve, and shoot roaches, too?

January 3, 2011

Please read the following news brief and background of pigeon shoots and call and/or write to Berks County DA John Adams and tell him, respectfully, your feelings.  You may use the Sample Letter as a guide, but please modify, shorten, and personalize, thank you.

From WFMZ TV News
By Miranda Villei | Web Producer

Perry Township, PA – A local university group and an animal rights group are protested a pigeon shoot in Berks County this weekend.

The Kutztown University Vegetarian Education Group and Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, or SHARK, were outside the Wing Pointe hunting resort Sunday.

The groups were protesting a day-long live pigeon shoot held at the resort.

“We hope to just spread awareness not only for our group as far as our campus, but for this cause. It’s something that, you know, celebrities from all over the U.S. are against and it’s particular to our state,” said Letecia Garcia, a member of the Vegetarian Education Group at K.U.

Pigeon shoot organizers said it’s form of pest control.

Pennsylvania is one of the last states to allow pigeon shoots.


  • Does the PA District Attorney Protect Animal Abusers?
  • Is This Pennsylvania’s Most Corrupt Politician?

Vodpod videos no longer available.  Vodpod videos no longer available.

BACKGROUND | From SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

Pigeon shoots are competitions wherein hundreds to thousands of live birds are shot at to win prizes. A typical 3-day shoot contest can kill and injure up to 15,000 birds.

The pigeons are captured and collected for weeks ahead of time, then released from trap boxes only yards away from the so-called “sportsmen”. The birds are generally dazed and suffering from dehydration or starvation as they are sprung out of the boxes.

70% of the birds are injured when shot and either left to suffer slow deaths or collected and killed by pigeon shoot “trapper boys” or “wringers”, traditionally children, who break their necks, step on them, tear off wings, suffocate them, or cut off their heads with garden shears, among other abuses.

Pigeon shoots are nothing more than a vile excuse for entertainment for the dull-witted or psychopathic. Illegal in other countries and in all but a couple of American states, most people realize the despicable nature of these bird-killing contests.


Please contact Berks County District Attorney John Adams and let him know how you feel; please modify the sample letter below and remain courteous:

  • Telephone number | 610.478.6000
  • Calling codes can be found HERE
  • Calling code plus telephone number to DA Adams in PA, USA, is: 00 + 1 + 610 + 478 + 6000
  • Email:


Dear District Attorney Adams,

I am greatly disturbed to learn that Berks County Pennsylvania continues to host the savage slaughter of thousands of pigeons for entertainment. Indeed, I have even witnessed footage of severely injured and dying birds thrown in piles, casually ignored, in obvious states of agony, following such a primitive and reckless game of juvenile glee and participation. It is my understanding that this type of “sport” is illegal yet is repeatedly sanctioned due to certain alleged relationships; indeed, the District Attorney in nearby Dauphin County allowed a humane officer to level 100 charges against those involved in a similar event, and there has not been another shoot there since. This exploitation of animals is an unacceptable practice, and I therefore respectfully request you uphold the law and subsequently cease these events immediately.

Please allow me this opportunity to elaborate. Our society considers other beings disposable, to be used as commodities and discarded in accordance with egotistical human-focused goals and benefits. It is within this rigid definition of human acceptability absent accountability that humans embrace speciesism, the prejudicial regard of other species as undeserving of either rights or freedom from exploitation. Speciesism is immoral and dangerous, a precept built upon a foundation of arrogance, greed, and inequality, promoted with solicitous validations meant to foster approval. However, regardless of euphemistic descriptions meant to disguise exploitation, this practice is indeed unethical, the animals being intentionally subjected to suffering and pain and then killed. Although you may find the lives of these birds as immaterial and therefore expendable, you should understand they value their own lives and possess the capacity to experience trauma, fear, and suffering.

This reckless destruction is unnecessary, unjustified, and unprincipled, its only function to egotistically benefit those who exploit animals. Animals have rights to live free from pain and suffering regardless of objections to acknowledge such, and as long as Berks County profits on the torture of animals, complicit in their abuse and death, I will discontinue visiting as a tourist. It is important to accept that, what is indeed valuable, is the life itself and the capability to experience emotion and suffering. Please observe this basic moral principle and act with justice rather than react with cruelty.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.


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mr or ms big shot
with your gun
do you think shooting
innocent pigeons
is fun?
if you were used as
target practice instead
you would not like pigeons
shooting you in the head
only a bully does things like this
such desparate acts of cowardice

Karen Lyons Kalmenson



5 Comments leave one →
  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    January 3, 2011 1:25 pm

    mr or ms big shot
    with your gun
    do you think shooting
    innocent pigeons
    is fun?
    if you were used as
    target practice instead
    you would not like pigeons
    shooting you in the head
    only a bully does things like this
    such desparate acts of cowardice


  2. Bob Pomilla permalink
    January 3, 2011 5:06 pm

    If, as the shooters claim, the shoots are a form of “pest” control, then why are they buying and importing these “pests” from the pigeon netters in New York?



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  2. Stop Live Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania « Our Compass

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