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Toro de la Vega – A Bloody Tradition, Please send one message

September 13, 2010

Protest story in Spanish:
Cientos de animalistas protestan en Tordesillas

Protest story in English, please click HERE


The annual “Fiestas Mayores” in Tordesillas take place in the second week of September. The “fiestas” or “feast days” are in honour of the patron Saint of the town and surrounding area, Our Lady, the Virgin of the Cliff. The bloodiest day is the Tuesday when the famous “El Toro de la Vega” run takes place.

This yearly spectacle with a bull and lances has been going for centuries. In fact it is an example of one of the most ancient “taurine” rituals, unique to Spain : “The Lancing of the Bull”.

This was one of the star attractions during the bull tournaments, before the introduction of bullfights, as we know them, during the XVIII century. Thus the organizers place a great deal of importance on the choice of bull who must weigh more than 500 kilos, have procreated, be some various years old and must be handsome.

At about 11 o’clock on the Tuesday morning, traditionally in the main square of the town, but more recently in a nearby street called San Antolin, the “Toro de la Vega” begins. The bull is driven down the street and then, on crossing the bridge, the bull faces his “fate”. On the other side of the bridge he is awaited by men on horseback and others on foot who carry lances and will not desist until they kill him; this takes place in the area called the “vega” – a plain scattered with trees. The rules laid down by the Tordesillas Town Council, and which the present-day torneo must comply with, basically state that the bull must only be lanced once it enters the designated area and that no vehicles are allowed into this area.

The youth who manages to give the thrust of his lance which actually kills the bull has the right to cut off his testicles and proudly parade them around on the end of his lance. (For the last few years this practice has not been allowed although some have tried to do it). The Town Council presents the winner with a gold badge and a lance made of forged iron.

“Every year, including this past September, one of the most bestial rituals takes place in the Kingdom of Spain : El Toro de la Vega of Tordesillas. It is one of those repetitive savage spectacles which crazed people give the pompous name of “traditional”, as if this word makes the event sacrosanct. The Roman circus was “traditional” for centuries in this country as were public exhibitions of people in the pillory. Fortunately we have got over these forms of barbarity.

However, to our shame, the “Toro de la Vega” still persists, a “fiesta” which consists of a hundred or more men armed with lances, harass the animal with their thrusting lances until the poor thing, bleeding profusely, riddled with holes, its flesh torn with the stabbing lances, can go no further and as he collapses someone sticks a dagger behind his head to then cuts off his testicles. This often happens when he is still alive, some witnesses have claimed. It is a slow form of torture, watched by a rowdy multitude of spectators, a sadistic form of fun for slaughters. And parents take their children to see and learn from this gruesome event.

This indecent event has taken place for three centuries, except for some years when it was prohibited; what is incredible is that it was illegal until 1999 when the Junta de Castilla and Leon incomprehensibly legalized it. This seems to me to be very retrograde and the height of political stupidity. The National Association for the Welfare of Animals (ANPBA) has pleaded for the “humanization” of the “Fiesta” and handed in a document which proves that the Town Council of Tordesillas actually asked for permission for the celebration of this event, promising to make it more humane and avoid the use of any violence against the bull. The Town Council in fact admitted that the tradition does not require the bull to be lanced. Even so, there can be no tradition which justifies such monstrous cruelty; cruelty which contravenes all the legalities, including the Bullfighting Rules and Regulations, as well as contravening sense and compassion. Poor Toro de la Vega (and other such bulls in Arcos de la Frontera, Coria, etc. who have similar fates) who smells of blood and pain in this sinister Spain , anchored in the past.


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Please send the Spanish letter to the four email addresses listed; copy/paste as a group if your program allows, or individually copy and then paste each address on its own line.  Please ALSO send the message via the online webform, which can be found HERE. The English translation follows for your information.

***The letter and addresses were provided by Anima Naturalis in 2009 so I am uncertain if these people are still the primary targets, but I have not received any bounced or invalid messages back.  If you know others or have a different alert, please let me know, thank you.


Via webform as well, which can be found at the following:

Nombre: Name
Email: Email Address
Asunto del mensaje: Subject
Click Enviar (Send)


Muy Sres Nuestros,

Hemos tenido constancia de la celebración que se lleva a cabo en Tordesillas durante la primera quincena de septiembre, denominada Toro de Vega, en la que centenares de personas a pie y a caballo acosan a un toro hasta la muerte a lanzazos.

Nos ponemos en contacto con ustedes para manifestarles el desagrado que este hecho nos provoca como miembros de una sociedad sensible hacia el maltrato y el sufrimiento animal.

En nuestro país disponemos de legislación en materia de protección animal que harían imposible que se dieran este tipo de celebraciones, ya que no solo perjudican a los animales sino que degradan la imagen de la sociedad que los permite.

Es por ello que les solicitamos reconsideren la celebración de dicho festejo.

Mientras se siga celebrando, daremos a conocer a los turistas las prácticas del municipio de Tordesillas como parte de la vergüenza que supone para Europa que se sigan manteniendo tan sanguinarias tradiciones, propias de otros siglos.


Nombre y apellidos:


Dear Sirs,

We had a record of the celebration that takes place in Tordesillas during the first half of September, called Toro de Vega, in which hundreds of people on foot and horseback harass a bull to death with lances.

We get in touch with you in order to convey the displeasure that this fact leads us as members of a society sensitive to abuse and animal suffering.

In our country we have laws on animal protection that would make it impossible to give this kind of celebration, as it not only hurts the animals but degrades the image of the society that allows it.

That is why we have asked them to reconsider the conclusion of this celebration.

As they continue to hold, we will introduce to tourists the town of Tordesillas’ practices as part of the shame that means for Europe to continue to maintain such murderous traditions, typical of other centuries.



7 Comments leave one →
  1. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    September 13, 2010 9:44 am

    what a horror to be born a bull in spain
    that means being tortured,castrated
    speared over and over again?
    this so called tradition is
    cruelty magnified
    and frankly, the world watches
    it is time to abandon such
    archaic rituals, and this
    is one of the worst
    and enter a cruelty free
    century 21st

    say no to this blood fiesta
    wake up from your cruel
    and amoral siesta!!!!!!


  2. simonne permalink
    September 13, 2010 5:12 pm

    What is wrong with these people!!!!


  3. isabel barros permalink
    September 13, 2010 11:17 pm

    done !!!


  4. Laura permalink
    September 14, 2010 1:00 am

    Done. It is so sadly embarrassing to be a human. All these things must stop.


  5. Sally DE GIETER permalink
    September 14, 2010 7:34 am

    I hope it really stops with the animal abuse!! SAY NO TO THIS HORROR!!!!!


  6. Disgusted to be Human permalink
    September 14, 2010 9:20 am

    Done! These people are disgusting and this needs to stop so do the disgusting Bull Fights! Spain needs to join the 21st Century instead of being stuck in the dark ages!


  7. ines vasquez permalink
    September 14, 2010 11:20 am

    malditos sean todos los hijos de puta que se regocijan con la muerte de un ser indefenso, sólo por el simple placer de ver el dolor ajeno, desgraciados, bastardos todos!!!!!!!!!! no merecen llamarse gente, mucho menos animales, los animales tienen dignidad y aprecio a la vida del otro… me da pena, tristeza y demasiada rabia tener que ver estas atrocidades, una fiesta nacional el Toro de La Vega, por favor!!!! lo que es esa “fiesta, una tradición” es el asesinato de un pobre animal que no sabe a qué se enfrentará, a la sed de sangre de unos ignorantes, desalmados, bastardos… no sé escribir palabras bonitas, ni versos, mi ira y mi rabia no me dejan pensar, las lágrimas llenan mis ojos y solamente pienso en el dolor que debe sentir ese pobre animal viendo cómo una turba se le lanza encima y en menos de 10 minutos acaban con su vida de la manera más atroz, salvajes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! razonen españoles, estamos en el siglo 21


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