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The World Clock Of Global Statistics

September 28, 2010

From Care2
By Ronnie Citron-Fink

Would you like to know the up-to-the-minute environmental statistics for: projected global warming, CO2 emissions, and forest land lost? How about population birth, deaths, and the ages of the Earth’s inhabitants? Maybe oil depletion and traditional energy use vs. renewable interests you. Or maybe food production and animal slaughter statistics? Maybe you just want to know how many spam emails have been circulated this year? Well, look no further than the World Clock.

The stats displayed are estimations provided by these sources, and the clock is provided by

I find it totally sobering how much forest has been lost so far this year. On the other hand, I am happy to see there are more bicycles than cars being produced. Which statistics interest you most?

Editor’s Note: To view current animal slaughter numbers for 2010, click “Food” on the left topic area; to see animal slaughter numbers from right NOW, click Food then the Now button at the top.


Calculate Your Carbon Footprint, Two Calculators

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  1. September 29, 2010 3:19 am

    I have been researching global warming for quite awhile and I feel seriously warranted to expose a myriad of perceived disasters which are now presenting themselves to be factual as they enter the beginning of a conceptional formations.

    The disclosure of how this encroaching warming of our waters will affect the floor of the ocean, which is only a thin crust, was an foreseen revelation . As the oceans temperature rises, and we talking a mere two to four degrees, fissures and wide splitting of the ocean floor shall occur, causing irreversible disintegration, evoking methane gas , now precariously trapped underneath the floor beds to escape. This gas, once released, will enter our atmosphere quite quickly, it doesn’t take much deducing to conclude our ability to breath will cease.. This epitomizes just how tedious and multifaceted are the problems we will be encountering

    Global warming is serious and all encompassing in its wrath. It is time we insist on alternate energy sources and the end of the USDA’s Meat Industry. Fortified with their criterion of deception to garnish huge fortunes by any venue possible, they are responsible for the largest, most egregious industry now functioning, the use of animals as commodities known as livestock. Their gaseous emissions contribute by percentage to be the greatest offender of air pollution, their waste by products are polluting not only the air but also have permated our fresh water supply.

    Our globe has between.01 to.02 % fresh water on the entire planet. Almost all life forms thrive on fresh water, not salt water. Not only must we include the livestock industry as polluters but also gluttons, using vast amount of this fresh water . It is time they stop this self indulgent money machine. We must become emphatic about our concerns and insist that they cease using animals as commodities, end this archaic industry and become focused on the production of vegetation for human consumption, as we approach the cessation of fossil fuels and the carbon chain as our industrial fortress and economic base.

    With the global population now at about 7 billion humans, our water supply is going to be depleted unless we carefully manage it and curb these greed mongers actions. Their
    indifference to these forthcoming problems, their self absorption, arrogance and abstruseness is quite the paradigm.

    I personally find their continuous actions to be venal, indolent and apparently so deeply rooted as to appear to be hermetically sealed from any rhetoric or constructive discussions or changes. This is our challenge to insist on a pragmatic assimilation of solutions to these future problems using abject realities indigenous to our continued ability to thrive and disrupt this plague of cronyism. We act no or face global extinction.

    Linda Beane

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