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Shocking truth of how monkeys are tortured for “entertainment” in Indonesia | Please take action » image-3-for-street-monkeys-abused-and-humiliated-a-sunday-mirror-investigation-gallery-629825987

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  1. Melody permalink
    February 6, 2011 12:29 pm

    I find this so disturbing it makes me want to scream! I want to make a difference about this cruelty and you should too! Sign the petition on Care2 and lets brainstorm productive and educational ways to end this cruelty to these animals!


  2. Lynn Champion permalink
    December 25, 2017 9:38 pm

    I think it in human that any one would let this disgusting in Gridley thing happen. I am for all the endangered animals that share this earth.we ate not better then these animals that’s why they are disappearing. Humans destroy every thing,it needs to stop ,tortering these animals cause we think we have the right or the power to do’s hands are dangerous more so then any animal leave them in peace an stop trying to control every thing we touch.stop killing animals for your selfish needs, most animals have been here longer then any human in any generation.I always wanted to be a primatoligist for the gorillas like in the mist.I’m for every single animal that’s extinct cause of our hands. Stop abusing the animals alone they need to live in peace,we can’t so we take it out on the animals all for the old mighty disgusting dollar, what have they done to any thing.I wish there were more powerful people down here that can stop this hanious abuse.I can’t under stand how any one can see the cruelty they do.well we kill each other for profit.animals kill to survive and protect just like humans do.what would you do if you were a starving animal that just wants to live an an protect there homes and there young we are not God.we are more cruel then any animal on this earth.stop pushing them out of there homes where they live.we build an build then we wonder why they come in conct with us . it’s man’s hand.where else do you want them to go other then the place that’s there home.would humans want to be pushed out of there home, once again we believe we can do what ever our disgusting hands touch.


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