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Five alerts including hunting and fur, please take action.

December 17, 2010

Please click on and sign the following five message petitions, these should be open to anyone regardless of location, thank you:

1. STOP abusing hunting dogs in Portugal!

2. Tell Kohl’s to Ditch Fur!

3. Patagonia: Stop live feather plucking now!

4. Tell Canada to Protect its Endangered Caribou

5. Help Put an End to Oxfam’s Cruel and Misguided Animal Donations!


1. BACKGROUND | From Loredana, Facebook

Targeting: Grupo Parlamentar do Partido Ecologista “Os Verdes (Green Party Portugal) and World Organisation for Animal Health

Started by: LoVegan Ⓥ Loredana Versaci

Matilhas Lezirias do Ribatejo is a Portuguese Company that promotes and organizes hunts and hunting competitions in Portugal and Spain.

They are so proud of their work to have a fan page on Facebook. They also upload videos to attract hunters.

Hunting is a barbarian tradition, a shame that should be banned worldwide. We left our caverns centuries ago, we don’t need to kill anyone, especially for “fun”.

Moreover, the dogs are subjected to deplorable sanitary conditions and starvation in order to have better hunting performance. When they get injured end up being left to die or are killed by their owners.

It’s about time to STOP animal abuse, we can’t tolerate it anymore!


We, the undersigned, ask you to take action to protect either the dogs and the animals hunted. We also ask you to investigate on the company activity, and punish every abuse.

It can’t be legal to hunt in a pigpen, as it can’t be lagal to starve dogs: this is a clear violation of any animal welfare declarations.

It is impossible to contemplate supporting any country, via tourism or commerce, that excuses such blatant animal cruelty; as a direct consequence, the global community, refusing to defend this maliciousness, will condemn any further exploitation through personal boycotts. Ours is not an ambiguous request; you should understand that further killing will prove not only socially unacceptable but also financially irresponsible. Rather than choose complicity in the savage treatment of animals, your community can avoid any potential global boycotts by observing compassion instead.

Thank you for your time, and your action.


Despite knowing about the suffering that goes into every fur-trimmed coat, hat, and bag, Kohl’s has made the cruel decision to continue selling the skins of dead animals in its stores.

Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages, and fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available. Foxes, minks, coyotes, and rabbits—and even dogs and cats—are bludgeoned, genitally electrocuted, and often skinned alive for their fur.

One of the best ways that you can help animals who are beaten and tortured for their fur is to tell Kohl’s executives that you’ll boycott the clothing retailer until it stops selling fur. Many of Kohl’s competitors and other top retailers—including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Inc., Perry Ellis, Express, Cole Haan, bebe, Wet Seal, Forever 21, and Limited Brands—have stopped selling fur.

Speak out against the killing of animals for their skins. Write to Kohl’s executives now and urge them to dump fur for good.


I was shocked to learn that Kohl’s is continuing to sell real fur in its stores. There is nothing fashionable or elegant about how animals are killed in the fur industry. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages. Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning.

I am disappointed that Kohl’s is promoting cruelty to animals when fashionable cruelty-free materials are readily available. Whether it comes from minks, foxes, raccoons, chinchillas, beavers, rabbits, or lynx, fur looks best on its original owners. I refuse to buy anything from Kohl’s stores until the sale of all real fur has ended.


Related | Hare Coursing & Bloody Harvest: The Real Cost of Fur

Vodpod videos no longer available.                                 Vodpod videos no longer available.


3. BACKGROUND | From Four Paws

Patagonia likes to present themselves as a responsible company that takes conservation and sustainability very seriously. Seemingly, this sense of responsibility appears to end when it comes to the protection of animals. A company document as well as research carried out by FOUR PAWS proves that Patagonia sells down from live feather plucking.

The feather-plucking causes severe injuries to the birds which will often mean the need for stitches. The animals are so stressed that they panic and crush themselves to death in the corners of the barns. After their feathers are plucked, many geese are left behind with broken wings, suffering in pain and dying.

Ask Patagonia and its retailers to immediately stop the selling of feather down products!


Subject: Stop live feather plucking

Dear Sir/Madam,

The international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS has informed me that your company sells products which contain down that have been plucked from living geese.

A statement by your company mentions the so called “moult plucking”. This is merely an ambiguous term for live feather-plucking. Undercover research which FOUR PAWS undertook in twelve Hungarian farms reveals the cruel reality behind “moult plucking”. Shocking footage of the cruel process was recorded. Research ascertains that there are business relations between these farms and the down suppliers of Patagonia.

“Slaughter plucking” is not an alternative, as this method of plucking cannot be regulated. In the past, FOUR PAWS has encountered cases where down from live plucking has been sold under the label “slaughter plucking”.

I am calling for you to respectfully remove all products containing feathers and down taken from live animals from your ranges. We ask that you introduce animal-friendly alternative products instead, for example those containing siliconised hollow fibres. These products function as well as down and do not endorse any animal suffering.

Yours sincerely,

[First name] [Family name]

4. BACKGROUND | From Animal Rescue Site

Canadian caribou are facing grave danger when it comes to the survival of their species. The woodland animals, who live in Canada’s southern regions, are fighting against logging and commercial development in their forest habitat. There are only about 60 caribou herds left.

Alberta, Canada, where many of these herds reside, has yet to prohibit logging operations in the area, and loggers continue to destroy the forests in the name of development and human advancement.

The woodland caribou need our help. Sign the petition urging the Committee on the Status of Endangered Species in Canada to encourage preservation action on behalf of the endangered Canadian caribou.


Dear Dr. Marty L. Leonard, Chairman of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Species in Canada,

I am concerned about the declining population of woodland caribou in Canada’s southern regions. Human development and logging are quickly depleting the caribou’s natural habitat. Now there are only around 60 caribou herds left.

Something needs to be done to further promote the survival of the woodland caribou, and yet Alberta and other parts of Canada still have not established moratoriums on logging and development in the areas where the caribou live.

I am writing to ask that you urge Alberta and the surrounding areas to implement protections for the woodland caribou and prohibit further logging and commercial development operations in or near their habitat.

Thank you for your consideration.



Unfortunately, the once animal-friendly hunger-relief charity Oxfam is now exploiting animals. Oxfam has started following in the footsteps of the animal-abusing organization Heifer International, exploiting people’s compassion and generosity by sending them gift catalogs depicting cute chickens, cows, goats, and other animals who can be “donated” to impoverished people. What these fundraising schemes don’t tell you is that they don’t help curb human hunger in the long term, and they cause many animals to suffer.

What’s wrong with animal donation programs?

  • They don’t help end global hunger in the long run and may make it worse.
  • The animals are often not wanted by the recipients.
  • Donated animals often suffer.

Animal donation programs don’t help end global hunger in the long term. These “gifts” may force impoverished people to funnel resources (like grain and water) through animals to produce much less nourishment than they’d have if they just ate the grain and drank the water directly. It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh!

In addition, animals who are left to graze often eat all the vegetation in the surrounding area, which can cause more water run-off and contribute to drought, leading the environmental group World Land Trust to call these programs “environmentally unsound and economically disastrous.”

Donated animals are not always wanted. An exposé into animal donation programs by an editor of one of India’s largest newspapers quoted numerous angry poor people who had animals thrust upon them and then desperately struggled to take care of both their families and the animals.

The Nation writes that if you ask a poor farmer about animals donated to people in his town by one of these charities, “the farmer would say that people are desperate to return animals that are eating more than their families. Cows cost between 120 and 150 rupees a day in feed, more than twice the minimum wage.”

Donated animals often suffer greatly. Very few of the nations in which citizens receive these animals have any meaningful animal welfare laws. According to numerous reports from animal welfare experts, animals donated to poor people often suffer from horrible neglect, including lack of proper veterinary care, adequate or clean shelter, and sufficient food or water. Those who survive these conditions are often killed in horrific ways, such as by having their throats cut with a dull knife—or worse.

Help the Poor Without Hurting Animals
Donate only to anti-poverty charities that make an effective, sustainable difference for poor people and that don’t exploit animals. Some great examples are Food for LifeVegfam, and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

Also, please use the form below to send an e-mail to Oxfam officials politely asking them to stop following Heifer International’s poor example and to end their animal donation programs now!


I am saddened that Oxfam is diverting resources from its many good programs to the misguided, unsustainable, and cruel practice of sending farmed animals to poor people. Because raising animals for food is so inefficient, water and grain that otherwise could be used to fulfill human needs is wasted in taking care of these animals; the local environment is often damaged by overgrazing or by the strain of providing enough grain for these animals; and the animals often suffer from severe neglect, malnutrition, and lack of adequate shelter or veterinary care.

I will not contribute to Oxfam until it discontinues this program and instead uses its resources to actually help the poor without hurting animals.

Related | The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation & Food For Life, Global

Vodpod videos no longer available.                                   Vodpod videos no longer available.


Food For Life Media Kit

View this document on Scribd

See More …




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  1. LoVegan permalink
    December 19, 2010 6:28 am

    All done, with pleasure. Every signatures count, every letter sent can make a difference. Thank you once again Stacey, YOU make a huge difference!


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