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Please help Greenlandic sled dogs

December 14, 2013



Dear friends. I need your help.

Today I have read about appalling news from Greenland. The number of Greenlandic sled dogs is falling, and, because of the ice melts, there is not so much more sledding.

Now the sled dog association has gotten the crazy idea that the only way for the  breed not go extinct is to breed and use them for food.

Unfortunately, the prime minister in Greenland is protector of the national dog sled racing and it was also her who wants more whaling, so she is not their friend. Yet, I ask you to write what you think about this.

Her email- address is

You can write in English, Danish or Norwegian

I posted this in the Nordic group but only got response from Vibeke. Therefore I ask now for international assistance. Many of these dogs live a terrible life. Many have also gained a better life after our big protest in 2009. Now they all need a massive protest from us.

I have written to Anima and asked for help to a strong petition and when it comes I hope for huge support.

Thank you so much

Here are the Greenlandic links written in Danish:
Please vote “nej”ød-på-bordet

Translate help


Her email- address is


Dear Prime Minister,

I am gravely concerned regarding the welfare of Greenlandic sled dogs and have come to understand that they are being targeted as a food option, inherently cruel and an inaccurate means to stop extinction. I reject this idea as well as using them for sledding.

Please allow me to elaborate. Animals are subjected to cruel rituals, including choking, bucking, shocking, roping, and pulling. Animals are frequently immobilized and caused extreme injuries for a variety of climates, all for the purpose of unnecessary human entertainment. This brief description cannot adequately illustrate the dangerous conditions to which the animals are subjected, but video footage has repeatedly established dozens of injuries, many crippling, some lethal, and all incompatible with any written “humane” policy. Evidence substantiating these claims is available via video footage. Additionally, although visual documentation can reinforce the physical injuries animals suffer, it lacks the ability to convey the terror felt by these sentient beings, forced to endure unquestionably fearful conditions in frenzied and exploitative states.

Furthermore, although you may assert that certain “humane” protocols must be followed, the visual evidence validates the position that these directives are often ignored; nevertheless, establishing a threshold of humane treatment is ambiguous at best, these standards being implemented by those professionally, personally, and financially involved. As such, it is important to recognize that animals, being exploited in demonstrably cruel and unnecessary manners, are given no option to withdraw and are forced to endure undeniably painful conditions for trivial purposes.

I hope you make the compassionate decision to discontinue your sponsorship on behalf of sledding and eating. However, as long as you continue to unnecessarily capitalize on the exploitation, maltreatment, and potential death of animals, I will not financially support you. It is important to recognize that consumers are increasingly rejecting those countries that are complicit in the suffering and brutal treatment of animals by shifting their loyalties to those countries that do not participate in the exploitation of them.

I know your time is limited and I thank you for your attention and consideration.


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our species dares to call itself superior,
while cruelly comporting itself in many

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

  1. December 14, 2013 10:09 am

    Reblogged this on Vegan Lynx.


  2. karenlyonskalmenson permalink
    December 14, 2013 10:12 am

    our species dares to call itself superior,
    while cruelly comporting itself in many


    • December 14, 2013 10:18 am

      It’s perfect! Thank you, hon.


      • karenlyonskalmenson permalink
        December 14, 2013 10:21 am

        you are so very welcome and thank you

        it seems that the human capacity for exploiting its own species and others, is limitless 😦


  3. jillvic permalink
    December 14, 2013 10:24 am

    Sent letter and voted…and shared on care2


  4. December 14, 2013 11:57 am

    Thank you very much Stacey, you are a GEM xox


    • December 14, 2013 1:21 pm

      You are so welcome, hon, thank YOU for informing me. xxx


  5. December 14, 2013 1:01 pm

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  6. December 16, 2013 5:54 am



  7. Jean Ogorzaly permalink
    December 16, 2013 7:16 am

    Start a petition now and many will sign. I voted “nej” just as you recommended.


    • December 16, 2013 9:57 am

      Letters are more effective, but if I come across a petition, I will most definitely post it. Thank you, Jean.


  8. Emy Will permalink
    December 20, 2013 2:32 am

    Voted. It is shocking how these dogs are exploited and often killed when they are not needed. Just no compassion:(


    • December 20, 2013 5:20 pm

      I agree, it is truly evil. Thanks for your help, Emy.


  9. December 20, 2013 10:58 pm

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".


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