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EU Challenged by Plant-Based Community on Climate-Hostile Amendment: Please sign petition

January 19, 2021
Source Animal Equality

No person or entity has the right to copyright a word; while the inherently-abusive industries of animal exploitation are obviously threatened by integrity and a rejection of cruelty, considering that the vast majority of the world consumes animals, nobody needs permission or encouragement via censorship of words on humane alternatives. While historically euphemistic images and terms have been exploited and nuanced to represent unethical animal exploitation, it’s ludicrous to object to other uses of a WORD to represent humane versions of such. It’s almost as if the people who exploit animals actively promote animal cruelty, and why anyone would promote that is based on a global foundation of speciesist mentality supporting mass suffering, violence, and fearful death. That is not something to advertise or be proud of.

For those who consume dairy, ie., the breastmilk/secretions from a different species, beyond infancy, requiring pain, bodily intrusion, mutilation, separation from and immediate death of (male) child, and violent death when no longer ‘financially productive’, please watch the above video and tell me why ANYONE would object to a humane alternative using a word that doesn’t require or euphemistically represent global relentless suffering and pain. SL

Source ProVeg International

Please sign HERE

In Follow-Up of the ‘Veggie Burger Ban’

Following last year’s successful campaign to ‘Stop The Veggie Burger Ban’ ProVeg International will take action to Stop AM171

AM171 will be discussed as part of the CMO trilogues scheduled to start on January 27thIn spite of existing restrictions on the plant-based sector including a ban on using terms like ‘oat milk’ and ‘soya yoghurt’, the new amendment would go even further. 

The new law would prohibit any use of ‘evocations’ of dairy products on plant-based packaging or in advertising. The ban could even prohibit brands from using images of their own products or applying factual disclaimers such as ‘does not contain milk’. 

The plant-based community has voiced concerns about further censorship of the plant-based sector. Such restrictions would make it more difficult for consumers to choose plant-based foods in spite of ever-increasing demand, and also threaten consumers’ right to information and companies’ right to fair competition. Amendment 171 also directly interferes with the EU’s vital sustainability efforts such as the Green Deal. 

Censoring plant-based-dairy not only contradicts the EU’s public-health goals and the promotion of healthy diets – it sits in direct opposition to the sustainability objectives of the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy. If implemented it would pose a substantial threat to the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

In Practice, Amendment 171 Could Prohibit the Following:

  • Describing a plant-based food, its taste, or function by referring to familiar ‘dairy’ terminology. For example, using wordings such as ‘it’s like milk’, ‘creamy’, or ‘buttery’ to inform the consumer about the purpose, texture, or flavour, either on packaging or advertising. This includes informative descriptions, even if they are purely factual. For instance, using the phrases “does not contain milk”, “suitable for persons suffering from lactose intolerance”, or “plant-based alternative to yoghurt”.
  • Showing climate impact by comparing the carbon footprint of a plant-based food item with its dairy equivalent.
  • Using a picture of a plant-based white beverage being poured at a breakfast table, or white foam swirling into a cappuccino.
  • In its most restrictive interpretation, this could result in bans on plant-based food packaging that looks visually similar to dairy packaging.

Please see HERE for plant-based information, recipes, and suggestions from ProVeg International

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censoring kindness
encouraging pain
it is morally bankrupt and

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. January 19, 2021 7:11 am

    censoring kindness
    encouraging pain
    it is morally bankrupt and

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