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Voiceless Friends

April 15, 2013

Our Compass distinguishes no difference amongst cats, dogs, pigs, cows, or fish. All animals are deserving of compassion and respect.  The purpose of this alert, therefore, is to inform those who do distinguish, in an effort to share that no animal is deserving of such fate, regardless of species.

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Warning: Graphic Images, Viewer Discretion is Advised

Background | Source Animal Equality

My name is Thomas and I am one of the Animal Equality investigators. I have 49,315 reasons to be sending this email to you today. This is the number of dogs who die daily. The forgotten victims of the dog meat industry in China and other countries.

I’ve been inside two dog slaughterhouses in Guangdong, China. To film and show the horrors that take place inside these grim places. Honestly, what I’ve seen will haunt me forever: Dozens of terrified dogs violently being beaten and knocked unconscious with wooden clubs, and later have their throats slit open. Many dogs I saw regained consciousness whilst bleeding to death.

Studies show that each year more than 18 million dogs are killed worldwide for the dog meat trade. Ten million of these animals are killed in China alone. Dog meat is not only consumed in China, but also in other countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Some of you will be shocked to learn that this grisly trade occurs in European countries also, such as Switzerland.

Help dogs today!

Today, Animal Equality launches an international campaign to raise awareness on the horrors of the dog meat trade. Please, support our campaign by signing the petition and sharing our website.

Help us end the cruel dog meat trade today!

we cannot speak,
but we have so much
to say.
will you be,
our voice

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. April 15, 2013 3:31 pm

    Already signed this petition but im very very happy to see i posted so even more people can sign This is a tragedy that MUST be stoped!! I shared this in several paces hankos much Stacey


  2. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    April 15, 2013 3:42 pm

    we cannot speak,
    but we have so much
    to say.
    will you be,
    our voice


  3. April 15, 2013 3:45 pm

    signed, but I could not bring myself to watch the video… sorry.


    • April 15, 2013 4:11 pm

      Don’t be sorry, hon, I cannot watch them either. I guess as long as we are doing all we can to help them, it is okay. I used to think that if they endure, we can be witnesses, but it kills me to watch such horrific tragedies and images.


      • April 16, 2013 4:11 am

        Thanks for your understanding. Seeing videos like this embed themselves in my psyche and I wind up lying awake at night for days on end thinking about the horrors I’ve seen and how is it possible that humans could do such horrific things. I could go on, but you get my point. 🙂


        • April 16, 2013 3:33 pm

          I completely understand, that is EXACTLY how I feel and what I experience. Thanks, GiRRL.


  4. April 15, 2013 6:03 pm

    It is unconscionable to think that there are still human beings capable of committing such atrocities to untold millions of innocent, intelligent, sentient beings. There is simply NO excuse for such rampant animal abuse. Never be silent. Please sign and then share this petition with everyone on your email contact lists, friends on facebook, twitter & other social media. It will never stop unless and until they hear worldwide OUTRAGE against this!! Please boycott ALL products, services & tourism in China, wherever possible. Hurting the Chinese economy might be the only way to put a stop to this unspeakable holocaust!


    • April 15, 2013 8:50 pm

      Thank you so much for your comments, I completely agree. Thank you for your efforts, too.


  5. eleftheria permalink
    April 19, 2013 11:44 am

    i signed and many friends but where’s now the petition? what happent?


    • April 19, 2013 2:21 pm

      Hi, Eleftheria. The petition link is still there, click HERE. Is that what you mean?


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