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Stop Canada From Building Prison Goat Farms

March 15, 2021
Art by Jamie Neufeld, Source Free From Harm

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Source Free From Harm

By Calvin Neufeld 

According to CSC, its multi-million-dollar investment in an industrial goat farm pilot project is for the benefit of prisoners who will “acquire new skills.” The real reason: money. Canada’s prison farms will be exploiting prisoners in the exploitation of animals for institutional and corporate profit.

“The prisoners will get to play with baby goats,” said one CSC representative. 

“The prisoners will learn empathy working with animals,” said another.

“It’s important that it be dairy,” said another, “because the animals are all mothers. Many inmates haven’t known a mother’s love, and the animals are like mothers to them.”

Photo by Michael Cooper / NI Prison Service , Source Free From Harm

Lawyer Anna Pippus, director of the Plant-Based Policy Centre, offers a simple rebuttal: “Animals are not surrogate mothers for prisoners.” 

As for the so-called benefits of learning empathy, Camille Labchuck of the Animal Justice law firm demolishes this claim: “Industrial-scale animal farming creates brutal conditions for animals and workers alike. There’s no rehabilitative aspect to a factory goat farm. All it teaches incarcerated persons is that animals should be exploited and commodified. This is hardly consistent with inspiring more care and compassion for others.”

To sum up CSC’s goat farm as “playing with baby goats” is misleading to the point of obscenity. Baby goats there will be, hundreds of them. CSC plans on acquiring the first 800 female kids in 2021, to begin building the herd to at least 2200, and potentially as many as 3000 or more. An industrial dairy facility (and accompanying manure lagoon) will be built on prison grounds to produce 9000 litres of goat milk per day. The expected buyer is a transnational Chinese infant formula company that has built a massive processing facility in proximity to the prison farms in Kingston, Ontario. 

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More cruel and stupid behind the mask of “compassion“

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

5 Comments leave one →
  1. March 15, 2021 10:25 am

    More cruel and stupid behind the mask of “compassion “

    Liked by 1 person

  2. March 22, 2021 7:40 am

    I think this is a misunderstanding… Did I understand correctly? Do they want to bring innocent animals into a prison so that the inmates “can have a toy” they can “empathize with”?
    Holy God. I am not prejudiced against detainees, but if they have been found guilty of any crime, they are in prison for a sentence. There will be minor faults and other far more serious ones… perhaps of abuse and rape of minors, or murder…
    A creature of the animal kingdom is neither a toy nor a surrogate (perhaps to be sexually abused to satisfy certain impulses!?)
    I think there may be many other ways to try to “recover” a person condemned by justice. But unfortunately it is well known that many efforts made with the addition of different therapies to the costs of society, have brought few positive results. I am speaking of the nation where I live, but I believe it is so almost everywhere in “civilized” countries, as in other countries, unfortunately, prisons are places far from allowing their own moral and physical redemption.
    I apologize if with my words I harm those who see it in a more naïve way: for me, creatures of the animal kingdom must NOT be used in any way!

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    • March 22, 2021 9:16 am

      Hi, beautiful Claudine. Yes, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) wants to open a goat farm under the disingenuous claim that it will benefit the prisoners in a rehabilitative manner. In reality, they just want cheap labor to exploit animals for a profit, the primary potential buyer being an infant formula company. Obviously, animal rights advocates and organizations are vehemently against this plan to exploit innocent animals who will be used and killed; furthermore, there is no rehabilitative benefit to prisoners who will be subjugating animals, not learning a useful “trade” or ideal interactive behaviours. In other words, it’s a huge scam to get cheap labor resulting in animal suffering benefiting nobody but those who profit – the prison complex and wealthy buyers. Please sign the petition to help cancel this plan, thank you so much, hon, I completely agree that all creatures should be free from exploitation. xox ❤

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