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The Rise of Veganism: 75-Photo Essay

June 3, 2019

Source Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come

It’s 2019 … and there are signs everywhere that vegan living is infiltrating the mainstream. The expansion of the vegan philosophy and way of life is unstoppable. There are public vegan-themed signs and billboards, vegan shops all over the world, vegans from all walks of life, and some proving we can accomplish great feats like climbing the highest mountains, and breaking world-records in running marathons. There’s animal liberation protests and marches spanning both hemispheres. Vegan education booths on the street, and vegan fairs and festivals are taking place globally. Vegans, or the word vegan, is on TV everyday in the U.S.A.  Plant-based meat, cheese, and ice cream are taking off and more and more non-vegan food companies are adding a line of vegan products. All this and more is conveyed within this photo collection: The Rise of Veganism.

Bristol U.K. has 2 Chilled Vegan Vending Machines called ‘Vegan Vend’


Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Swedish schoolgirl; Greta Thunberg 
is a climate activist. In May 2019, at the age of 16, she was featured on the 
cover of Time magazine. She adopted a vegan diet as part of her fight for 
halting climate change and inspired many, including her parents. 


Vegan Information Project takes to the streets of Dublin, Ireland 
with grassroots activism. Roger Yates, a long term vegan since 1979,
and a professor of sociology, is part of the group. 


Britain’s Fiona Oakes is a long-term vegan and holds 4 world records in 
extreme marathon running, including the World Record for running a 
marathon on every continent. She is the subject of a new documentary;
‘Running for Good’, focusing on her 155 mile run through the
Sahara Desert. Fiona runs to draw attention to the suffering of animals. 
She owns the Tower Hill Stables; a sanctuary and home to 
450 rescued animals in her care. 
VeganLand has 4 Locations in Prague, Czech Republic. 
restaurant and store with the task to increase the percentage of vegans, 
and try non-violently, lovingly and morally to expand the vegan concept. 
Veganland will always be on the side of peace and compassion.

A ‘Vegans for Peace’ Woman holds an Intersectional Message Sign at a 
Protest in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


The U.K.’s Official Animal Rights March, organized by Surge, 
is a well organized and growing march. In 2018, there were 28,000+ 
attendees marching in 25 cities worldwide for the end of animal oppression. 



Italian bodybuilder Massimo Brunaccioni went vegan for the animals.
 He competes in international bodybuilding tournaments. He placed 1st and 2nd
in major national tournaments. 


Seoul, South Korea hosting a Vegan Festival. In 2018, they had the 5th vegan festival.



Women’s History Month was celebrated in Portland with a women’s right’s march 
where vegan animal rights protesters joined in to be a voice for all females.   
Photo: Dani Rukin reporting for #JaneUnChained Network News.


Mark Cuban of Television’s Shark Tank invests $550,00 in vegan, ethically-sourced dog treats by Wild Earth. They’re made with koji; a clean protein source containing the 10 essential amino acids that dogs need.  Wild Earth’s CEO;
Ryan Bethencourt, brought his (vegan) dogs to the show.


Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO of  Vegan Meat-Substitute: ‘Beyond Meat’ rings
the opening bell at the company’s initial public offering at the Nasdaq MarketSite
in New York, on May 2, 2019…with a record-breaking day showing
that people want to invest in this change to vegan-meat.


Vegan Comedian; Preacher Lawson is a finalist on America’s Got Talent; The Champions.  He mentions that he’s vegan during his act, and rips off his shirt at the end, displaying his beautiful vegan body!  


BeFairBeVegan billboard over Times Square, New York City. The campaign
was launched by Joanna Lucas (in New York City) and has since gone live to Tasmania and Melbourne, Australia, Cleveland, Seattle, Connecticut, and St. Johns, Newfoundland.   Anyone who can raise the funds can bring a ‘BeFairBeVegan’ campaign to their area.


Hong Kong, CHINA: Green Common, opens a Vegan cafe within a food court.


Buenos Aires, Argentina – Zoo Graffiti 

Ireland – 2019 New Year’s Resolution Campaign – Signs from GoVeganWorld; 
a public vegan advertising campaign. 


Germany – The Vegan Rainbow Project – Mechanisms of oppression such as 
homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, classism, and speciesism, work in similar ways, are interconnected and therefore must be combated together. The Vegan Rainbow Project wants to draw attention to and explore these interconnections of oppression. They aim to build networks in the joint struggle for the liberation of all beings.

London’s Hilton Bankside redesigned a Vegan Suite, with pineapple leather, 
eco-cotton carpet, and a plant-based key card, vegan toiletries, a vegan 
minibar and in-room menu. Even the stationary and pens/pencils have no 
animal ingredients. And the housekeeping crew uses cleaners that
are plant-based and not tested on animals, such as ‘Method’. 

The Veganz chain was founded in 2011 in Germany by Jan Bredack. The company motto is “Wir lieben Leben” (we love life).  There’s 3 branches in Berlin and 2 more in Germany. Outside of Germany, there are branches in Prague (Czech Republic), and Vienna (Austria), with plans to expand to London and Portland.
Veganz is the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe.  

In April 2019, Vegan Activists “cause chaos” with coordinated protests across the 
country. They were trying to bring attention to the new documentary ‘Dominion’ 
that shows footage inside Australia’s abattoirs. There were large organized protests  in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland; blocking streets and walking into abattoirs.

Australian protesters disrupted the streets and carried signs telling the public
to watch Dominion, a film on 
the treatment of animals in Australia,
narrated by celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, 
Rooney Mara, Sia …
Dominion has been viewed 55,000 times in 
the 48 hours after the protests. 

Senator Corey Booker and 20/20 Presidential hopeful is enjoying a vegan
burger from Atlanta’s ‘Slutty Vegan’. 

Texan; Renee King-Sonnen, formerly had a cattle ranch, turned vegan, and founded Rowdy Girl Sanctuary where the cows are not exploited and live in sanctuary. 

Montreal, Canada – Gusta Food company makes vegan sausages, cheese, burgers,
and kebabs. They also serve brunch food, and breakfast burritos with scrambled tofu.

Berlin Germany reportedly has many vegans, and they can enjoy Kiez vegan
coffee shop with delicious vegan pastries and food. The coffee is fair-trade.

Los Angeles airport welcomed its first dedicated plant-based eatery, Real Foods Daily, a well-established small chain in L.A., is also in the American Airlines Terminal 4.

Japan, on April 21, 2019, a Vegan Gourmet Festival was celebrated in Kiba Park, 
a thriving event space in Koto City, Tokyo.

Russian March for Animal Rights in 2019.

Australian Mountaineer; Dean Maher easily climbed to the top of Nepal’s Himalayan mountain, which rises 7,126 meters high. His equipment was 100% vegan. He carried the Vegan Flag, which he proudly waved when he reached the peak of the Himlung Himal mountain in the Himalaya range. 

Jewish and Arab Animal Rights Protesters join; holding up signs in Hebrew & Arab.

Emirates Airlines serves over 20,000 vegan meals in January 2019.

New Zealand is home of the lovely Vegan-Organic Garden in Palmerston North, 
grown by Fiona Harman. 

Tel Aviv, Israel – A large billboard calling for compassion for cows and calves
exploited in the dairy industry. 

The U.K.’s Vegan Organic Network (VON) at Brighton Vegfest 

American Award-Winning Actor, and activist, and 40 year vegan; Joaquin Phoenix is giving water to animals about to be slaughtered, at a vigil in California. 

London’s Unity Diner Wall Mural. ~ Unity Diner is 100% Vegan and located in the
thriving region of Hoxton, London. It’s Non-Profit; all 
proceeds fund the Animal Rights Organization SURGE. It is co-founded by popular activist Ed Winters,
known as ‘Earthling Ed’, who helps organize the official animal rights march,
where he speaks. He also speaks on TV, and recently did a TEDx Talk. 

Glasgow, Scotland – Michelle; owner of PICNIC Vegan Restaurant and Deli

On March 1, 2018, a group of adventurers climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 
on the first all-vegan expedition to Africa’s highest peak; some say the tallest 
free-standing mountain in the world. Of the team, 14 made it to the summit.
The first group 
unfurled the Vegan Kilimanjaro banner promoting
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Medical Center, 
the world’s
first plant-based medical facility. 

New Delhi India – March 2019 – Animal Rights Activists Stage Peaceful Demonstration ‘Call For Justice’ As Part of Vegan India Movement

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Vegan Fine Foods store and restaurant is 100%
vegan, including no sugar from bone char, strictly vegan. 

Budapest, Hungary’s Vegan Street Food Caravan

 Los Angeles hosts and boasts the largest vegan festival: ‘Vegan Street Fair’

Hong Kong – One Vegan Shop is stocked with 100% dairy-free vegan cheese Sheese,  Organic nut spreads, even cruelty-free Benevo pet food. 

Athens, Greece – 2019 Protest for Animals (lamb slaughter)

U.K. Animal Rights March organized by SURGE, grows and inspires other marches.

Jews and Arabs march together for Animal Rights

Buenos Aires, Argentina “Animal Rights Street-Art” displaying sorrow 
about Argentina’s mass production of “beef”.

Melbourne, Australia’s Vegan Vending Machine

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a Vegan Wedding Reception. 
Feb. 2019 Miley released photos on Instragram. Her friend/caterer released the vegan menu. 

Mexico City is home to Vegan Inc.

Edmonton, Canada – March to End Speciesism 

World Day for the end of Speciesism (WoDES) invites animal-rights groups around the globe  to organize events highlighting speciesist discrimination and demanding that the interests of animals be fully protected. 

Prague, Czech Republic Vegan Healthy Store

Havana Cuba – April 2019 – Activists march against cruelty to animals, in what is 
thought to be the first independent protest allowed in the country.

Ireland’s largest and longest-running  Vegan Advertising Campaign: Go Vegan World

Amsterdam’s Vegan Junk Food Bar (restaurant) has 4 locations.

Madrid, Spain Animal Rights Activists getting the public’s attention; in Puerta del Sol.

Budapest, Hungary is home to the ‘Vegan-Love’ Vegan Street Food Eatery

Cape Town, Africa Animal Rights Protest

Brussels, Belgium’s Vegan Street Fair

Allentown, PA. – The owners of the ‘Vegan Butcher Shop’ that just opened in 2019 

Wellington, New Zealand is where this Billboard was spotted. 

Ho-Chi-Min City, Vietnam hosts the Halo Vegan Cafe (Be-Vegan-Make-Peace)

Moscow, Russian Vegan Cafe

France protest – Justice pour del animoux (Justice for the animals)

Ireland’s ‘GoVeganWorld’ Campaign Bus Ad

Berkeley, California – May, 2019 – Activists protesting a popular “butcher” shop in Berkeley.

Veganz Vegan Ice Cream Stand

Ireland bus ad

Coconut Grove, Miami, has the world’s first unified plant-based enterprises called The vShops; bringing the finest tasting, ethically-sourced vegan foods, drinks, desserts and sundries.  This pioneering and trend-setting 2019 manifestation consists of an Ice Dream Parlor, Choices Cafe, a vegan pizzeria, a smoothie place, a bakery, etc.

Paris, France March to Close All Abattoirs (slaughterhouses). 

Melbourne, Australia – Animal Rights Activism

Manhattan, New York’s ‘Moo Shoes’ – An all vegan shoe
and accessory shop for both women and men. 

Toronto, Canada – March to Close All Slaughterhouses, Justice for Animals.  

Austin, Texas – 2019 Rabbit Food Grocery all-vegan store moves/expands. 

April 2019 – Thousands of protesters march for animal rights in Hong Kong. Organizers were surprised by the number of people who showed up for the rally that ended outside government headquarters.

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when we rise to a place
of harmony,
then our true world self
can really be.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson


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  1. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    June 3, 2019 8:42 am

    when we rise to a place
    of harmony,
    then our true world self
    can really be.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. June 3, 2019 11:34 am

    Isn’t it fabulous to have our spirits raised for once! Too often we are gasping in horror seeing some new atrocity perpetrated on our nonhuman brothers and sisters. Such an encouragement to see all these caring people uniting for a better kinder world. Thanks so much for sharing Stacey x

    Liked by 2 people

    • June 3, 2019 1:28 pm

      I completely agree, Butterflies always has such beautiful, uplifting posts, and I am so happy to share them; I love knowing there are others. 🙂 Thank you so much, hon. ❤


  3. Elsje Massyn permalink
    June 3, 2019 11:44 am

    Its such an honour to be vegan. I am so proud of every vegan in every country coming from all walks of life. Arabs and Jews joining as one – , Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, atheists standing together for ONE GOAL – for the rights of farm animals and all earthlings.
    This is the only cause that can bring humans together in harmony and peace – that can compel them to set aside their differences and fight for the rights of animals.

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