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See how, as an animal consuming climate activist, your actions really are meaningful …

November 15, 2022

Yeah, no.

It’s interesting how often people will stop buying straws to, “Help the Environment!!!!” but who won’t stop eating bacon to not cause harm to animals.

It’s socially acceptable to fight climate change or to require shoppers to use cloth bags for groceries or be charged for using store plastic ones, but tell people that animal agriculture is destroying the planet and that not eating fish causes less harm than not using straws, and you’re a privileged, loud-mouthed, self-serving vegan.

You all know the “joke”: How do you know someone is vegan?

They’ll tell you!!!


Is that like: How do you know someone is gluten/lactose intolerant or allergic to wool?

They’ll tell you!!!

LOLOLOLOLHAhalolololhahaha …………… ???

It’s really not funny, is it?

(You know what else isn’t funny? The fact that calves aren’t lactose intolerant because “dairy” is made for them except they have to either die or be forced into reproductive servitude so that a completely different species, beyond infancy and with teeth, can steal THEIR naturally-intended milk.)

Just like you care about dirt but not cows or else you’d understand the absolute irrationality of dead cows shitting better than alive cows. Right?

It’s really disgusting as well as deceptive how people frame animal suffering as just an unfortunate consequence of being “environmentally responsible”.

Like, how would Earth survive without all the blood, feces, bacteria, disease, bones, decomposition, disease, violence, and suffering?

Nah, you didn’t care about animals OR the planet before climate change was a social hot topic, so don’t try to square-peg them into your round hole to attempt to legitimatize their suffering.

It’s just your non/antivegan way to ignore your contribution to environmental destruction … while forgiving the violent suffering you effortlessly inflict on defenseless, vulnerable animals.

Don’t BS vegans or legitimate plant-based climate activists with your endless word-salad soliloquies and diatribes about how you actually can care about Earth while consuming animals.

Because you can’t.

And while I don’t need to make abolishing animal exploitation beneficial to humans to justify it, I will absolutely tell you that, as non/antivegans, you’re apocalyptic’ing Earth just so you can scream how much you enjoy eating torn, bloody flesh and breastfeeding from innocents.

For stats, please read How Much Does Animal Agriculture Contribute to Climate Change?

And before you claim bias, just remember who’s profiting from telling you that you can kill animals while protecting dirt because “regenerative farming” is just … farming, the same as it has been done by people for centuries, just now spun with a super-cool word to disingenuously frame animal suffering as necessary to maintain soil health.

Soil health.

Not animal health.

Just wait until they come for your dogs as being necessary to maintain “soil health”. Still cool with that? How many planets will it take for healthy soil/unhealthy animals to feed 8 billion people? Only one planet is necessary to feed the same amount of people, we currently SHARE with animals, feeding plant-based foods.

Oh, and reducing isn’t meaningful to the animals who are forced to die for your climate-change fighting virtue signaling: if you can reduce to “help” the environment, you can eliminate for the most beneficial impact and to help THE ANIMALS who have the capacity to feel pain and suffer just as human animals do.

It’s sad how much vegans have to tell people that NOT HARMING is better than harming, so few people actually think about the absolute devastation they cause by destroying others’ lives. SL

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People tend to rationalize
Self deceive
But the truth will not hide
From their denying eyes

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. November 15, 2022 4:28 am

    People tend to rationalize
    Self deceive
    But the truth will not hide
    From their denying eyes

    Liked by 1 person

    • November 15, 2022 2:27 pm

      So true and perfectly stated as always, thank you so much, hon. ❤


      • November 15, 2022 4:44 pm

        You are so welcome and thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️seems the walls are getting thicker but we will never stop pushing


  2. Di Donnelly permalink
    November 16, 2022 6:48 am

    Great post from Stacey and especially with reference to Sentient Media link. Links to current and relevant studies that substantiate discussion eg Lynne Sneddon,experienced%20by%20mammals%20including%20humans. is a huge step up from 2013 especially when combined with visuals of Japanese Puffer Fish building complex structures are inherently valuable. Thanks Stacey

    Liked by 1 person

    • November 19, 2022 10:01 pm

      Rather than live according to a least-harm principle, humans mass slaughter trillions of animals each year and are the only animal that requires other animals prove they experience pain, and when that “worth” threshold is met, humans still do nothing with that evidence: trillions of fish are barbarically butchered yearly, other marine life are routinely boiled alive, and other nonmarine life such as chickens and pigs are also scalded while conscious.

      I’ve been saying for more than a decade: people ALWAYS define the suffering of others in manners that provides themselves comfort CAUSING the suffering but that does NOTHING for their targeted victim. And it’s absolutely despicable that, when the victim does try to fight back, escape, and/or vocalize their suffering, they’re responded to with MORE abuse while their abusers lie, manipulate, and attempt to humane-wash their actions. Can you imagine relentlessly harming another for any length of time and then experiencing rage that your victim had the “audacity” to “complain”?

      There is no such thing as “humane slaughter”, that’s just self-soothing moral-euphemizing that benefits ONLY humans: if “pain” is bad, killing is worse, and what part of being violently and unwillingly killed could ever be “humane”?

      People don’t care. They just don’t.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Di Donnelly permalink
        November 24, 2022 12:53 pm

        I think there are people that do care, they simply do not know and which is why it is important to reference during discourse, otherwise we will continue to perpetuate the myth that Vegans force their unsubstantiated opinions and morals upon carnists. My 92 years old father has been living with me for ten months during which time he has stopped eating chicken and does not drink cows milk he was horrified to learn that broiler chickens are “ready” at 18weeks of age and distraught regarding male calf expenditure. The sentient being as a commodity, who knows until we inform!?


        • December 1, 2022 3:44 pm

          Please don’t include me in your “we will continue to perpetuate the myth”, because that DOES “perpetuate the myth”: people need to STOP normalizing the idea that vegans have to “ask nicely” for others to NOT abuse animals, because any slight subjectively-defined deviation from “asking nicely” means automatic forgiveness for people to continue to abuse animals. Do you understand what I mean?  I’ve given heart-and-hug emojis while asking nicely for people to not harm animals and I’m still evil, ugly, and belong in jail while they continue to abuse animals, not because I’m “mean” but rather because I’m vegan.

          Nobody in the universe needs to interact with anyone on my blog. As someone else wisely once said, “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice…” My blog has facts, evidence, and resources, if a person ignores the factually demonstrated relentless suffering of animals and instead focuses on my commentary word choices as “validation” to continue causing animal suffering, they weren’t ever interested in limiting animal harm. 

          100% of people who accuse vegans of “forcing vegan views” are NOT vegan and therefore have NOT been forced to do anything, while they literally force suffering and violent death on animals; people like that aren’t concerned with animals, they just want to blame “mean vegans” for their inability to be ethical vegan humans and then they try to manipulate vegans into verbally sacrificing animals to please the poor, victimized animal abusers.  I’m also opposed to FGM, racism, and wrongful incarceration, nobody’s ever criticized me for “forcing my views” on them relative to those social justice issues; animals need people to defend them, spineless humans who get triggered by being asked to not harm animals don’t need people to defend them, though, especially in a world where >90% of the population effortlessly harms animals: nobody needs to be motivated. I mean, for sure, who do they normally blame when not on social media or my blog?  

          And by the way, I don’t debate.  Debate automatically implies doubt and invites compromise, and there is zero doubt and compromising of others’ right to their bodies and their lives.  

          And while it’s great that you believe there are people who care, that doesn’t invalidate my experience that they don’t.


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