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4 Reasons Why We Don’t Advocate for “Humane” Animal Products

February 16, 2021
Source Free From Harm

To define a “commodified process” requiring bodily control, intrusion, mutilation, and violent death as “humane” means that “humane” benefits only humans who design the terms to describe the suffering of others in manners personally, morally comfortable, not the animals whose bodies are taken and killed.

Hypocritically, the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) considers CO2, for example, a ‘humane’ method of ‘euthanasia’ for pigs but specifically condemns the use on cats and dogs; in fact, there have been aggressive and active campaigns against the use of such on ‘overpopulated’ cats and dogs while, hypocritically, the same people routinely consume animals who suffered the same fate they actively protest on a few ‘special’ animals.

ALL animals suffer regardless of euphemisms employed by fact-and-empathy-challenged people who prioritize transient taste preference over the lives of ‘other’ animals. SL

Source Free From Harm

By Robert Grillo

  1. Imagine if we tried to apply this logic to any other social issue. When we see an increase in harm to an oppressed group, how do we respond to that? Do we “back off,” “soften up,” or look for ways to enable the exploitative practices and systems? Of course not! We step up our opposition against it instead. And we don’t realistically expect that 100% of society is going to completely denounce any injustice, a fact that certainly does not deter us from doing the work of ending the injustice. 
  2. Who decides what is “humane?” The industry-paid veterinarians or animal industry spokespeople who look you in the eye and actually tell you that grinding up chicks and sexually assaulting cows to impregnate them is humane? Of course not! We need to define it for ourselves. I advocate that we define humane treatment of farmed animals by the same ethical standards that we use for cats and dogs and other animals we claim to value. In this context, even the most allegedly humane farming practices would have to be considered abusive, torturous and cruel! You just don’t get away with shooting a calf point blank in the head and trying to spin this as a good humane deed. Sorry!

In the words of former pig farmer and writer, Bob Comis:

Livestock farmers, no matter what kind — from the largest, most cynical, and inhumane factory farmers to the smallest, seemingly most ethical pasture-based farmers — traffic in death. It is death that is our aim, our purpose. Death is the end. Life is the means. Money the reward.

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