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Are We Violent By Nature?

January 14, 2019


Wikimedia Commons: Gerwin Sturm, Vienna, Austria


Source The World Peace Diet
By Dr. Will Tuttle

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, our loved ones, and our world is to question the prevailing narratives in our culture, and realize that they are not only imprisoning and destroying animals and our Earth, but us as well. The core false and devastating narrative—the progenitor of a whole spectrum of deluding narratives—is that animals are mere commodities that we are entitled to breed, kill, eat, and use by the billions every day. This false narrative has real teeth, ravaging not just animals but ourselves as well. We eat it from infancy and we build both the cells of our bodies and the attitudes and social institutions that define our lives out of the toxic terror and misery of these relentlessly abused animals.

There is no way to overstate the magnitude and depth of this indoctrination and its debilitating effects on our awareness and our society. This food narrative of violent exploitation is delivered by well-meaning parents, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and doctors, and for us, like for virtually all animals, teachings about food by parents and elders to offspring are the most significant and binding of all teachings. The primary bonds of animals, especially mammals, are forged through eating food together, and so for us the food narrative continues to be the most challenging to question—and the most invisible—despite its obviously devastating effects on every level of our health.

Animal agriculture is completely obsolete. It is also anti-rational as well. It’s immoral, unjust, unhealthy, and unsustainable, and yet it persists, not because we are naturally predatory or violent, but because we are conditioned by our culture’s routine mealtime rituals to become numb to our feelings and to disconnect from and repress our natural capacities for intelligence and awareness.

The practice of herding animals emerged in western Asia about ten thousand years ago for reasons that are still not fully comprehended, and the resulting practice of herderism has continued unabated to this day, and has grown and spread throughout the world. This practice of herderism led to the drastic reduction of animals’ status, the rise of a wealthy elite class of herder-rulers, and the introduction of war and slavery as established social institutions, all of which continue to this day, with narratives to support them. Because herderism requires the repeated forced breeding of female animals, it led inexorably to the exploitation and suppression of women and the feminine aspects of humanity that nurture and protect babies and children, and to the exploitation of our children as well. Herderism is the deep festering wound, the ongoing hidden fury at the core of our culture, generating war, the abuse of women and children, social injustice, and reducing our capacities to deal effectively with our problems and issues. It wounds all of us from conception onward with its pervasive and unquestioned violence and its narrative of hard-hearted domination.

The good news is that we are discovering that animal agriculture is utterly unnecessary, and the rising tide of millions of healthy and happy vegans is making this discomfortingly obvious. We are realizing that the narrative that our Earth can’t feed everyone is also false. We can feed everyone on less land, water, petroleum, and other resources than we’re using now. A new narrative is being born that honors and respects the abundance and beauty of our Earth, and that refuses to imprison, rape, and kill animals for food or other products.

This is helping us question the narrative that humans are naturally violent as well. Whom does this narrative benefit? In many ways, it benefits the same forces that benefit from the herderism narrative. It benefits what I refer to as the military-industrial-meat-medical-pharmaceutical-media-banking complex. This complex and the tiny elite that is enriched by it, profits from conflict, disease, and environmental destruction, and of course the narrative that humans are innately violent serves the agenda of increasing “security” measures, escalating military and surveillance operations, and taking away our freedoms.

We can regain our inherent capacities for freedom, peace, and health, and become worthy of them, when we question our culture’s indoctrinated narratives, and stop routinely stealing freedom, peace, and health from billions of animals. We can create new narratives of liberation and healing by questioning the culturally-mandated narratives leading us to abuse and kill animals for our kitchens, wardrobes, and medicine cabinets.

Our world is created and sustained by the stories we tell and believe. When we change the narrative, we change the world. We can each be an agent of this change. Animal agriculture erodes all five levels of our health—environmental, cultural, physical, psychological, and spiritual—and by questioning the herderism narrative, we are helping to heal the inner wounds that create the outer conflict in our lives.

There are two fundamental powers in our human world, the power of the individual and the power of the community. As individuals, we naturally yearn to learn, grow, and awaken, and to work with others and contribute. However, we live always in the context of the human groups in which we are embedded. The only reason any of us pays for and eats animal foods is because we’ve internalized (literally) the prevailing cultural narrative and are following orders injected into us from infancy by our families and communities. We believe herderism’s narrative because we eat it every day, along with other toxic narratives, such as the human-superiority narrative, the insufficiency-of-the-Earth narrative, the humans-are-naturally-violent narrative, the consumerism narrative, the technological-progress-will-save-us narrative, the competition narrative, the trust-the-authorities narrative, the materialism narrative, the essentially-separate-self-narrative, and so on.

These interconnected narratives are all emanations of herderism’s basic orientation of reductionism, disconnectedness, and exploitation of the weak by the strong. We can each as individuals make efforts to heal the wounds we have endured by living in and absorbing this obsolete set of narratives, and not only heal ourselves, but help to heal our communities as well, bringing liberation to animals and to our repressed inner kindness and awareness.

The path is two-fold. First, on the outer level, transitioning to a healthy plant-based (vegan) way of living and additionally doing our best to minimize our consumption of resources. Minimalizing and simplifying our lifestyle and reducing our desires are long understood to be foundational to happiness and inner peace. Second, on the inner level, engaging in a regular practice of self-inquiry, or meditation, or silent inward listening. The idea is to free our consciousness from the many layers of colonization and programming by practicing awareness.

When we can witness our thoughts, emotion, and desires without identifying with them, we begin to get a glimpse of our true nature: that we are a manifestation of eternal consciousness. This realization can help free us from indoctrinated narratives so that we can live with more congruence. Our outer vegan nonviolence toward animals is part of a new narrative and we can extend it to human animals as well, helping us heal the roots of racism, sexism, classism, separatism, and egotism within ourselves. Our words and actions will naturally carry more weight, and our advocacy for liberation will flow spontaneously and creatively from our thoughts, words, and actions.

As individuals, raised in community narratives justifying pervasive violence toward animals, we can give thanks that every day brings fresh opportunities to heal ourselves on the inner and outer levels, and to work with others to help transform our communities. By cooperatively engaging our imagination and love, we are creating new narratives and building more conscious communities of freedom, abundance, and sustainability for all. Every day, we can explore these new pathways and help each other toward a beckoning doorway into a world that reflects a new story based on a deeper understanding of our true nature of kindness for others. Thanks for every effort to awaken more fully! Each effort is a gift that radiates into the infinite web of relations, benefiting all beings.

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yes we have a tendency towards violence.
laws that are here make that very clear.
but we also have the ability to rise above
shed the cloak of anger
and don the wings
of love.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    January 14, 2019 7:45 am

    yes we have a tendency towards violence.
    laws that are here make that very clear.
    but we also have the ability to rise above
    shed the cloak of anger
    and don the wings
    of love.

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    • January 14, 2019 9:06 am

      I think violence is a choice, individually and collectively (indirect included), otherwise it would be excused as inherent. Some I believe is justified, in which case I don’t consider it “violence” per se (self-defense), but what happens to animals is violence on the worst level, a barbarism that is unnecessary. People choose to remain immune as a collective, which is not only irrational, but it is also an approval of violent complicity. We all have the capacity to think, and we all want to be considered individuals, but we share the burden and responsibility of mass torture and murder as individuals and as a collective. It’s time for people to acknowledge their role as an individual, accept the violence perpetrated, stop sanctioning it, and reject it..

      Thank you so much, my dear. ❤

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      • karenlyonskalmenson permalink
        January 14, 2019 12:11 pm

        You are so welcome and thank you 🎶🦜🐾❤️

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  2. January 15, 2019 1:41 am

    It seems impossible for us to overthrow “the military-industrial-meat-medical-pharmaceutical-media-banking complex”. But it reminds me of an analogy I once read about. Imagine the prevailing culture of violence and oppression as a pyramid of sugar on a plate, with those sugar granules, the rich and powerful, at the top. We are individual drops of water and we come together as a thin layer of water on the plate. Bit by bit, from the bottom up, the sugar pyramid starts to dissolve and sink, until eventually it is gone.

    Thanks for sharing this Stacey x

    Liked by 1 person

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