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Macedonian stray dogs: once again we must take action to stop the massacre, please send sample message

December 20, 2010

FROM Stop Cruelty to All Animals NOW! Be a Voice for the Voiceless!


Dear Friends,

Please send the letter below to the given addresses, because in Macedonia, all stray dogs are (still) a killing target, primarily in the Vardarishte. Let’s save those whom are still alive!



To Whom It Concerns,

We are shocked from the violence and killing of animals that occurs daily in Macedonia, mainly in Skopje, in the holding facility Vardarishte.

We are disturbed based on the cruelty inflicted by your institutions, which are funded to interact humanely with the stray population, to engage and to conduct the Catch, Neuter, Release (CNR) program, the only successful program as it is appropriate for an ethical and civilized country.

But instead, dogs are persistently killed, including neutered dogs, who are caught and never released: there is no justification.

Global witnesses know the accounts about the concentration camp Vardarishte: they know that the dog catchers, until recently, were hunters and delinquents, and that they used to kill dogs on the streets, with guns, and received a financial reward. They now do the same, hidden in the rooms of Vardarishte.

We know and we have seen that the animals there have no living conditions, we have seen the official data that indicates 60% of dogs being killed, but the real bloody number is hidden.

We know and we have seen that veterinarians are engaged to kill, not to sterilize – your people are not blind and you cannot deceive!

The Mayor of Skopje has proven himself like nobody before, cruel, brutal, blind to the sufferings of animals, deaf to the calls of its citizens.

You cannot deceive either us or the Macedonian population that he is not behind the killings, because he is the one who hired new dog catchers and killers and forbade volunteers from taking pictures in Vardarishte.

Let us not lie to each other, we know it all.

We are urgently asking for this to cease and the holding facility of death to be closed: it is a bloody stain on your city, your country, your face!

You cannot hide the truth – it is everywhere, and here we are, the activists for the animal rights, to testify in order not to be forgotten!

We ask from the veterinary authorities to react and close the prisons of fear, despair, diseases, and death.

You do not have justification to be silent!



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3 Comments leave one →
  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    December 20, 2010 12:21 pm

    i sit here while my stomach churns
    as i read about your lack
    of concern
    in vardarishte and
    skopje’s mayor
    whois basically a heartless
    animal slayer
    we the world have eyes
    and we can see
    this vicious lack
    of humanity
    as long as you so sorely
    abuse your strays
    our eyes will be upon
    and will not
    go away!!!!


  2. tania samara permalink
    December 21, 2010 4:40 am

    this area it is not Macedonia!!!!!!!the name is skopia!!!!!!


  3. LoVegan permalink
    December 22, 2010 6:14 am

    Skopje IS in Macedonia, like it or not!
    We are fighting to SAVE ANIMALS, for you their life is less important than politics?
    Thank you Stacey xox


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