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Please send letter, sign petition requesting harshest penalty of man who tortured and killed dog

April 5, 2012


A Wood County Sheriff’s deputy responded to an animal call on County Road 2174 just outside of Quitman in the Clear Lakes area Monday. Upon arrival, Deputy J.W. Williams discovered a hole in the ground and inside the hole were the metal bands from numerous burned tires and the burned carcass of a medium sized dog.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s department, witnesses advised that on Sunday the suspect, 28-year-old Larry Lowery, of Point, had thrown a dog into a fire. Lowery was confronted about burning the dog and he (Lowery) apologized but then later threw a second dog into the fire. Witnesses said Lowery was bragging about the dogs and stated that the second dog did not die. Witnesses told police that Lowery stated that the second dog jumped out of the fire and ran off on fire.

According to the release, witnesses reported approximately four people sitting around the pit watching the debris being burned and were drinking alcoholic beverages. One of the witnesses, (unknown which one), made a comment daring Lowery to throw a stray dog into the fire. Witnesses stated that Lowery picked up the stray dog and threw the dog into the fire.

Deputy Williams made contact with Lowery who gave a voluntary statement, admitting to grabbing a stray dog that had bit him approximately two weeks earlier. Lowery advised the deputy that he was swinging the dog towards the fire but that he had stumbled over a rock or a root and “accidentally” tossed the dog into the fire.

Lowery was arrested and booked into the Wood County Jail on Monday and was charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal, a state jail felony. His bond was set at $5,000. Lowery posted bail shortly after 9 a.m. this morning (Tuesday).

The sheriff’s department would not release any additional information however did say the case will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s office for prosecution.


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Jim Wheeler
Criminal District Attorney
Wood County Courthouse
Quitman, TX 75783
Phone: 903-763-4515
FAX: 903-763-5105

CLICK HERE FOR FREE FAXING FROM YOUR COMPUTER  No fax machine, credit card, or registering required.


Case # 12-02218
Defendant: Larry Lowery

Dear District Attorney Wheeler,

I have learned of extremely disturbing and malicious case of animal cruelty in which Mr. Larry Lowery, case # 12-02218,  deliberately caused the suffering and subsequent death of a dog by throwing her into a fire. I am writing today to encourage you to effectively sentence him to the harshest penalty of animal cruelty; his crime causing unimaginable agony, fear, and death in the dog deserves social justice, not community approval.

When I try to imagine what possible motive animal abusers entertain for subjecting their animal victims to such malicious, heinous acts of brutality, I fail, but I am thankful for a lack of cognitive understanding and rationalization. To voluntarily engage in such malicious behaviour suggests sadistic tendencies, and Mr. Lowery’s actions, causing unmitigated pain and suffering, demonstrates an incontrovertible lack of morality regarding other living beings and a gross disrespect for the law. In fact, a person who shows such a remarkable lack of compassion towards non-human animals has the ability to show such indifference towards human animals. This link between animal and human abuse has been established, and if society excuses Mr. Lowery’s criminal behaviour, or agrees to a lesser punishment, we only harm ourselves by unjustly nullifying cruelty as acceptable behaviour.

Please respect the victim by penalizing the guilty; doing so will demonstrate your commitment to justice, responsibility, and integrity, attributes unquestionably necessary in a legal setting: rejecting cruelty by maintaining an unyielding position towards it would be a model for all community members and would serve to characterize this type of behaviour as both impermissible and punishable.

I know your time is limited and I thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.


larry lowery a subhuman beast,
deserves to spend many years,
in jail, at least.
in solitary, no friends, no phone
just pictures of the dog he killed,
so he does not feel “alone”
any punishment, less
would be a disgrace,
you can see the lack of humanity
on that man’s hateful face

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

4 Comments leave one →
  1. sharon truax permalink
    April 5, 2012 7:27 pm

    signed petition and sent my email to mr. wheeler, trully hope he can get some justice for these innocent dogs, some people are just evil and the innocent animals pay the price for man’s stupidty.


  2. April 5, 2012 8:47 pm

    Sent a FAX! I love FAXZERO! Much better than e-mails or petitions.


  3. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    April 6, 2012 2:40 am

    larry lowery a subhuman beast,
    deserves to spend many years,
    in jail, at least.
    in solitary, no friends, no phone
    just pictures of the dog he killed,
    so he does not feel “alone”
    any punishment, less
    would be a disgrace,
    you can see the lack of humanity
    on that man’s hateful face


  4. LINDA BADHAM permalink
    April 6, 2012 4:43 pm



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