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“Humane slaughter” isn’t actually a thing, you know …

September 6, 2022

Let’s take a moment to consider the HSA (Humane Slaughter Act, or HMSA, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act), which was originally passed in 1958 in the US to ensure “humane treatment of animals” … in a SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

Spoiler alert: A slaughterhouse requires the violent death of animals, none of them willingly, all in fear, and causing abject suffering to the animal victims.

That’s not “humane”.

Nobody brings their companion animals to be “euthanized” in a slaughterhouse.

And the last time I saw actual slaughterhouse footage from the actual anag industry, was never ago.

And of the 10 billion animals slaughtered yearly in the US (just land animals, the billions of fish violently slaughtered yearly in the US, though, are ALSO exempt from the HSA), 9 billion poultry are specifically EXEMPT from the (oxymoronic) HSA.

For the non/antivegans out there who relentlessly push the idea that certain “stunning” procedures cause less suffering (admitting the slaughter therefore causes suffering), here’s a really uncomfortable truth for you: if you were honestly concerned about animals being inflicted with “minimal suffering” you would be vegan since “minimal suffering” would require NOT KILLING ANIMALS AT ALL.

It’s a death industry, folks, slaughterhouses don’t attract people who actually care about animals. Not to mention the violations upon violations upon violations of the HSA, which basically means the HSA is meaningless to the animal victims of it.

Just ask yourself: Who benefits from the HSA?

(Hint: being violently killed isn’t beneficial to the animals being violently killed, regardless of any euphemized descriptions you exploit to make YOURSELF feel comfortable causing the violent death of animals.)

And here’s the actual thing: stunning is not for the animal victims, it’s for the slaughterhouse employees or other butchers who kill animals, to protect humans from “violent animals” who desperately want to escape and live.

It’s preposterous to pretend that violently killing animals, after their brief existences of pain and violation, can ever be “humane” but to deceive others into believing the “stun” effect as important for animal welfare, is monstrous. Seriously. If it’s important for animals to be unconscious when being stabbed, gutted, dismembered, or bled out as required, then NOT KILLING ANIMALS IS MORE IMPORTANT.

Why are you still so brainwashed?

Stunning of pigs with CO2 is acknowledged to be cruel, abusive, and painful, if you’re not vegan, you support this hell:

Source Animal Liberation Victoria, Animal Liberation NSW

Stunning failures:

Source Ingenta

From a previous article The Necessary Torture of Animals:

No laws can protect animals bred to be dead, why people champion regulations or laws that REQUIRE violent death, is bizarre. In slaughterhouses, where animals are violently killed after brief existences of suffering, there is NO REGULATION that can protect animals – it’s a SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

I disagree with the “transparency” term for the above reasons, same as I don’t praise CCTV in slaughterhouses: slaughterhouses are where animals go to violently die, how anyone can praise a recording of animals violently dying, is bizarre. If people are so happy to use CCTV as demonstrative of animal “protection”, what is more protective of animals than NOT KILLING ANIMALS?

Following a lawsuit, the USDA released the below records establishing the frequent torture that occurs IN ADDITION TO animal violation and suffering and violent death. It’s almost as if, despite the “humane-treatment-of-animals” mantra of anag cheerleaders, they’re admitting to the abject horrors defenseless animals are forced to endure: if killing animals is so “humane” there would be no reason to try to withhold slaughterhouse “violations”.

Veganism is the ONLY humane and the ONLY logical protection for animals. SL

USDA source links:

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The histrionics of oxymoronic
As they try to self convince
The caring wince

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. September 6, 2022 4:22 am

    The histrionics of oxymoronic
    As they try to self convince
    The caring wince


  2. September 6, 2022 4:23 am

    The histrionics of oxymoronic
    As they try to self convince
    The caring wince


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