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If your god demands unrelenting suffering and death, maybe you should invent another god NOT offended by nonviolence and least harm…

March 6, 2023

I’ve been “redistricted” so I just discovered my “new” representative is an obvious religious fanatic extremist. (I mean, isn’t that what people who use religion to validate violence and killing typically are called?)

In response to a message I recently sent, I received the following:


Take a seat.

So many humans use a “father” who willingly allowed his own “son” to be violently tortured and murdered, legally, as a guidepost for ethics. I’m not confident such a being has a really firm grasp of “care”, “innocence”, or “stewardship”.

And their behaviour is actually quite transparent when people blame god for their hateful, intolerant, or violent choices, whether to “sanctify” homophobia, racism, misogyny, apathy, and/or suffering and death. But if you can’t be responsible for your own cruel actions, why does God have to be? Is it because paying for forgiveness is such a socially-acceptable soul cleanser? Toss a $20 tithe and those closing gates open right up again? We live in a society of infant-mature adults who still breastfeed and cowardly blame “god” because you KNOW your behaviour is harmful but choose a religion-washing facade rather than be better.

And it’s bizarre how so many humans believe in a “god” but don’t believe that NOT harming animals is actually more beneficial to animals than harming animals…………………….

In any case, here’s my response, and to clarify, even AWA or HSA “coverage” is 100% meaningless, but I share basic facts with people who obviously are unaware of (or pretend to be) the government protocols they represent. People say all the time that it’s illegal to be cruel to animals while they are literally eating an animal’s unwillingly violated, fearfully killed, and dismembered corpse.


Thank you for the invitation to “stay in touch”, please allow me the opportunity to therefore respond to your message with respect to animals.

First, God did not give “mankind” “dominion over animals” that translates into trillions of animals being relentlessly butchered yearly, globally today.  He’s not here to defend Himself against the atrocities humans effortlessly inflict on animals in His name.  What you are referring to is a bible, written by people thousands of years ago according to then, that is used today as confirmation bias: in other words, humans enjoy using religion to satisfy their own opinions, interpreting the bible to validate intolerance, apathy, and “dominion over animals” that violently kills trillions yearly in reprehensible manners. 

If people need to use the bible to satisfy personal choices, then why not choose Genesis 1:29 instead, where God gave humans fruits, seeds, and nuts to eat as “meat”?  Why choose the violent passages over the one that takes precedence and causes least harm?  Or do you suppose it’s just comforting to have zero accountability, challenging ethics with vague, arbitrary “god’s will”?

God did not demand that Americans exempt all animals exploited for food in the USA from the (meager) Animal Welfare Act; God also did not instruct Americans to deny “coverage” under the Methods of Humane Slaughter Act to 90% of animals butchered yearly in the USA (poultry and fish are not included).  God also did not provide a euphemizing thesaurus to deceptively label violence against animals as “humane” or based on “welfare”.  Did He?  And for certain, no god or any deity for that matter, blessed humans with empathy only to demand it be rejected in defiance of Him to effortlessly inflict pain, suffering, and violence on animals: imagine pretending that God gave non-human animals the capacity to experience pain, fear, and suffering, like human animals do, only to will humans to cause such against them, the most vulnerable and defenseless of creatures.  That’s not a benevolent god, is it?

Second, those fragile ecosystems are continuously destroyed to grow food for the animals humans eat.

And third, with respect to your claim that “innocent animals” (no animal is actually guilty yet must suffer as if regardless) need to be protected from abuse and neglect, using their bodies and killing them is inherently abusive and neglectful.

Allow me to explain with some questions.

Did you know that the USDA recently released 1000s of pages of slaughter “violations” that proves that animals are relentlessly subjected to horrors humans love to ignore because “god, tho”?  Did you know the USDA had to be sued to release those records?  Nobody hesitates to share “good stuff” so we all know why they had to be sued.  

Nothing good ever happens in a slaughterhouse, nobody takes their companion dogs and cats to be killed in them, but since humans have the privilege of never having to experience being killed and eaten by another largely indifferent society, it’s really easy to overlook the terror and pain required of animals in them.

Source, USDA (this is just one link, there are many):

FOIA-2019-298-Released-Records.pdf (

Did you know millions of calves, many as young as 3 weeks, are routinely killed because males are worthless to the “industry”? 

Source, USDA:

“Male dairy calves are used in the veal industry.  Dairy cows must give birth to continue producing milk, but male dairy calves are of little or no value to the dairy farmer.”

Veal from Farm to Table | Food Safety and Inspection Service (

Page 6, USDA slaughter totals:

Livestock Slaughter 2021 Summary 04/20/2022 (

USDA, pages 43 and 67, deaths in calves not due to slaughter:

cattle_calves_deathloss_2015.pdf (

Did you know pigs are routinely stunned using CO2 in disturbingly grotesque and painful manners?  Do you understand why undercover and whistleblower footage is meaningful?  Because the industry will never release its own footage based on the terror and violence required of the animal victims.

Spy Cams Reveal the Grim Reality of Slaughterhouse Gas Chambers | WIRED

Did you know that millions of animals are “condemned” each year in just the USA because of the diseases and squalor they’re forced to exist with and in?  That fact is from the USDA as well and is not consistent with your belief that animals should not be abused or neglected.

Source, USDA:  This is for ONLY 2 months, refer to page 6 where you can see the various reasons for condemnation, including leukosis, septicaemia, tumors, contamination, and overscalding (which includes being boiled alive):

Poultry Slaughter 02/22/2023 (

Those are just a few examples of how humans are “properly stewarding” animals, I share them with you because it sounds as if your office is unaware of what actually happens to them, but people love to define the suffering of others in terms that causes people comfort causing the suffering of others but that does nothing for their victims.

To be honest and logical based on what happens today to animals who never agreed to be exploited and violently killed, nobody kills and consumes and uses animals because they honestly believe that NOT killing, NOT consuming, and NOT using animals is UNethical or INhumane or “sinfully” contrary to “god’s will”.

And for certain, if “properly caring” for animals is important, then NOT harming them, ie., NOT violating and NOT violently killing them, is MORE important.

Humans have historically defended violence, cruelty, and death based on economic benefit.  I don’t smoke to sustain tobacco farmers who also have families to feed, and I likewise don’t exploit animals because Wan Long likely enjoys a paycheck, too.

And I certainly don’t need an old book to define my morals, God’s not a congressperson, you are.  Basic decency requires humans NOT violate and violently kill others: nonviolence and least harm is ALWAYS better than violently harming.  And THAT is what is “best” for animals.


(btw, I don’t use disingenuous greetings or closings, since I oppose your shitty, hateful, and/or violent behaviour, you are most definitely NOT my friend and I’m not going to pretend you are. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when people write me using preformatted and feigned “dear” and “friend” and “warmest regards”, “best regards”, “warmest and most best regards”, blahblahblah, as if such pithy words validate a message of disagreement, intolerance, or welcomed violence and embraced death.)

Oh, and I did receive another response in which I was told my above message was sent to an unmonitored inbox, but if you can’t hit “reply” to respond to a previous email, I would expect that email to at least indicate such, correct? Do you suppose my invitation to “stay in touch” was revoked?



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Our universe is the living breathing deity. All life is a light, from that light.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. March 6, 2023 5:12 am

    Our universe is the living breathing deity. All life is a light, from that light.

    Liked by 1 person

    • March 6, 2023 8:17 am

      Thank you, hon, it’s beautiful. ❤ Rather than relentlessly defending violence inflicted on the most vulnerable, people should question why they exploit religion to justify harm rather than use religion to be a decent human.


  2. March 6, 2023 7:02 am

    Honestly it’s a terrible terrible thing to make animals suffer so much for humans to eat them ! To me it seems like a horror story but it’s worse because it’s true ! To eat flesh makes me feel sick as we 100% do not need to at all. I did eat meat when I was a child because I never questioned my mum as to what it was so I never new it was an animal . I went vegetarian for many years then went vegan for years and am still for always ! People really need to question what they are part of because if people visited a slaughterhouse they would definitely change their attitudes about what they put into their bodies .

    Liked by 1 person

    • March 6, 2023 8:06 am

      Thanks, Linda, I agree: there is no fictionalized horror that is more horrific than the nonfiction of animal exploitation.

      We live in a world of human supremacy, where every human enjoys privilege and entitlement with respect to the trillions of animals violently butchered yearly. Even slaughterhouse footage, which I will always share, is often excused with “Anomaly! Not here! Fake!” As long as people “benefit” from violence, they will defend it in manners that provide self-comfort while never acknowledging that the death industry itself NEVER provides slaughterhouse footage.

      There is NO form of animal exploitation that is more humane than NO animal exploitation.


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