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Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS) Protest Information …

September 14, 2010

UPDATE | July 6, 2011, PETA: Lab Workers Indicted On Felony Cruelty Charges

In a landmark move, a North Carolina grand jury has returned indictments for 14 counts of felony cruelty-to-animals against four individuals, including a supervisor, who worked at Professional Laboratory Research Services (PLRS), which was investigated by PETA last fall. This marks the first time in U.S. history that laboratory workers have faced felony cruelty charges for their abuse of animals in a laboratory and only the second time that experimenters have faced criminal prosecution for cruelty (the first stemmed from PETA’s first undercover investigation, the groundbreaking 1981 Silver Spring monkeys case).

Mary Ramsey—who had been employed as a PLRS supervisor—and Jessica Detty were each indicted on five counts, while Christine Clement and Tracy Small were each indicted on two counts. The accused are among those caught on video kicking, throwing, and dragging dogs; hoisting rabbits by their ears and puppies by their throats; violently slamming cats into cages; and screaming obscenities at terrified animals. One of those named is the worker seen on video trying to rip out a cat’s claws by violently pulling the animal from the fence onto which he or she clung in fear.

The state charges follow extensive citations, by federal officials for serious violations of animal welfare laws, the lab’s closure, and the surrender of nearly 200 dogs and more than 50 cats just a week after we released our findings. We’ll keep you updated on the criminal case as it progresses.

Written by Alisa Mullins, Posted by PETA

UPDATE, September 17, 2010
Thank you to Jennifer for this updated information.
All animals (253) from the research Center in NC have been rescued by shelters and rescue groups.
If you want to adopt, you can inquire with:

DC: 202-726-2556
Cateret Co. NC: 252-247-7744
Guilford Co. NC: 336-297-5020
NJ: 973-824-7080
Norfolk, VA: 757-622-3319
VA Beach: 757-427-0070

Please only call the shelters if you are willing to drive there and adopt. THANKS for your help everybody! We did it. Lucy

UPDATE, September 15, 2010: NC lab halts work after PETA video, animals to be released need forever homes, please help if you are able

Thank you so much to Shannon and Jessica for this information, please see below for articles and complaint filed by PETA with USDA.

These animals need to be adopted from PLRS Lab in North Carolina, and the cats in particular are looking for forever homes. If you are able to open your home, please contact Cathy with Animal Welfare Institute Onlineemail address below, or if you are a nearby shelter who can take some of the animals:

From Cathy, AWIO:

She said the animals will actually be going to shelters first and won’t be directly adopted.

What she needs most right now is to be contacted by any shelters in NC or VA (or neighboring states) that would be willing to take some of the animals! Any shelters that are willing to help should call or email her:

She also said if people are interested in adopting any of the animals (especially people in NC or VA), she needs them to email her this information at:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • What animal(s) or types of animals they’re interested in adopting.

If she knows what areas people have people willing to adopt one of the animals, she may be able to get the shelters to take 1 or 2 more of them.
Once she has shelters to take all the animals she will send out emails to those who emailed her letting them know where to go.

Please read previous stories and take appropriate actions:

  • And please sign HERE
  • Investigator’s Notebook HERE
  • Pictures documenting some of the abuse HERE

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Protest information courtesy of PETA as commented HERE


Thank you so much for everything that you do to advocate for animals, and thanks especially for your recent efforts to help animals imprisoned at PLRS.

I wanted to let you know the latest on the campaign.

As you know, the online petition targets the companies that have used PLRS in the past (and some were using PLRS during the time of our investigation). We would like these companies to permanently sever all ties with PLRS, so if a company responds to an individual by saying that they haven’t used PLRS recently (as Merial did), we need to push them to pledge that they will never use PLRS in the future. Right now, that petition has more than 35,000 signatures, which is pretty phenomenal for 5 days. For people who want to do more, we’re encouraging people to phone the companies and push the point that they need to permanently sever all ties with PLRS. I’ve included the telephone numbers of the companies below.

We are organizing a demonstration outside PLRS:

Thursday, September 16th

12:00 Noon (EST)

1251 NC Highway 32
North, Corapeake, NC

I’ll send more details on parking, etc. when they’re ready, but for now, we have the time and date. We’ll have posters, etc., and people only need bring their lovely compassionate selves! It would be great if you could make it out to the demo, Sharon, and wonderful if you could also spread the word to people you know.

Here are the phone numbers for the companies that have contracted with PLRS:

  • Elanco/Eli Lilly: 317-276-2000
  • Pfizer: 212-733-2323
  • Happy Jack: 252-747-2911
  • Heska Corp: 970-493-7272
  • Intervet/Schering-Plough: 908-423-1000
  • Novartis: 862-778-8300
  • Wellmark (Zodiac): 925-948-4000
  • Virbac Animal Health: 817-831-5030
  • Sergeant’s Pet Care Products: 402-938-7039
  • Merial: 678-638-3000
  • Bayer: 412-777-2000

And here is the information for Frank Parrish’s office (he’s the District Attorney for the area in NC where the laboratory is located):

202 East Colonial Avenue
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Press Release

PETA Investigation Reveals That Animals Used in Pet-Product Tests Were Physically Abused, Neglected, and Tormented

For Immediate Release:
September 8, 2010

Contact Kathy Guillermo 757-622-7382

Corapeake, N.C. — A PETA undercover investigation has documented widespread abuse and systemic neglect of cats, dogs, and rabbits at Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS). The Corapeake-based laboratory tests flea and tick preventatives and other animal-companion products for Sergeant’s, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Schering-Plough, Pfizer, Novartis, and Merial, the makers of Frontline. PETA’s video footage reveals that PLRS employees kicked, threw, and dragged dogs; lifted rabbits by their ears and puppies by their throats; violently slammed cats into cages; and screamed obscenities at animals, calling them “asshole” and “motherf—er.” Staff left dogs in enclosures that were being pressure-hosed–leaving the animals soaked through in a mixture of water and harsh chemicals, such as bleach. In an intentional effort to rip out their claws, cats were pulled violently from the fence wire onto which they clung in fear. PETA has filed formal complaints with federal and state agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and has submitted evidence to the local prosecutor’s office.

PETA’s investigator also witnessed the following:

* Clementine–a Dalmatian whose limbs were covered in raw, oozing wet sores–was denied veterinary care for months. The lab purchased her in 2003 from a notorious animal dealer that was later shut down by federal agents.

* A test chemical for a company whose flea-control products are on shelves nationwide was applied to the necks of 57 cats. Despite severe adverse reactions–including seizures and bleeding from the nose and mouth–the cats were exposed to the chemical for a second time that very same day.

* Although a non-animal test method has been available for at least 14 years, as many as 2,000 ticks were spread onto the shaved backs of rabbits in order to “grow” the ticks. Rabbits were also used as crude “feeding” colonies for thousands of mosquitoes; the rabbits were forcibly held down while the insects bit them and sucked their blood.

* In order to save money on costs, PLRS killed nearly 100 dogs, cats, and rabbits over a two-week span.

Additional Documentation

Cruelty Inside Product Testing Lab

For the dogs, cats, and rabbits inside Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS), the cruel poisoning tests were only part of the abuse.

Workers kicked, dragged, and cursed at dogs and violently slammed cats into cages.

Dogs were deliberately kept infested with worms for months at a time even when no tests required it.

PETA’s investigator was instructed not to report numerous dogs’ red, raw sores to the lab’s veterinarian—who only visited the laboratory once a week. Bloody diarrhea, skin conditions, worm infestations, oozing sores, abscessed teeth, and pus- and blood-filled infections on ears went untreated or were ineffectively handled by workers who had no veterinary training or credentials.

PLRS operated a side business raising and selling ticks and attached thousands of ticks onto rabbits’ shaved bodies to allow the ticks to gorge for five days. Many rabbits were subjected to this twice and were then killed. Non-animal methods for raising ticks have been available since the mid-’90s. Other rabbits were held over thousands of mosquitoes, who fed on the animals and sucked blood from their shaved backs for 15 minutes a day for up to five days.

Workers cleaned the bottoms of rabbit cage floors by vigorously shaking the cages up and down—with the rabbits still inside. According to what PETA’s investigator was told, this caused at least two rabbits’ feet to be completely severed. The investigator asked her supervisor if the employee was disciplined for dismembering a rabbit and was told, “No, but don’t clock in late, then you will get in trouble.”

A supervisor who killed rabbits by injecting a solution into their hearts admitted, “I’m not really … good at this.”

A supervisor pulled a tooth from a dog who had been inadequately sedated with an expired drug. As the supervisor yanked at the tooth, the dog kicked and shook.

Dogs were so traumatized from living locked up for months—and sometimes years—without affection, enrichment, companionship, exercise, or even an occasional kind word, they circled and paced continuously.

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  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    September 14, 2010 11:07 am

    we stand united,
    in defiance
    until no more
    are exploited
    by “science”


  2. Science with a Brain permalink
    September 15, 2010 2:42 pm

    I hope my comments get posted and stay up but I don’t figure they will. Yes the videos do show horrible stuff but if you watch these videos and listen very carfully you can tell they are faked and dubbed over. In fact I believe the single female committing the abuse to both the dog and the cat are in fact the PETA plant. Those were not filmed with a hidden camera. They were filmed by another person and she knew she was on tape. False evidence like this hurts good hard working people for absolutely no reason.


    • September 15, 2010 2:47 pm

      If you can prove this is a PETA plant and that the evidence is false, I won’t delete your comment tomorrow, BUT I suspect the plant is you … Do you work for them? Probably. It’s so easy to defend that which greed buys.


      • Science with a Brain permalink
        September 15, 2010 3:52 pm

        No I do not have proof and I do not work for them but I am a scientist and do work in the industry. I worked for a company in the past that had thier reputation ruined and was one of the 30 employees who did nothing wrong and lost their jobs becuse of false accusations from a group simular to PETA. The clientssponsors of the work can’t have their names associated with the bad press so they pull out and leave the non-guilty employees to fend for their lives. It never gets out that the work that we do is required by the Federal Goverment (FDA and EPA) to get products approved for sale on the market and although it is easy for PETA to say there are non-animal models that can be used for this work there simply aren’t. We are testing the products to make sure they are safe. We want everybodies pet to be happy and healthy. Of course there are there bad people out there that do bad things and I did notice that the one and same girl was in each of the videos. How are we suppose to deal with the “one bad employee” when we don’t know they are behaving this way? Did the PETA rep that was taping this one bad employee report this behavior to Management to be dealt with. IF they did then how could they have managed to film them in so many different instances.


  3. September 15, 2010 4:00 pm

    Oh, so you are, or were, in the industry that maims and murders animals.

    Any animal used is abused, there are no humane protocols or parameters, that’s fluffy rhetoric meant to appease HUMANS and not the animals upon whom you and they so cruelly treat, mutilate, and kill.

    I hope this company goes out of business, too.


  4. Science with a Brain permalink
    September 15, 2010 4:24 pm

    I assume that you follow the vegan life style that is all over this site and I have no problem with that as your beliefs. Do you have pets? Do you give them meds if your vet tells you to? Do you feed them Purchaced food? Do you go to the docter and take the meds that they prescribe? All of these items are tested at some point on some animal. It is the only way that we can tell if it is going to help or hurt us or the pets we want to give it to. To live 100% true to your total vegan life you have to stop all the thing listed above. All natural food from your garden is the only way to make it happen and you can’t use any chemicals to keep the bugs off the tomatoes either.


    • September 15, 2010 4:36 pm

      Why would you have a problem with that???

      And thanks ever so for the lesson, by the way. I really had no idea …


    • Justin permalink
      September 9, 2011 8:18 am

      I would like to add… Im not a vegan, but i dont think compairing animal diets to ours the same. i wont buy my dog food, but i will cook healthy meals for my dog. As humans we canbe vegans, but animals have a diet that has to be followed. A cat cant survive without meat. Dogs kill for food, but that is natures way of things. In reality we have soooo many people on death row for incredible crimes against nature and fellow humans. Why not test on them? They are not fit for society anyway, but these animals have done nothing to deserve torture. The problem with people is the thought that we are better than nature or entitled to destroy innocent life, but we (not me) feel its inhumane to kill a murderer.


  5. CATHALA permalink
    September 22, 2010 9:13 pm

    Il faut stopper la vivisection c’est trop cruel et cela ne sert à rien


  6. Kara permalink
    September 26, 2010 11:28 am

    what happened to the employees..? Have they been prosecuted yet?


  7. paula plarre permalink
    September 27, 2010 1:46 pm

    my mother suffered with osteoporosis for many years before she died, but she & i would not allow the use of animals in testing products. i do not feel it is effective to test animals for human consumption, or cosmetics for that matter. test these products on murderers & inmates if you must. we have to house them & feed them let them earn their keep. innocent animals should not be brutally tortured. use modern technology. we have come along way with the use of computers, stop being a frankenstein.


  8. Bill Conley permalink
    November 17, 2010 12:38 pm

    This goes on far too much. I am glad an end was put to this particular business. It would be wonderful if you could do something about topical flea and tick products. These products are causing far more animal suffering than people realize. Thousand and thousands of dogs and cats have been injured, sickened, and died from these products.


  9. Sandy permalink
    September 28, 2011 11:51 pm

    Can we PLEASE BEAT UP Mary Ramsey, Jessica Detty, Christine Clement and Tracy Small?? Where the hell are these *O)&*@#$. I WANT TO SLAM THEM AND MAKE THEM SUFFER!!!!!!!!!


  10. Sandy permalink
    September 29, 2011 12:00 am



  11. April 20, 2012 9:05 pm

    As a student in Animal Technology (training to work with animals in laboratories), there is actually a very strict code of practice in place (in Australia) when it comes to using animals for research purposes. All research facilities using animals MUST have an ethics committee which effectively has the ultimate say on what happens to the animals. If they feel that the animals are suffering then they have the ability to shut down the experiment immediately. Before animals can even be used for research, an application must be submitted to the ethics committee, where they will decide whether it is appropriate for them to be used or not, MEANING: IF THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO USING ANIMALS, THEN THEY MUST TAKE THAT PATH.
    I happen to believe that the majority of the people posting on this blog actually use a whole lot of animal tested products in their day to day lives, perhaps without even knowing it. For all those products that claim they haven’t been tested on animals, well guess what, the chances are that the chemicals USED to CREATE that product have at some point been tested on animals otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed on the market.
    What happened to these animals was cruel and completely unnecessary, but do not judge the entire industry upon the actions of a few people. Next time you need to go to the doctor to get medicine, ask yourself how we came to know that it was safe to use.
    For the people who are verbally bashing the scientific research industry, educate yourselves first. If you can honestly tell me that NOTHING you use in your life has been tested on animals, not your cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines, ANYTHING, then you can say whatever you like. But everyone else who can happily post abusive comments and then go back to using their animal tested products, you’re all hypocrites.



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