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A Gentle Thanksgiving

November 9, 2010



Gentle Thanksgiving is an opportunity each year to encourage friends, family and neighbors to adopt compassionate alternatives to cruel turkey dinners. Caring people across the country will screen videos, distribute information, and, most importantly, host free vegan meals. provides a national events directory and includes tips for arranging special events such as public vegan dinners. You can also help spread the message of compassion by distributing our colorful handouts in your community.



The best thing you can do for turkeys and other farmed animals is to stop eating them and other animal products (meat, eggs, & dairy). Find out more.

Beyond that, you can encourage other people to stop eating animals.

Check out our food donors if you’re hosting a dinner or feed-in!

Here are ways you can get active (click on the links for details):

Please visit our Materials page for pointers. Also, be sure to register your activities , even if you are still in the planning stages. By registering your event, you allow us to list you and your city in our Events Directory and to publicize your event to local and national media, as well as other activists.



Vegan Starter Kit: Mercy For Animals (Please note that some organizations use Vegetarian and Vegan interchangeably ~ this is, indeed, a VEGAN guide)

View this document on Scribd

Downloadable flyer for you to print out (color paper recommended), copy, and distribute.

View this document on Scribd

Click here or call 800-632-8688 to request these colorful Gentle Thanksgiving handouts.


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  1. LoVegan permalink
    November 10, 2010 7:28 am

    Probably I can’t understand being foreigner: I wonder why people must kill somebody to thank God or whoever else. Or why should Turkeys be “pardoned”: they did nothing wrong!!!! Let them ALL live, this is the best way to say “thank you”. It’s easy to be humane



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