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TIME Names Michael Vick to Top 10 Everything of 2010 List

December 18, 2010

Please click on and sign:
TIME: Remove Michael Vick from Your Top 10 of Everything List

See Vick’s TIME tribute HERE

From Change
By Maggie Marton

Last week, TIME magazine released their Top 10 Everything of 2010. Coming in at number nine on their list of comebacks of the year?

Michael Vick.

TIME‘s Alexandra Silver writes: “Though his return to the field got us talking about a comeback last year, it’s his performance in 2010 that has everyone talking about a most valuable player designation. Vick racked up remarkable stats in his spectacular Nov. 15 game, demonstrating that his legacy might yet be measured in touchdowns and yards, rather than going entirely to the dogs.”

So it seems that as long as Vick plays well on the field, his dog-fighting days will be forgotten.  This was demonstrated earlier this year when the Pro Football Hall of Fame wanted to add Vick’s jersey to their collection.

While it’s true that Vick’s high-profile bust brought national attention to the horrors and prevalence of dog fighting, his immediate forgiveness and return to star-athlete status sets a terrible example. The result? Incidents of dog fighting are on the rise in cities like Philadelphia, and young children are becoming involved.

Dog-loving Eagles’ season-ticket holders continue to protest football games, and dozens of Facebook pages protest Vick’s forgiveness by the NFL.

TIME‘s article is irresponsible. Naming Vick as one of the best comebacks of 2010 sends the message that success on the football field trumps the crimes he committed or the dogs’ lives he took.

Tell TIME magazine to remove Michael Vick from the list of top comebacks.


And please vote ‘no’ HERE and HERE

Related | Will the dogfighter who victimized Stallone be named by TIME as one of the Top 10 Everything of 2012 when he is paroled?  Will he be canonized by the HSUS?

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Mememe … it’s all about me and I LOVE animals, nobody EVER said this was WRONG!  It’s society’s fault!  I thought it was RIGHT to hideously mutilate and kill them!

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Ironically, Vick would be good dog owner, says Humane Society chief

Editor’s Note:  Isn’t that sweet? I suspect those who embrace parallel opinions believe John Wayne Gacy would have been an ideal day-care supervisor or that Karla Homolka would make a wonderful foster parent … Right. The moment people begin to emulate or honor serial killers, of which Vick is as established by his own actions, is the moment society stops caring for the victims.   He mutilated, butchered, and inflicted suffering, agony, and pain on innocent beings, and he did so cheerfully and with zeal while making money and destroying life.

It is not righteous or ethical to endorse killers who betrayed decency and morality by putting so little emphasis on the importance of life.  Vick tenaciously mocks decency and integrity with a round of applause from misguided people and greedy industries.  There is NO redemption for habitual murderers, if there was, Ted Bundy would be selling mattresses now.  You do NOT demonstrate love via torture and murder.

NFL, your precious football player is a serial killer.  TIME, your endeared “Number Nine” is a murderer. People, your role model is a sociopath.

Welcome to Lunacy: Architect, Society.

Speciesist pretension and validation aside, they value their lives and fear pain and death as you and I: there can never be any moral standing by those who reject such a simple yet necessary tenet.  It is our moral obligation to embrace them  as we do ourselves and as long as human animals excuse viciousness against non-human animals, no peace will ever be realized anywhere for anyone.  All that exists are illusions fabricated by those from which they benefit.

And please remember that there are ten billion Stallones butchered yearly in the US: your cheese, your steak, your deli cuts, your clothing, your zoos, and your drugs: the relentless suffering and murder caused by millions of killers: you may not perform the cruelty and killing yourself, but you pay someone else to do so, which is an endorsement of such.

Please go vegan and save, rather than take, lives …


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See More … Vegan Guides , Animal Wrongs , The Link

forgive a killer without remorse
that is heading on a very bad course
and then to give him another chance
that is taking a terrible stance
mr vick and mr pacelle
……there is no way to unring this bell
dead is dead
those dogs you harmed
smile all you want
we are
NOT charmed!!!!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Marguerite Blake permalink
    December 18, 2010 1:23 pm

    I posted to my site for the world to vote no! He is an animal abuser and torturer. The dogs he multilated and slaughtered-left to linger painful deaths-cant vote ; but I can. He is a CRIMINAL and should never be allowed around any pet. Any human with any brain knows it is wrong to bring prolonged suffering to any sentient being. What about illegal gambling issue? People bet at these events which dog will die and which will be victorious? He violated a law. There is NO Excuse for his ABuse of animals.


  2. December 18, 2010 4:53 pm

    I’m in no way complimenting Vick for the player he is.. I am saying that he blames society for his “MISTAKES”.. He was a grown man when he decided his “CHOICE” to own/operate the dog fighting.. The sadest part many have to deal, is the fact he was even born.. Hey! Michael, can we blame your mama for that?? She’s the only one you haven’t blamed.. Oh, I guess it is everyone else, right?? It’s not everyone else that got caught.. YOU did!! It is your gutless fault.. I do know you aren’t worth being called, ‘TOP DOG”.. You don’t have what it takes to be a DOG.. It takes, survival, bravery, courage, instinct to be a REAL DOG.. Never will you have the gonads to be in the same “UPPER CLASS”.. I pray for the dogs, mostly the stays who never have the misfortune of being seen by you, let alone be owned by you..


  3. karen lyons kalmenson permalink
    December 18, 2010 6:02 pm

    forgive a killer without remorse
    that is heading on a very bad course
    and then to give him another chance
    that is taking a terrible stance
    mr vick and mr pacelle
    ……there is no way to unring this bell
    dead is dead
    those dogs you harmed
    smile all you want
    we are
    NOT charmed!!!!


  4. LoVegan permalink
    December 19, 2010 2:49 am

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I don’t care if it’s Xmas and everybody should be good, I want vick to suffer hell!! Awarded, pet, honoured, paid…and now he wants a dog: INSANE!!!
    Signed, shared, I’m spamming the web 🙂 Thank you very much Stacey xxx


  5. December 22, 2010 4:32 pm

    I knew since Vick’s Atlanta Falcon days that he was involved with blood sport! Animal rescue friends in Atlanta sent out the alert!
    Letters to the falcons management and attempts to give the Va DA
    courage to prosecute led to Vick’s jail term…
    Did not know until a few days ago swimming pool on Vick’s property
    has deep scratches in the concrete from frantic dogs drowned by he and the others! Vick should still be in jail after mass torture at that property including neighbor pets stolen for Pitbull training!
    Pete Rose killed no one just gambled and never allowed a return to
    baseball so why should Vick be allowed a return to football…


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