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Cat makes 8-mile trek home after being lost by family displaced due to Hurricane Sandy six months ago

May 8, 2013


Source Animal Connection , Daily Mail

A cat (who) went missing after Hurricane Sandy reappeared at his owner’s home last week.

Looking as sleek and unassuming as he did the day he left six months ago, Porsche showed up at the door of his owners’ New Jersey shore home Wednesday as if he’d never left.

‘It’s a miracle,’ she said Uranie Roberts.

The Toms River, New Jersey woman had long given up on her cat ever returning. And not just because so much time had passed.

Roberts and her daughter Carol Baumann live in the Chadwick Beach Island section of town, an area that was brutally lashed by the October 2012 storm.

The women were forced to evacuate by boat and stayed, temporarily, with family 8 miles inland.

While still staying with family, the cat went missing.

‘He got out of the house and that was the last we saw of him,’ Baumann told WCAU.

When they were finally allowed to return to their home, they would do so without the company of Porsche.

Six months passed.Neither Baumann nor Roberts believed they’d ever see their dear pet again.

But on Wednesday, Baumann heard a familiar sound from the back deck of their home.

The sight that greeted her as she approached the door was familiar, too.

‘I saw the green eyes and I said, “My God in heaven, it’s Porsche!”’ said Baumann.

After half a year and across miles of storm-ravaged coast–and even across a bridge–Porsche made his way back home.

And the happy mother and daughter say he doesn’t look like the trip fazed him at all.

‘You could see he was eating,’ Roberts said. ‘His fur is sleek and soft.’

The two aren’t sure how Porsche made it back, but they don’t really care, anyway.

‘It’s just amazing how he found his way home,’ said Baumann. ‘I wish he could talk.

‘It’s wonderful, I missed him so bad.’


You are my family,
Wherever you are,
I will find my way home,
No matter how far.

Love, porsche

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. Karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    May 8, 2013 7:23 pm

    You are my family,
    Wherever you are,
    I will find my way home,
    No matter how far.

    Love, porsche


  2. Chris permalink
    May 9, 2013 9:56 am

    Bravo, St. Francis!


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