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Wonderful! Eternal Delight & Gourmet Vegan Chef ~ Vegan Cuisine, Raw Vegan Creations, and Boutique

August 23, 2010

Eternal Delight & Gourmet Vegan Chef

  • Conscious Boutique & Lava Lounge Tea House, Word’s Best Gourmet Superfood Cuisine
  • Gourmet living vegan superfood cuisine using organic, heirloom, wildcrafted, local, fair trade, 100% vegetarian (vegan=animal free, dairy free, egg free), gluten free, sugar free ingredients. (With lots of nut free options!)
  • Full of enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and LOVE!
  • We soak and sprout all our nuts and seeds and dehydrate for texture and flavour if needed.


Gourmet Vegan Chef, Patricia Ganswind

Gourmet Vegan Chef, Patricia Ganswind

The Finest Home Catering Chef Services

The unique and varied background culminates in Chef Ganswind’s ability to adapt seamlessly into a variety of traditional cuisine and environments.

She is as comfortable in the kitchen of a single parent family as in the penthouse suite of a corporate president, providing a full service dinner party or discreetly presenting an intimate gourmet meal for two.

Her professionalism and ethics combined with her efficient style make her a welcome addition in any home with any marked preference for gourmet vegan cuisine.

Raw vegan chef and manager/assistant to fellow raw vegan culinary artist and sister, Patricia Ganswind.

Raw vegan chef, Julia Ganswind

She worked with Patricia in the kitchen since early childhood and was a great support for Patricia’s later culinary career. Julia focuses on holistic means to bring out the best potential in people through motivation and synergizing only the highest quality foods in order to thrive for a healthier, balanced, and optimum lifestyle.

Aside from her great passion for food, Julia is an ever-evolving Artist from Berlin, Germany. Today living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, she sees art as a great tool to share her deepest dreams- which come from her heart- with her community and the whole world. Especially being creator to her conscious vegan clothing line
GO FURTHER GO VEGAN which is mostly customization based so every individual can enjoy their items in their own expressive and unique way, she believes you can look great, and also educate and inspire the people around you at the same time, leading to the collective and positive co-creation of a peaceful and sustainable World!

Paul Menera, aka CF Freemystic, is a Kombucha expert and offers home-brewed Kombucha (fermentation and the mystical union) cultures and instructions.

Paul Manera, aka CF Freemystic

A former butcher turned vegan, Paul Manera, aka CF Freemystic, knows better than many the depravity suffered by animals. Vowing veganism two years ago following introspection regarding the global complicity in animal exploitation, he now works with Patricia and is such a great inspiration for perspectives as well as an inspiration for the animal rights and vegan movements.

Paul is a Kombucha expert and offers home-brewed Kombucha (fermentation and the mystical union) cultures and instructions. CF Freemystic will take you on a journey with the medicinal drink of KOMBUCHA, the fifth stage in AL KHEMET. With this magical drink you will begin to see the PEACOCK’S TAIL which is: transformation of ones self. The class includes: The Kombucha culture itself along with CF FREEMYSTIC’S personal recipe, you will be taken through step-by-step how to brew your own medicinal drink, also you will learn the story behind this age-old remedy.

Visit HERE to find additional information about the next Kombucha session.

Please see some creations!
All photos courtesy of
Eternal Delight & Gourmet Vegan Chef

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Eternal Delight is something very special and offers so many unique gourmet raw vegan options from catering, birthday cakes, private partys, fine dining experiences, information education seminars, or simply book our whole space!
*Catering (also Weddings!)
*Personal Fine Dining Experience
*Personal / Private Chef
*Venue rental
You can also book us for a combination of the above mentioned services and let us help you to make your event special and unforgettable!

Watch interview by Veggie World
Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Additional Gourmet Vegan Chef footage HERE
  • Shop the online Conscious Boutique HERE , most items can be shipped nationwide


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