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Seven Reasons To Cut Out Dissection

See below for information, resources, and files regarding dissection, their alternatives, student laws, actions, and resources, all of which are available to copy, download, & share.

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Testing Slides

Seven Reasons To Cut Out Dissection


Is it cruelty-free? Is it vegan?

Please verify if vegan, however, since LB does not distinguish vegan from non-vegan, and Cruelty-Free does not necessarily mean vegan  – it means it was not tested on animals but animal ingredients may still be included.

UPDATED: Companies that DO NOT TEST on animals

UPDATED: Companies that DO TEST on animals

  • Or, please click HERE to view our Cruelty-Free section.

I don’t want to dissect! Know your rights, create a student choice policy, take action

AltWeb ~ John Hopkins

iPhone App

Image Cloud

NAVS Alternatives to Animal Research

Testing One, Two, Three


Please Take Action!


The Science Bank is the largest library of humane science products in the U.S. offering over 450 innovative teaching tools for life science education. The Science Bank is operated by Animalearn, a program that assists educators in acquiring the latest technology for teaching anatomy, physiology, behavior, and ecology, without harming animals, themselves, or the Earth. The Science Bank loan program has been offering products to thousands of people for over a decade, and it is continually growing and expanding. Many of our CDs, DVDs, charts, and models are available in multiple quantities to outfit entire classrooms. Animalearn also provides humane education curricula and materials free of charge for educators and students. Animalearn’s The Science Bank can assist you in learning how to implement new teaching technology into your life science curriculum. Our inventory is continually growing, please contact us if you don’t see something that you need in our catalog.


Determining whether a company or product is or is not tested on animals is easy! Simply type in the name of the company or product in the search bar and press Search.  Or, click on a bunny for three other search forms.



UPDATED VERSION | Companies that DO NOT TEST on animals

View this document on Scribd

UPDATED VERSION | Companies that DO TEST on animals

View this document on Scribd

I DON’T WANT TO DISSECT | Click on the following for more information regarding your rights and processes

The NAVS Resource Center: Alternatives to Animal Research

Testing One, Two, Three

WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW Take the Leap to Cruelty-Free Products

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    March 4, 2012 12:47 pm

    My family and I are against SRCL and what they are doing. Many of us would be happy to sign a petition.


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  1. Bosnian girl who threw litter of puppies into fast-flowing river will not face animal cruelty charges « Our Compass
  2. Victory! Massive Monkey Prison Kicked Out of Puerto Rico City « Our Compass
  3. Germany, great job. Pitt, not so much. Please protest use of pigs! « Our Compass
  4. What your money funds : Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Research is Cruel « Our Compass
  5. Drop veil of secrecy, UBC! Public has the right to know, activists say « Our Compass
  6. Please Ask the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to End the Use of Pigs in ATLS Courses « Our Compass
  7. Arizona State Kills Students’ Anti-Dissection Ad & How to Get Out of Dissecting Animals « Our Compass
  8. Support alternatives to vivisection & protest about R&R breaking the law – again! « Our Compass
  9. The Gross Truth About Natural Flavors « Our Compass
  10. Please contact Marriott & ask that they not host vivisection conference « Our Compass
  11. Please Tell AIIMS to Stop Torturing Animals Now! « Our Compass
  12. Stop Animal Testing at Johnson & Johnson: please send one automatic message « Our Compass
  13. Judge Orders NY To Release Animal Testing Records « Our Compass
  14. The Vivisection Scam « Our Compass
  15. Please ask the the University of Utrecht to retire monkeys to sanctuary: one petition, one sample message « Our Compass
  16. Victory! Excellent work … please do it again. « Our Compass
  17. Imprisoned and Poisoned at SNBL: A Whistleblower Case « Our Compass
  18. Cats Endure Bleeding and Bruising in University of Virginia Training Program: Please take action « Our Compass
  19. Tell Bristol-Myers Squibb to Implement Non-Animal Tests « Our Compass
  20. 50 Deadly Consequences of Lab Animal Experiments « Our Compass
  21. Your company is involved in the transportation of primates for research: send sample letter in protest « Our Compass
  22. Urge UBC President to end Animal Research at the University: Sample letters « Our Compass
  23. Take Action for monkeys scheduled to be transported by air to Canada « Our Compass
  24. Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder Are Paying for Tests on Animals « Our Compass
  25. Please protest transportation (Air China) and testing (Harlon) on animals – two actions: two sample letters to send « Our Compass
  26. There’s no glamour… in cruel cosmetics « Our Compass
  27. Week Long Email/Phone Campaign Against SRCL « Our Compass

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