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Three quick actions for wolves, polar bears, seals

December 23, 2010

Please click on and sign the following three actions, thank you:

1. Stop the Idaho Aerial Slaughter Plan

2. Help Save Polar Bears

3. Help Stop the “Sickening” Sable Island Seal Slaughter Plan

1. BACKGROUND | From Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife Services, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has a brutal plan for Idaho’s wolves: The federal wildlife killers are once again seeking authority to kill more wolves in Central Idaho using aerial gunning.

This terrible aerial gunning plan could kill hundreds of wolves in the area — all to help state officials artificially boost elk populations.

Take action now: Speak out against Wildlife Services’ terrible aerial wolf-slaughter plan for Central Idaho.


I am writing today to speak out against Wildlife Services’ plans to drastically expand the types of lethal methods used to kill wolves in Idaho — even as they remain federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The latest plan outlined in Wildlife Services’ Draft Environmental Assessment Gray Wolf Damage Management in Idaho would allow Wildlife Services to use aerial gunning to kill wolves in order to unnecessarily and artificially boost elk populations.

As of late August 2010, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation estimated an elk population of more than 101,000 in Idaho — while fewer than 900 wolves roam the wilds of the state.
In 23 of the 29 elk management zones in Idaho, elk populations are at or above population targets. Many of those areas currently experiencing declines contain few or no wolves. And some areas that do contain high wolf populations are even experiencing high elk populations.

In addition, the Clearwater National Forest — one of the areas targeted by Wildlife Services’ aerial gunning plan — was experiencing steep declines in elk numbers by 1988, long before wolves returned to the area.

I was pleased to see that the current Wildlife Services plan was revised to exclude the brutal practices of gassing wolf pups in their dens and sterilizing alpha pairs.
However, I am dismayed that the federal program’s first response to wildlife conflicts continues to put a priority on killing predators instead of pursuing non-lethal alternatives that are proven to be more effective at reducing conflicts.

The wolf-killing methods outlined in the Environmental Assessment are inappropriate and conflict with Wildlife Services’ mission to “create a balance that allows people and wildlife to coexist peacefully.”

I don’t want my tax dollars to be used to kill native wildlife under this misguided and archaic scheme. Wildlife Services should instead reduce wildlife conflicts and encourage peaceful coexistence with predators by using and promoting nonlethal tools and best management practices to preemptively reduce livestock loss.

Thank you for considering my comments on this important matter.


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Vodpod videos no longer available.



2. BACKGROUND | From Animal Rescue Site, DoW

Polar bears are some of the hardiest creatures on the face of the planet…and they could disappear within our lifetimes.

Climate change and habitat loss are threatening to send these Arctic survivors to the brink of extinction in America, yet plans persist for destructive oil and gas drilling in vital polar bear habitat.

Help save polar bears and their homes. Urge President Obama to protect essential polar bear habitat in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s coasts. Unless we act now, America’s wild polar bears could disappear forever.


Dear Decision-maker,

As someone who cares about protecting our wildlife for future generations, I strongly urge you to do everything in your power to protect America’s remaining polar bears.

Scientists say that climate change and habitat loss could force these mighty Arctic survivors to extinction in the wild within our lifetimes.

Already, we are seeing the sad fate that awaits America’s polar bears. Sea ice — which these sea bears need to hunt and survive — is melting, causing polar bears to swim ever further distances to find the food they need to survive.

Yet some in Congress are pushing for destructive oil and gas drilling in key polar bear habitat. The noise and disruptions caused by drilling in the Arctic Refuge — the most important onshore denning habitat for these beloved bears — could cause polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs to die. And offshore drilling in the Chukchi Sea — another important habitat for polar bears — risks a cataclysmic oil spill from which these bears may be unable to recover.

For these reasons, I urge you to protect crucial polar bear habitat by opposing any new drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or in the Chukchi Sea.

I want my children and grandchildren to know a world where America’s polar bears live free in the wild…and I hope you’ll provide the leadership needed to make that a reality by protecting the homes of these amazing sea bears. Thank you for considering my comments.


3. BACKGROUND | From Animal Rescue Site, IFAW

A recent report brought to light a proposal prepared for the Government of Canada that would see 220,000 grey seals killed and incinerated in their protected Sable Island nursery.

To reach the proposed number of 220,000 seals, the cull and disposal program would run at birthing time each year for about five years and cost Canadian taxpayers an estimated $35 million.

Please urge the Canadian government to categorically reject this outrageous proposal.

Sign our petition today to ensure that Sable Island’s grey seal population is spared this sickening slaughter, and that the island remains a protected habitat for seals.


To: Gail Shea, Canadian Federal Fisheries Minister

Dear Madam Minister,

A report prepared recently for the Government proposed that 220,000 grey seals be shot and incinerated in their protected Sable Island nursery.

This horrific proposal includes shooting pups with silencer-equipped rifles, loading them onto dump trucks with a specially modified grabber machine, and transporting them to incinerators — all at a taxpayer cost of $35 million.

Of course, this disgusting grey seal massacre will not help the recovery of depleted cod stocks.

Culling of marine mammals has never been shown to benefit any commercial fish stock. According to your own scientists, the current state of cod stocks is the result of the long-term effects of overfishing — not grey seals. In addition, the DFO National Workshop on the Impacts of Seals on Fish Populations in Eastern Canada concluded that there is no analysis to suggest that fewer grey seals would have a positive effect on fish stock recovery.

I demand that your Department reject this outrageous and scientifically unjustified plan.



PREVIOUS | Same action as above … Don’t let over 200,000 Sable Island seals be butchered and incinerated, please send message

See More …

just a click, maybe a few
or a signature and such
would for animals and
those who love
them, mean
so very much

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    December 23, 2010 12:49 pm

    just a click, maybe a few
    or a signature and such
    would for animals and
    those who love
    them, mean
    so very much


  2. Stephanie permalink
    December 24, 2010 4:29 am

    the polar bear pic is simply delightful..xx…signed and shared


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