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Don’t hurt my baby!

January 27, 2012

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From Daily Mail

Don’t hurt my baby! Pregnant orang-utan protectively hugs her daughter as ruthless Borneo bounty hunters move in for the kill

• Pair saved at last minute by Brit-based animal rescue group
• Palm oil firms trying to clear plantations said to be offering £70 for each orang-utan killed on the Borneo palm oil plantations

As bounty hunters with bush knives entrapped them in a circle and moved in for the kill, the only thing this mother orang-utan could think to do was to wrap a giant protective arm around her daughter.

The pair seemed to be facing a certain death as a gang of hunters surrounded them in Borneo, keen to cash in on the palm oil plantations’ bid to be rideof the animals.

But, happily, a team from the British-based international animal rescue group Four Paws arrived in time to stop the slaughter and saved their lives.

The pregnant mother and daughter were captured and moved to a remote and safe area of the rainforest and released back into the wild – but not before the mother was equipped with a radio device so she and her young can be tracked to ensure they remain safe.

‘Our arrival could not have been more timely,’ said Dr Signe Preuschoft, a Four Paws primate expert.

‘A few minutes later and the orang-utans could have been dead.

‘We discovered a gang of young men surrounding them and both victims were clearly petrified.

‘The gang meanwhile were jubilant in anticipation of their rewards for catching and killing the animals. These massacres must not be allowed to continue.’

Before the rescue, a Four Paws team had scoured the area on the Indonesian side of Borneo, which is shared with Malaysia, but found no other orang-utans which had survived an earlier slaughter.

Deforestation has dramatically reduced their habitat and their numbers have dropped from 250,000 a few decades ago to only 50,000 in the wild.

And while the loss of their habitat by logging companies has created a major threat to their existence, a more brutal form of reducing their numbers has emerged in recent years – direct slaughter.

Palm oil is used in hundreds of products from chocolate to oven chips, but the demand for buying it at a low price has resulted in significant deforestation as habitats are being destroyed to make way for plantations.

Some palm oil companies see orang-utans as pests, a threat to their lucrative business, and have placed a bounty on their heads.

Company executives are reported to be offering up to £70 to employees for each orang-utan killed on the palm oil plantations.

While such stories were at first denied, proof of the slaughter emerged last September when graves and bones were found by investigators.

In an equally tragic scenario, babies left alive after adult orang-utans have been slaughtered have been put up for sale in the pet trade by hunters.

When traumatised babies are found by Four Paws and other animal rescue teams they are taken to a sanctuary and taught skills they will need in order to return to the wild.

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Please consider supporting this charity organization:

To find out more about palm oil, the damage it’s causing and the threat to these animals:

List of products to avoid that contain palm oil:

Petition to change the current European legislation to ensure that companies are forced to clearly state if their products contain palm oil.

our orange brothers
leave their world
so they can live
safely in each
other’s company
do not let their
habitats be destroyed
and spoiled
by the relentless greed
of those who sell
palm oil

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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  1. January 27, 2012 9:07 pm

    This is one of the sickest shames of humanity, a declared Holocaust for these intelligent, sensitive beings. I am not sure why they would re release them to possibly be killed ?


  2. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    January 28, 2012 4:39 am

    our orange brothers
    leave their world
    so they can live
    safely in each
    other’s company
    do not let their
    habitats be destroyed
    and spoiled
    by the relentless greed
    of those who sell
    palm oil


  3. carol crunkhorn permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:16 pm

    It is not so difficult to boycott all products containing palm oil; there are alternatives and it soon becomes second nature to know which products to buy. Contacting manufacturers to explain why you are boycotting is also not difficult, but too many people pay only lip-service to the rights of animals. When it comes to spending a few minutes to write a message, they prefer to do something else. If not for this kind of apathy, we could be such a powerful force.


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