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175 Signs-of-Justice from Around the Globe

September 24, 2018

Source Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come
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Stand united against ALL oppression and injustice. In these brilliant signs from around the world, you’ll see many of the messages state that all oppression and injustice is connected. The signs speak of animal rights, women’s rights, racial rights, human rights, LGBT rights, climate justice,  gun reform, nonviolence, veganism, as well as the intersectionality of all oppression / discrimination. Each  
is a gem with a specific message, so enjoy them all. 
Fort Worth Texas, Women’s March – 2017 (intersectional sign)
United Kingdom Animal Rights March
New York Animal Rights March 2017
Glasgow Scotland Protest 
Animal Rights March U.K.
Northwest Animal Rights Network Demo
Dave / Flashmob

Amsterdam – Animal Rights March 2018

Animal Rights March 2018

Gun Control Protest, U.S. 2018
Women’s March 2017
National School Walkout – Gun Reform Protest – U.S. – 2018
Women’s March on Washington 2017

Paris, France Climate March sign speaking up for animals

Los Angeles Animal Rights March 2017
United Kingdom Animal Rights March 2017
Animal Rights Activist, James Aspey wearing his sign.

Animal Rights March London 2018

Vegan Actor; Joaquin Phoenix – Los Angeles ‘National Animal Rights Day’
Animal Rights March 2018 London
2018 London Animal Rights March
Animal Rights March 2017
Animal Rights March San Diego 2018 – photo credit: Ana Levley

Photo credit: LDN Vegans ~ Animal Rights March 2018
New York City Animal Rights March 2018 ~ Photo: VeganNewsNow

London Animal Rights March 2018 Photo credit: Laura McKay

Los Angeles Animal Rights March 2018

Berlin, Germany – Animal Rights March 2018 – Photo: Daniela Zysk

London Animal Rights March 2018

Hong Kong Animal March

Auckland, New Zealand – Animal Rights March 2018

ACT Australia – 2016 – Intersectional Sign

March for Our Lives Rally U.S. ~ A Student-led Protest for Gun Reform

Toronto Animal Rights March 2018

London Animal Rights March 2018 – 10,000 people marched 

Boston, MA. Women’s March 2017 – U.S. 

Los Angeles, California

United Kingdom Animal Rights March 2018

Vegans at the Women’s March 2017

Intersectional Sign for All Humans (but missing speciesism)

Women’s March 2017

London 2016
Vegan Demo
Anti-Racism Rally – intersectional sign
United Kingdom – 2017 Animal Rights March

Melbourne, Australia
Paris France “Close the Slaughterhouses” Protest

Animal Rights Protest
Veganism-Sexism Message – Women’s March
End Animal Experimentation

Vegan against All Oppression ~ One Struggle; One Fight 
Jews and Arabs march together for Animal Rights and Veganism
People’s Climate March
Pamplona Spain – Protesting the “Running of the Bulls”
Chicago, Illinois – Women’s March 2017 – intersectional sign

‘Friends of Animals ‘ Anti-Fur March in New York 

Paris France – anti-speciesism march – LGBT intersectional sign

Vegans protest against all violence at Gun-Control March

Gun-Control USA – 2018
U.S. Embassy in Pariser Platz, Brandenburg Gate, in solidarity with Women’s March U.S.
Signs in Arabic and Hebrew at the Arab-Jewish march for Animal Rights

Vancouver, Canada
Croatia – Marching Against Animal Exploitation

Women’s March
Canada – Student Gun Control March

Vegan/Animal Rights Protest

Anti-Fur Protest
Animal Rights / Global Warming Protest

New York City Animal Rights March

Pro-Choice Women’s March

Students march “March for our Lives” Protest – Benicia, California  – 2018

DxE Protest

DxE Protest

‘Dominion’ March – Australia – (Watch the movie Dominion)

Animal Rights Protest

Health Care is a Human Right – California Protest

Indigenous women of the Amazonian Quechua march through Puyo, Ecuador – International Women’s Day – 2018. Photo: Kimberley Brown/Mongabay.

Houston, Texas – March 2018
Hansen and Goodman at P.E.T.A. Protest of Animal Experiments

Intersectional sign for women/climate justice

VeganEasy Protest – Australia

Anti-Nazi Protest

London, U.K.

Melbourne, Australia

Women’s March Los Angeles 2018

Montreal, Canada ‘March for Our Lives’ Gun Control 2018

Northwest Animal Rights Network Protest

Central Park, New York 2014 – People’s Climate March

National School Walk-Out 2018 – Protesting Gun Control in the U.S.A.
Intersectional sign asking for equality for ALL
World Trade Center Protest – Borneo, Indonesia, Asia
Paris, France – March to End All Slaughterhouses
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Raleigh, North Carolina (intersectional)

San Diego – Gay Pride Parade  

Intersectional signs rally in Raleigh, North Carolina

Seattle Center – March for Our Lives 2018

Toronto, Canada

Animal Rights/Vegan Protest

Animal Rights March – New York

U.S. Free-Speech Protest

Salt Lake City, Utah Pride Parade 2017

Add caption
Animal Rights March New York City – 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia

Moral March – Raleigh, North Carolina – 2018

Women’s Rights March

MeToo Movement protesting sexual harassment and abuse towards women

U.K. Animal Rights March founded by Surge

DxE Protest 
Portland, Oregon protesting a zoo

Gender Equality – Empowering Girls

Anti-Racism Rally USA

Women’s March ~ Pro-Choice America; Reproductive Freedom

Black Lives Matter Demonstration, USA
DxE Protest California

Animal Rights March 2017

Animal Rights March 2017

vegan/animal rights march
‘March for Our Lives’ – 2018 – Gun Reform protest led by high school students nationwide.

Animal Rights March – Miami – 2017 

Napa, California – 1989 – entrance to a white supremacists rally. Photo: Eric Risberg/AP

Protesting using animals for entertainment

Animal Rights March 2017 – New York, New York

Animal Rights March – Los Angeles – 2017

Asian-Americans at ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rally

Emily Hinners of Raleigh, NC protesting white nationalists – 2017 – Photo: Jason Miczek

Bloomington, IN. – protesting the white nationalists rally and violence in Charlottsville, VA.

Berkeley, California – Animal Rights Protest

People’s Climate March – 2014 – New York City

Vegan Shift Parade Columbus, Ohio

Animal Rights March London 2016

March to Close all Slaughterhouses – Toronto – 2017
Animal Rights Activists protest a zoo in Ottawa, Canada

The world’s largest Animal Rights March – Tel Aviv – 2017
Indonesian activists protest animal abuse in Jakarta

Kalamazoo, MI – denouncing racial hatred rally, Charlottesville, VA – Photo: Malachi Barrett

Animal Liberation March in San Francisco – 2018

Dublin, Ireland

March to Close all Slaughterhouses – Münster, Germany

Anti-Animal Experimentation – Dunedin, New Zealand

March for Our Lives – protesting Parkland School Shootings – Gun Reform – 2018

March for Our Lives protest – 2018

Worldwide ‘MeToo Movement’ highlighted sexual harassment and abuse – South Korea

The Official Animal Rights March founded by Surge, U.K. 

Women’s March 2017 – Washington D.C. 

Women’s March – 2017

London, U.K. 2016

Women’s March 2017

United Kingdom Demonstration

Boston ‘March for Our Lives’ 2018

March for Our Lives Rally – Boston

Animal Rights March in Stockholm, Sweden – 2017

Women’s March – Washington D.C. – 2017

Oakland CA protesters react to the Neo-Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA.

Animal Rights Demonstration – New York

Animal Rights March 2018 – Philippines

Animal Rights March 2017

Scotland – Animal Rights March 2018

Animal Rights March 2018

Photo: Auckland Vegan Actions – 2018 Animal Rights March, Auckland New Zealand

Sydney, Australia Animal Rights March 

Animal Rights March 2018 – 10,000 protesters marched through London

100 Vegan Doctors rallied in front of the white house in Washington, D.C.

Animal Rights March London 2018

2018 Animal Rights March

Los Angeles Animal Rights March 2018

2018 Animal Rights March U.S.

Photo credit: Karen Denton 

Rise for Climate Protest – Seed the Commons – San Francisco

Women’s March Washington D.C. 2017
Stand United Against All Oppression and Injustice. 

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Good news always reminds us, that out there, there is kindness.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson


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  1. September 24, 2018 4:45 am

    Good news always reminds us, that out there, there is kindness.

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  2. September 24, 2018 11:36 am

    Ohh, that makes me feel so good! Beautiful pictures to show that there is something going on… and great to see that it’s spread between all races, all colours of sking, all languages, north and south, east and west.
    I guess this is the best way to spread the words: but it could be done more. There is always someting to be done.
    Thank you for sharing…
    I still have some work in progress for the “clean Nature” topic, after that, I’m going to post it too!
    Hugs :-)c

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