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Four actions to help end bear farming …

October 19, 2010
  • If you have not taken action on this issue previously, please click on the picture or visit HERE to sign your name against the practice of bear farming.
  • Please sign WSPA’s Care2 petition against bear farming HERE.
  • US friends, please also sign and send Stop the Trade in Bear Parts
  • Write a letter, sample message and instructions below from Animals Asia


Right now, there are at least 12,000 bears suffering in Asia. They are held captive in tiny cages and shocking conditions. These bears are farmed needlessly for the bile contained in their gall bladders which is used to make Traditional Asian Medicine. Their reality is a lifetime of suffering and pain.

Your support can help us end bear farming in Asia. Protect bears – lend your support by signing the appeal today.

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Take Action

Some bears used for bile extraction were seen to wear iron corsets around their chest and abdomen. These bears wear corsets 24 hours a day. According to the staff this was to assist with handling the bears and because they were concerned about being bitten by the bears. A metal ring is attached to the corset so that workers can use a metal stick to grab the bear and control it while the bile is extracted … Customers can get bear paws from this farm. If the customer requests fresh paws, they can be directly cut off from a bear.  WSPA (document below)


Over 12,000 bears are captive in bear farms in Asia. Most are held in cages the size of a telephone booth, in which they are unable to stand and can only turn around with difficulty.

The bears in these farms are visibly in severe distress. They are often hurt or scarred from repeatedly rubbing or hitting themselves against the bars of their tiny enclosures.

Farmers prevent bears from hibernating – the cage floors are iron bars to stop the bears lying on firm ground.

Painful surgery

Bear bile can be accessed in a number of inhumane ways. All are likely to be carried out by untrained farm workers, with no veterinary experience.

Depending on the region, farms will use one of three methods:

  • A tube leading into the gall bladder is created, allowing bile to be extracted. To stop the tube closing up, the abdominal wound is reopened up to three times a day.
  • Ultrasound equipment is used to locate the gall bladder, before a syringe is inserted deep into the bear’s body to extract the bile.
  • Bears are caged, left to reach a certain age and then killed. The bile is extracted once the bear is dead.

Lifelong suffering

A caged, farmed bear with bile extraction wound

A caged, farmed bear with bile extraction wound

If those bears subjected to operations do not die during or after the first procedure, they suffer from serious health problems.

Infections to the open wounds, tumours, internal abscesses, gallstones, and other related illnesses are common. It is a life of unremitting pain and distress.

Bears may stop producing bile after only a few years. They are then left to die or are killed for their paws or gall bladder.

From Animals Asia

Write a letter and add your voice to the call to end bear farming in China.

Taking the time to write a letter is a valuable way you can support our campaigns. Whether expressing appropriate concern or writing a letter of thanks, a brief letter provides international support which will further assist us to promote change.

Write a letter to your local Chinese Embassy:

Please write a polite letter to the Chinese Government thanking the China Wildlife Conservation Association and the Sichuan Forestry Department for closing the farms and releasing 500 bears into the care of Animals Asia. Please ask that they continue to promote the herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile and urgently appeal to them to end bear farming as a matter of priority.

Please address your letter to the Chinese Ambassador and send to the main Embassy address for your country. Embassy addresses can be found at:

US email addresses ( and both were returned as invalid) :

Sample letter: if you would like to use use the sample letter below, please feel free to copy and paste the text into your own document.

Editor’s note: You may also want to modify sample letter – personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to thank people for a morally obligatory gesture, we don’t thank people for being anti-racist or anti-sexist, why thank them for being anti-speciesist?  But that is my personal viewpoint, you may feel differently and choose to thank them.


Dear Excellency,

I would like to express both my concern over the deplorable practice of bear farming and my sincerest appreciation to the Government authorities in China for their admirable work towards eliminating such a practice.

The agreement between the Animals Asia Foundation and the Government departments of the Beijing China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) and the Sichuan Forestry Department (SFD), to rescue 500 suffering and endangered moon bears, is one of the most remarkable and significant steps ever taken to address the welfare of individual animals, as well as the conservation of a species as a whole and I applaud their efforts wholeheartedly.

In recent years, China has experienced dramatic change and growth in all areas, which has led to an increased interest in business investments and tourism opportunities from the international community. It would seem only natural that these advances should extend to ending such mediaeval and disgraceful practices as bear farming, which have no place in our civilised world.

I implore you to add your voice and encouragement to the growing call from within China and right across the world, to end bear farming. Please support the good work of Animals Asia, the CWCA and SFD and urgently help their endeavours to end this barbaric and unnecessary industry once and for all.

Yours respectfully,




Bear Farming, WSPA Report

View this document on Scribd

From Cage to Consumer Part 1

View this document on Scribd

From Cage to Consumer Part 2

View this document on Scribd


farming bears for bile
is man in his usual
selfish style
bears are meant to
be bears
not have their
internal fluids
in a practice so
cruel and
so vile

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    October 19, 2010 12:35 pm

    farming bears for bile
    is man in his usual
    selfish style
    bears are meant to
    be bears
    not have their
    internal fluids
    in a practice so
    cruel and
    so vile


  2. Lyn permalink
    December 26, 2010 8:45 pm

    Your country has come so far. However your people still live in the past. Education in lifestyle and old practices needs to seize. How can the world take your people seriously if they hold unto such backwards ways. Bear bile farming is cruel and disgusting. Educate your people to stop!



  1. South Korea Looks for Bear Farming Remedy: please take action. « Our Compass

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